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U.S. Companies Struggle To Fill Available Positions; Tensions In The Black Sea Between Russia And Ukraine; Jet Suit Is Being Tested By U.K. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired May 05, 2021 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi. I`m Carl Azuz. Thank you for choosing us as your objective source for current events. Popular college majors in America

include business, engineering, nursing, psychology and biology but there are millions of jobs oapening up in a field that may not require a college

degree and the shortage of workers in it is threatening to hurt the U.S. economy.

Since last year, that economy has been roaring back from the shutdowns of the COVID pandemic. It`s missing workers in the field of manufacturing.

Welders are needed. Machinists are needed. Companies have had problems filling these jobs for years and they say it`s only gotten worse.

According to a study published Tuesday by the Deloitte Professional Services Network and the Manufacturing Institute, more than 2 million

manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by the year 2030. Leaders in the field say that many young Americans don`t want to work in factories or don`t know

that there are jobs available there.

They say some mistakenly believe robots will take over these positions or that they`ll be outsourced to other countries. It is true that robots are

seeing increased use in factories. One start-up company says it`s developed a robotic welding system. But a Manufacturing Institute executive says

people are still needed because they`re more creative and can develop solutions to future problems.

The U.S. unemployment rate, the percentage of workers who don`t have a job, is still significantly higher than the record lows it saw before COVID hit

America. But manufacturing companies say they`re having trouble filling even entry level positions that don`t require previous training.

Part of the problem there is companies like Chewy and Amazon, large warehouse and distribution centers, are attracting entry level workers away

from factories, even though experts say manufacturers can often give more and better long-term opportunities.

Some analysts say they need to do more outreach to let people know where the jobs are. In the month of March, American manufacturing hit its highest

level in 37 years according to the Reuters News Agency.

10 Second Trivia. Which of these nations borders the Black Sea? Poland, Moldova, Ukraine or Greece. Of these options only Ukraine borders the Black


Crimea is a peninsula in the Black Sea. Officially, it used to be part of Ukraine but Russia annexed it, meaning Russia took it over in 2014 after

Crimeans voted to be part of Russia. At that time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Crimea`s government followed international law by

holding the vote but critics say it was not a fair election.

The Obama Administration, which led the U.S. in 2014, said Russia`s annexation of Crimea broke international law and that the U.S. wouldn`t

recognize it. Most other nations have also refused to recognize Crimea as being part of Russia but the peninsula has functioned as a Russian Republic

since 2014 and it gives Russia a strategically important warm water port in the Black Sea.

What`s happened in Crimea is one example of a deep divide in Ukraine, the country used to be part of the Soviet Union which was dominated by Russia.

Today, many Ukrainians identify themselves as Russian while many others do not and want to have closer ties with Europe.

There`s been an armed conflict in Ukraine since 2014 with Russia supporting the side that wants independence from the Ukrainian government. Tensions

have spilled from land to sea.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a first glimpse of Putin`s latest armada, whistling with weapons and disputed waters between Russia and Ukraine. The

Kremlin says these are just naval exercises. The missiles are real. To Ukraine, so is the threat. Ukrainian vessels on the strategic Sea of Azov

have been warned to steer clear.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But we gained rare access to a Ukrainian coastal patrol setting out in high seas to challenge, what they say, is Russia`s illegal

naval corridor. Something Moscow rejects. In recent weeks, Ukrainian navy says its boats have been harassed by Russia with Moscow shifting its

military focus.

And so we`ve come out here to the very rough Sea of Azov, you can see, as Russian forces pull back their troops from the border of Ukraine. They`re

redeploying naval forces here into this Sea of Azov, raising concerns in Ukraine and around the world that the military pressure they were playing

on Ukraine from the land has moved to the sea.

The commander of the patrol boat tells me that Russian forces are increasingly behaving aggressively. Blocking access, he says, to what

should be shared waters even stopping what are routine coastal patrols. On queue, the Russians make radio contact. This is boat 444 says the message,

reminding you to keep a safe distance.

Confirm you are receiving the Russian voice message. We see you a Ukrainian sailor responds. We`re proceeding according to plan. All right, we`ve come

to a stop now. You hear the captain there say there`s a Russian ship in the horizon.

You can just see it over there. It`s a Russian coast guard ship. We`re about two nautical miles away, which is just over two regular miles and we

can`t go any closer. Because if we do, the could be some interception by the Russians to us and I think the Ukrainian coast guard want to avoid

that. It wouldn`t be the first naval clash in the region.

This is the extraordinary moment the Russian coast guard rammed the Ukrainian tugboat in the area back in 2018. Russian ships also fired on

Ukrainian naval vessels (inaudible) and escalating tensions in the seas off Crimea, annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

American ships have been challenged too. This low pass by a Russian war plane witnessed from the deck of a U.S. destroyer earlier this year. Now

tensions on the seas are ratcheting up once more.




AZUZ: There was this rickety old wooden platform near where I grew up that my dad used to call "Take Your Chance" bridge. Hopefully this is nothing

like that. At almost 1,700 feet long and more than 570 feet above a river, this is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. It takes

about 10 minutes to walk across it.

It costs $2.8 million to build it and if you find yourself in Portugal with $14 in your pocket, you too can take a chance. Unless it`s a bridge too

far. He`s a long way from "Madison County". The water beneath it is not "The River Kwai". It`s probably not a "Bridge of Spies" and it doesn`t lead

to "Tarabithya".

But while it will keep you in "suspense", it hopefully won`t leave you there. While it will help you cross, it hopefully won`t leave you "cross"

and once you get there, you`ll be able to say you are well traversed in "crossing" bridges. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.

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