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Eruption Of A Caribbean Volcano; Flyby Of An Asteroid; Waterspout In Florida; Song of A Miniature Train. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired April 12, 2021 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Back in our home studio, it`s great to have you back watching CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz. Obviously, we are indoors again for

today`s coverage but it`s what`s happening out there that is headlining our show.

We`ll start at St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a nation of islands between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. St. Vincent itself is the

largest island here and its highest point at just over 4,000 feet is the La Soufriere volcano. It`s erupting.

A lot of St. Vincent`s population lives more than 10 miles south of the volcano in the capital of Kingstown but there are thousands who live near

the mountain. And one thing that`s a threat to them are pyroclastic flows, when a mix of lava blocks, ash and volcanic gas rush down the slopes of a


The U.S. government says these flows can destroy almost everything in their path. In addition to that, the nation`s Emergency Management Organization

says a massive power outage occurred on Sunday and a lot of homes had lost running water as well. So the disaster caused by La Soufriere could

interrupt life there for months according to St. Vincent`s prime minister.

The air is filled with ash. So much so that people on the island say it`s hard to see the volcano but they can smell it. Sulfur has been carried

through the air as far south as the capital. Officials are telling people with respiratory problems to be on guard against that and they say La

Soufriere could continue exploding for days or possibly weeks before it quiets back down again.

This happened before in the month of April back in 1979, four days short of the anniversary of that, La Soufriere exploded again.


PATRICK OPPMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Months after a volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent began threatening to erupt, on Friday it did just

that. Early Friday morning La Soufriere volcano blew ash and rock thousands of feet into the air and cause people living in the vicinity of the volcano

to have to evacuate.

Luckily the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines had for days warned people that the volcano was going to explode at any moment and about

6,000 or 7,000 people in the immediate vicinity of this volcano were warned that they needed to leave the area immediately. The government sent in

empty cruise ships to ferry people out of harm`s way and according to the government now hundreds of people have taken to shelters and have evacuated

the area.

There is no immediate word on deaths or damage to structure because right now people are just warned to stay away from this exploding volcano as it

sends thick plumbs of ash into the sky. Another concern is that while these people are being evacuated -- while residents are being evacuated and going

into shelter, that could cause the spread of the corona virus to pick up.

And so the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has warned people that as they`re being evacuated, as they go to shelters to try to maintain

social distancing, to keep their masks on to be aware that, of course, they`re still in the middle of a pandemic on these islands. It is not clear

how long this volcano will continue to erupt for it`s been about 42 years since the last eruption.

But as it continues to put smoke and ash into the sky, it is not safe yet to return and people, for the time being, government officials are telling

them to simply stay away while the eruption, this dangerous seismic activity continues. Patrick Oppmann, CNN, Havana.


AZUZ: OSIRIS-REx and Bennu are drifting apart. Sounds like the plotline to a science fiction soap opera but this is a NASA mission to an asteroid. The

rock is called Bennu. The unmanned spacecraft that went there is called OSIRIS-REx which is for Origin Spectral Interpretation Resource

Identification Security Regolith Explorer.

It launched in 2016 and it`s part of more than $1 billion effort to collect a sample from an asteroid and bring it back to earth. That has been done

before. In 2010, a Japanese spacecraft that traveled to a different asteroid managed to bring back its dust to earth.

Last October, the U.S. probe briefly touched down on Bennu and collected two ounces of material. It`s been flying around the rock ever since but

after its final flyby last Wednesday, OSIRIS-REx began distancing itself from its objective and will head back home next month. If all goes

according to plan, the spacecraft will arrive back on earth in September of 2023 along with the piece of Bennu gathered from the touchdown.

10 Second Trivia. Strawberry, buck and sturgeon are all the names of what? Classic car models, full moons, baseball hall of famers or endangered fish.

Strawberry, buck and sturgeon are all moon names. The pink moon appears on April 26th.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Many of the moon`s nicknames date back to the early Native Americans. They named each full moon in every month to help them

keep track of their planting and harvesting schedule. The full moon in April is known as the pink moon signaling the first appearance of the wild

ground flox. One of the earliest spring flowers.

When you have two full moons in a calendar month, the second one is called the blue moon. One of the most notable moons, the harvest moon in October.

Also known as the hunter`s moon or the blood moon, this is when the leaves are falling off the trees and the animals are fat. So this signaled to

tribes it was time to hunt all they could to get them through that long winter.

And another thing to note is that the moon does not pink during the pink moon, red during the blood moon or blue during the blue moon. The only

thing that can really alter the way we see the moon is if there`s a lot of dust, haze, ash or smoke in the atmosphere. The moon can sometimes have an

orange or red glow.


AZUZ: Nasty weather moved over the Florida panhandle this weekend and whether they were vacationers on Spring break or locals just trying to

enjoy the beach. They probably didn`t envision this, a giant waterspout, a rotating column of water and midst was filmed storming from sea to shore on


These commonly occur when there`s severe weather over the ocean. High wind, high seas, large hail and lightening can all coincide with tornadic

waterspouts according to the U.S. government. When they move onto land, waterspouts can cause damage like regular tornadoes and this one reportedly


The government of Panama City Beach says it destroyed at least one home and ripped the roof off of a convenience store. Better weather was in the

forecast Monday and Tuesday. We have one more little story to tell you about today. We`re taking you to a place in Germany where everything`s been


In the northern city of Hamburg, you`ll find the miniature wonderland. It`s the world`s largest model railway but it`s also where other cities, nations

and landmarks have been reconstructed on a much smaller scale. And the workers there, the real ones, have just set a big musical record.




AZUZ: It`s no small wonder that you can depart from a miniature airport and make trips to places like South "Bantamerica". Maybe one day they`ll add

"Babegypt", "Minsculafornia", "Tinsey Sierra Leon", I guess it just depends on whatever`s in their "peewee house" if they`re going to have undersized

land, "picket universities", "pop et cetera".

It`s really the "ceiling" that`s the limit, you all. Today`s shout out goes out to Ridgeline Academy, the real one. It is located in Anthem, Arizona.

Thanks for making part of your day. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.