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Holiday Travel Amid Coronavirus; Most Expensive Object Ever Built; Graduate Students` Innovations. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired November 23, 2020 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz. Welcome one, welcome all to CNN 10. This is first of two shows we`re producing this week before we`re

off for the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, Thanksgiving factors into our first report today because there`s a lot of tension surrounding the

holidays in the time of coronavirus.

On Saturday, U.S. health officials said there`d been an increase of more than 1 million positive COVID tests in less than a week. It`s a first that

that many new infections have been reported in that amount of time. Medical officials say to slow this down, people should keep their distance from

others. Not just by standing six feet away but by not getting together over Thanksgiving.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says people should only gather with others in their household and it defines household as people who`ve been

living in the same home for at least 14 days before the holiday. So family and friends traveling to be with others, college students wanting a home

cooked meal, the CDC says they should not visit anyone they`re not already living with.

The days before and after Thanksgiving are some of America`s busiest travel days of the year. Travel is expected to be lower this Thanksgiving as

compared with 2019 but how much so we don`t know yet. The AAA Motor Organization has predicted at least a 10 percent decrease in the number of


But Friday and Saturday mark the second and third busiest days that the U.S. airports have seen since the pandemic`s impacts struck in March and

some travelers are telling CNN that they understand the risks associated with coronavirus. But they still want to be with their loved ones.

So the CDC is recommending that they stay at least six feet away from others, wear masks and gather outside where health officials say the

chances of spreading coronavirus are lower. The tension between medical advisors and people who want to be with their families isn`t limited to



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Going home for the holidays, it`s what the CDC advises against this Thanksgiving. Crowded airports, people mingling from different

households, it`s a perfect way for a virus to travel too but the warning isn`t enough to ground some passengers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Planes are safe. They, you know, they sanitize everything. You`ve got to live your life at the end of the day.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But in many places, the concern is saving lives. As many governments re-impose restrictions and coronavirus cases reach

alarming levels. On Monday, Toronto, Canada`s most popular city, will go on lockdown for nearly a month. That means outdoor gatherings will be limited

to 10 people restaurants curbside or delivery only. Even grocery stores can only operate at half capacity. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

appealed to people to stay at home.

PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU: If you are planning to see friends this weekend, maybe don`t. There was a birthday party or a gathering for dinner

you were thinking about doing, don`t do it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A similar message in Iran, where the deputy health minister says family gatherings are the main cause of infections. The

country recently closed non-essential businesses in 160 towns and cities but some residents say people will continue to gather.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE TRANSLATED: No matter how much the government poses restrictions, people do not comply. It`s useless.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In New Delhi, India not complying with coronavirus rules comes with a cost. The government has increased fine there from 500

to 2,000 rupees, about $27.00 for those who don`t wear masks. Cases in Brazil are once again on the rise passing the 6 million mark after

infections steadily declined since their peak in the summer.

Officials say the surge is fueled by people out and about in some cities packing into public places at pre-pandemic levels. Russian President

Vladimir Putin says he will provide the Sputnik V vaccine to countries that need it. That hope, perhaps too far down the road for the wave of

infections sweeping the world right now.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. What is believed to the most expensive object ever built? Shanghai Tower, International Space Station, Notre Dame Cathedral or

Hong Kong International Airport. At a total cost of nearly $100 billion the ISS holds the record for most expensive object in history.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was an amazing ride. I can`t tell you how excited we were when that rocket lifted up off the pad and then the last 27 -- 27

hours has gone really smooth actually. We are so excited to be here. We are humbled and we are excited to be a part of this great expedition.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ll be able to increase the amount of science, the amount of research, the amount of technology development we can do with the

additional crew members.


AZUZ: There are large scale trade shows for a number of industries. Con Expo for construction professionals, auto shows for the automotively

enthusiastic, consumer electronics show to show the latest and greatest gadgets. One you might not be familiar with is the Global Grad Show.

It`s for graduate students at universities around the world. It`s been in existence since 2015 and while it`s gone virtual this year, the event is

still highlighting the innovation of the world`s student minds. Here`s CNN Contributor Chris James.


CHRIS JAMES, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Hey Carl, back in the day I loved going to my annual school science fair. And although I personally, sadly ever took home

one of those coveted prizes, I remember being blown away by some of the brilliant designs created by my fellow classmates. But what I`m about to

show you takes your average school science fair to a whole new level.

It`s called the Global Grad Show. One hundred ideas that could change society as we know it, created by some of the smartest students from around

the world. Take this creation called Scales. A wearable device inspired by animals that are protected from threats by their skin, shells or scales.

It limits movement to prevent joint injuries using the algorithm created to the user`s specifications. It can be used for injury prevention,

rehabilitation and to enhance sports performance. And look at this simulation of a house fire, wow. This is the Sozmo (ph). A rescue drone

designed by a team in Peru which features a foam firing cannon to extinguish fires.

It even has the capability to bring people to safety in the midst of a dangerous wildfire. Now this is my personal favorite, the Pause Pillow (ph)

designed by two South Korean students. A sensor is pressed when you lie on this pillow which then sends out a signal to disrupt nearby wifi routers

blocking Smartphone`s from accessing the internet. I really need that.

And lastly, check out all these feathers. This is waste which would typically just be thrown out in the trash by the poultry industry but now

it`s being turned into a lean source of edible protein. This proposal reprocesses the protein in a feather eventually turning it into tender, lab

made meat. Wow, it is so inspiring to see all of these incredible creations and think about the ways in which they can change the world as we know it.

Back to you Carl.


AZUZ: Santa Claus always gets a 10 out of 10. Even if he has to keep his social distance this year. In Nevada, Ethel M. Chocolates has a Santa kids

can talk to behind a plexiglass window. At the Fashion Show Mall, Santa is masked up and ready to smile in the background of your Christmas photos.

And Santa`s on demand are available on the Cameo application, allowing people to request a personalized video from a socially distanced St. Nick.

None of this is quite the same as sitting on his lap and seeing the twinkle in his eye maybe.

And Santa might have been thinking `tis five weeks before Christmas and who`s going to hire us. I want to spread cheer but not coronavirus. Even

dressed all in fur from my head to my foot, that`s more concerning than ashes and soot. When down through the chimney I set to my task, I need

sanitizer and a cloth mask.

Some creatures are stirring but to doctor`s insistence, their stockings are separate by six feet of distance. But Santa gets up even when he`s knocked

down, his magic subverts the most stringent lockdown. By taking precautions online and on site, he can still wish Merry Christmas and to all a good


I`m Carl Azuz. We are keeping our eye on Buckeye. It`s a city in Arizona where you`ll find the students of Youngker High School. That`s a wrap for