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Vaccine Deliveries and Restaurant Deliveries; Measuring Mount Everest; Staying in Shape

Aired December 09, 2020 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: William Shakespeare has gotten a corona virus vaccine. Sounds like a pretty good place to start a newscast. Welcome to

CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz. This week the United Kingdom became the first western country to make a vaccine available to its citizens. It approved

the shot made by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, though the vaccine is still in it`s trial phase. This is historic because researchers had

been working on it for less than a year and experts say no other vaccine has ever been developed in less than four years. The first person to get

the shot outside of a clinical trial was a 90 year old Briton named Margaret Keenan (ph).

Yesterday she received the first of two dose. An 81 year old named William Shakespeare, who goes by Bill, was the second person to get vaccinated.

Britain has ordered enough vaccines for about a third of its 66 million people. Not all the doses will be available immediately. Manufacturers

still have to produce and distribute vaccines to the places that have ordered them and not everyone who`s eligible actually plans to get the

vaccine. Polls have indicated that some members of the public have concerns about its safety and some question its necessity as more than 99

percent of people who contract corona virus are estimated to survive it. Though the disease has been blamed for contributing to more than 1.5

million deaths worldwide.

The lockdowns, closures and restrictions related to corona virus have changed life as we know it. One sector that`s been hit particularly hard

is the restaurant industry. The U.S. National Restaurant Association says more than 110,000 establishments or 17 percent of restaurants in America

have gone out of business because of forced closures and limits on the number of diners allowed. It expects that 10,000 more restaurants will

close in the months ahead. "To go" orders have made up for some of the lost revenue and organizations like Goldbelly can connect "mom and pop"

restaurants to customers across the country. It`s not cheap. A meal for four can cost diners anywhere from $80 to $180 but for the customers and

the restaurants with the means it`s an appetizing connection.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s so interesting about food is it`s emotional and it`s personal. So that`s why we look for the most unique, creative, loved

foods all across the country that when you get that box shipped to your door. You open it up. You smell those smells. It transports you to a

different time and place. I`m Joe Arielle (ph). I`m the founder and CEO of Goldbelly. We`re an online marketplace platform where you can discover

the most legendary and iconic regional foods all around the country and have them shipped to your door wherever you are in the U.S. We believe in

the emotional power of food and when the pandemic hit, I think a lot of the world felt deep connection to restaurants and places that they`ve loved.

And we`ve built the first platform where a restaurant can access and reach customers that aren`t in their local neighborhood.

So we`ve basically seen a huge influx on both sides of our marketplace. On the customer base and for restaurants who now really need to redefine their

businesses and to open up a national demographic outside of their two or three mile radius of their neighborhood and local delivery radius. All of

a sudden allows a "mom and pop" restaurant to have Omni channel, e-commerce capabilities. Many of our restaurants tours and partners all across the

country when the pandemic hit talk about there`s no longer butts in the seats. And so hundreds of our partners have actually turned their indoor

dining rooms that they can`t really use into Goldbelly production, preparation and shipping facilities.

And for many of the restaurants, they`re actually doing more covers now in Goldbelly orders than they were in customers coming into their shops. Part

of our magic value proposition for restaurants is the technology to power not only the front end but the backend dashboard for restaurants to take

national shipping orders. And so we`re able, with high level access with all the shipping carriers, to really be able to have a team that is

monitoring every single package to make sure that it doesn`t perish. Now we work with more than 600 food makers and restaurants and artisans all

across the country. The team has doubled in size since March, more than 1 million new customers this year.

Our mission, as a company, is to bring people comfort through food, whatever they dream of wherever they are. So I think as people become now

more accepting of beautiful food experiences in a box shipped across state lines, I do think consumer habits will change. And I think as people get

more comfortable and we`re seeing many more repeat orders. I think the Goldbelly experience will become much more a part of people`s lives as we

go forward.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these nations borders both China and India? Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Nepal. Situated between India

and the Tibet autonomous region of China is the nation of Nepal.

And sitting on the border between Nepal and the Tibet autonomous region of China is the highest peak on the planet. But exactly how high is Mount

Everest? There is a long running debate about that. Different countries have had different estimates of Everest`s height. A Chinese survey done in

2005 estimated Everest`s altitude at about 29,015 feet but because Nepal didn`t authorize that research. It stuck with the measurement of 29,029

feet that an Indian survey determined in 1955. In more recent years, China and India have re-examined Everest`s measurements. They agreed to

cooperate with their findings and after different teams examined level instrument, gravity meter and GPS information they just announced the

mountain`s official height together. Drum roll please. Mt. Everest stands at about 29,032 feet tall.

And climbing it is probably effective if also extremely dangerous and expensive exercise. Climbers typically pay between $30 and $90,000 to risk

life and limb on the mountain and only about 29 percent of those who try actually make it to the top. But amid all of the restrictions imposed this

year because of the corona virus pandemic, a lot of folks can`t even climb the rock wall at a gym. Does that matter? Yes, according to CNN 10

Contributor Chris James.


CHRIS JAMES, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Hey Carl. There are three things that will keep many of us glued right here on our couches through the near future.

Winter, the yearly flu season, and of course the second wave of the COVID- 19 pandemic. I, for one, have been spending more time inside the walls of this apartment than ever before. But with so many of us staring down the

next few months indoors, it`s important to develop a plan now to remain physically active during the long winter ahead. Here`s what you need to

know. While we`re all keenly aware of how important it is to engage in some regular forms of exercise, you might not realize how damaging and

ultimately expensive reduced physical activity can be on our bodies.

It can lead to poor sleep, increased body fat, reduced muscle mass and even insulin resistance, which is a common warning sign for the development of

Type 2 diabetes. Physical inactivity can also be a big factor towards developing mental illness. This is also something we need to make sure we

talk to our parents and grandparents about. Because according to a study from McMaster University, once an older individual loses muscle, it`s much

harder for them to ever restore it. Even when the study`s older research subjects went back to their normal daily routines, they did not regain that

lost muscle.

But just because we may not want to leave the house right now for a variety of different reasons does not in any way mean that we can`t keep and even

build muscle right now here at home. It`s important to remember to make sure we`re eating foods high in protein and engaging in resistance

exercise. If you don`t have access to a gym, there are loads of videos on You Tube where you can literally follow along to a free guided workout.

And don`t forget, we can always manage to fit body weight exercise in, some easily accessible options to help meet the World`s Health Organization`s

latest physical activity guidelines include push-ups, lunges, stair climbing. And yes, of course, everyone`s favorite squats. Back to you



AZUZ: Upcoming Olympic events. Sports climbing, extreme canoe slalom and break dancing. It will make its debut at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris,

France. The International Olympic Committee made the announcement this week. It says it`s part of an effort to make the games more youthful and

more urban. Some athletes in excluded sports like squash strongly disagree with the decision but the IOC says the host country`s have some influence

over what`s included and France apparently proposed break dancing.

How will it be judged? I mean, it`s not like judges can just "freeze" and "lock in" to whatever "down rock" makes the floor rock. Or try to decipher

all the "hand spin", "heel spin" or "back spin" that makes their head`s spin like a windmill. Or maybe it is as long as they have a firm

foundation for "breaking down" all the hype. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10. And let`s be frank, Frankfort High School is awesome. Shout out to our

viewers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and thank you for subscribing and leaving a comment on our You Tube channel. We`ll see you tomorrow.