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President Biden Outlines His Administration`s Foreign Policy Goals; Nor`easter Causes Flooding on the U.S. Coast; We Examine the Science of Snowflakes. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired February 05, 2021 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: With your friendly reminder that Friday`s are awesome, this is CNN 10 and I`m Carl Azuz. We thank you for watching this

first Friday in February. Starting things off today, a glimpse of U.S. foreign policy as defined as the Biden Administration. A nation`s foreign

policy is a plan for how it intends to interact with other countries. It`s tailored to the international issues of the day and when President Joe

Biden spoke at the U.S. State Department on Thursday afternoon, he began by discussing his Administration`s view of America`s role in the world.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: American leadership must meet this new moment in advancing authoritarianism including a growing ambition

of China to rival the United States and the determination of Russia to damage and disrupt our democracy. We must meet the new moment accelerating

-- accelerating global challenges from the pandemic, to the climate crisis, to nuclear proliferation. Challenging the will only be solved by nations

working together and in common, we can`t do it alone.


AZUZ: Regarding Russia, President Biden said his Administration agreed to extend a deal that limits the two nation`s nuclear weapons. But he also

said America would quote "raise the cost on Russia if it interfered with U.S. elections, launched cyberattacks or poisoned its own citizens". The

President called China the most serious competitor to the U.S. and said America would confront the Asian country on its economic abuses and human

rights attacks but he also said the U.S. was ready to work with China when it`s in America`s interest.

Regarding the recent military coup in Myanmar, the President called on the Burmese military to return to democracy and release the political prisoners

it recently took. Concerning the civil war in Yemen, the President said America would end its support for an international effort to defeat the

rebels who are fighting Yemen`s government. And concerning immigration, the President said he`d significantly raise the limit on the number of refugees

allowed into America. So, a wide range of issues discussed in President Biden`s speech.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Once again we were flooded at right about four feet deep. Again, wrecked the garage. Pretty wild.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. What U.S. location holds the record for receiving the most snowfall in 24 hours? Crystal Mountain, Washington, Echo Summit,

California, Silver Lake, Colorado or Jay Peak, Vermont. In mid-April of 1921, Silver Lake received 75.8 inches of snow giving it the all-time

record in the lower 48.

It`s possible that a snowfall of 78 inches at a place called Camp 47, Alaska broke that record in 1963 but not all climate scientists recognize

that measurement. One thing they do recognize though is that a tremendous amount of snow fell on parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania this

week. A nor`easter hammered the region with heavy wind, flooding in coastal areas as you just saw and possibly record-breaking snow in northern New

Jersey. As people dig out from that, forecasters say that more winter weather could be on the way in the coming days. Snow in the northern U.S.

is common but CNN 10 Contributor Tyler Mauldin explains why scientists say each snowflake is unique.


TYLER MAULDIN, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: A snowflake Carl is a tiny weather feature that can pack a big punch. Take Boston in 2015. That was the snowiest

winter on record with a whopping 100 inches plus of snow. Situations like this make it hard to believe that no two snowflakes are alike. Most are

made up of just one single ice crystal while some more elaborate snowflakes are comprised of as many as 200 ice crystals fused together. All flakes do

maintain a six-sided basic shape though each one`s arrangement of molecules differ. This makes each one unique just like your fingerprints.

Snowflakes are so diverse. In fact, meteorologists had an international classification system for them. It`s broken down into mostly eight

principle crystal types including dendrites, columns and irregular forms. So, what causes snowflakes to have their own personality of sorts. As we`ve

previously learned, it`s all about the temperature of the atmosphere the snow is falling through. The particle of ice has to fall through

temperatures that are at or below freezing from the cloud all the way to the ground.

No exceptions. It can be too warm for snow but never too cold. Long, needle-like crystals are likely to be seen at 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extremely flat, plate-like crystals tend to form when the temperature is around 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Each flake encounters an ever so slightly

different temperature and humidity level on its journey to your yard and that is what gives them character. The slight changes in the snowflakes

surrounds Carl cause the six arms to branch off in new directions or change shape making each one different.


AZUZ: Lesser known Olympic sports. Steeple chase, the kind with people not horses. Skateboarding, men`s and women`s street and park events are set to

be in the Olympics for the first time this summer in Tokyo. Table tennis and soccer, they`ve been part of the games for a while but there`s a new

sport called Teqball that combines elements of both ping-pong and soccer. To play it you`ve got to use your head. You can`t use your hands and

organizers hope it too will one day be featured in the Olympics.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My biggest goal is to get more (inaudible) participation in the United States and throughout the globe. We had a lot

of time to really sit down and kind of jot out exactly what our mission`s going to be and exactly what we foresee with this club. And so, from that,

you know, and months of work and planning we were able to launch (inaudible) Teqball -- first All-Female Teqball program.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was founded in Budapest, Hungary back in 2014. Over the course of time it`s grown and compounded by the power of social media

and several notable athletes playing the sport across the world to the point where (inaudible) now is to be (inaudible) big sport by 2028. As part

of that mission statement, he is the launch (ph) Teqball leader in L.A. and globally as well where we have National Teqball Federations across the

world as of today and basically Teqball clubs across the USA.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (inaudible) to be really a wave, a new era of the sport come to the United States. It`s emerging and it`s growing like

threading (ph) the ball of fire.


AZUZ: So, would you describe that as "high tech" or "low tech"? Are the touches considered "technical" or "teqniball"? Do servers go on the "ateq"?

Are hecklers called "teqklers"? Are champions "teqnicians"? And do championships feature "pyroteqnicks"? For the answers to all these

questions, Teqball`s in your court. I`m Carl Azuz. Today`s show goes out to the Sargent Rehabilitation Center. Our viewers watching in Warwick, Rhode

Island. Thank you for watching, subscribing and commenting at That wraps up the week for CNN.