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Daily Life Under the Taliban; Disappointing U.S. Jobs Report; Possible Apartment Construction Record In China. Aired 4-4:10a ET

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CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Fresh off the Labor Day Holiday, we welcome you to a new short week of CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz. It`s great to see you, and we

hope you`re doing well. Starting today in Afghanistan, where the Taliban, the ruling group in the Asian country says it has completely conquered the

Panjshir Valley.

Why is that significant? While the Taliban quickly took control of Afghanistan as the United States prepared to withdraw its military from

there last month, but there`s one province left out of the 34 in Afghanistan, that`s been considered a hold out. A group in Panjshir, which

is north of the capital of Kabul, has been fiercely fighting the Taliban for weeks, and if the Taliban has conquered Panjshir as it says it has. It

means they now control all of the country.

But the National Resistance Front says the Taliban does not have control in Panjshir, that there`s fighting against the Taliban all over the province

and that it will continue. Meanwhile, efforts continue to get American citizens out of the country. The Biden Administration has said there are

100 Americans remaining in Afghanistan. A Republican lawmaker on the House Foreign Affairs Committee says the number is quote, "in the hundreds".

The U.S. State Department says it just helped four Americans escape the country over land, but there are multiple reports that say the Taliban is

blocking other Americans from leaving on planes. A Republican lawmaker says the Taliban wants something in exchange for allowing the planes to leave.

The State Department says it can`t confirm these reports because it no longer has employees in Afghanistan. For its part, the Taliban has said it

will allow Americans to leave Afghanistan freely, but can this group be trusted?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Inside the new Afghanistan, in rural Paktika Province far from Kabul, the Taliban prudential governor has called a meeting. No

women to be seen. Local village elders and tribal chiefs listen. A young boy takes a selfie, much has changed since the Taliban were last in charge.

Smartphones and social media, but poverty still the country`s biggest problem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE TRANSLATED: We have many expectations and we are praying the Taliban will deliver.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The week after Kabul fell, a local journalist took a road trip for us to see what was happening outside the capital. Taliban

guides showed him the way, but the border change is already underway. Part charm offensive, giving traders what they want, longer opening hours at the

border and part crackdown keeping men and women apart.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE TRANSLATED: Let me tell you. Before we had one single line, for both men and women. Now we have two. They are kept apart.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pakistani officials easing into the new relationship backing the segregation. On this journey, two things become clear.

Afghanistan`s near financial collapse and a hard switch to religious rule. Spotting a crowd, the teams stop, it`s a prudential courthouse. Inside

local leaders careful to praise the new boss.

We used to have go a long way to get to a Taliban court he says, now we have one right here. The new judge in town, quite literally, laying down

the Taliban law, their interpretation of Islamic law. Under Taliban rule in the 1990s`, the Taliban`s sharia law led to public amputations for thieves,

stoning, even hanging, but in the local market sharia law is not the big concern. It`s making a living.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE TRANSLATED: Business is very bad. We don`t know who`s in charge. Only low-ranked people are here. We don`t know if we can trust

them. They are not telling us anything and the situation has not improved. Prices are going up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In the barbershop, business is down. It`s not only me, he says, but business is bad in the market. It`s not as good as before.

They`re not alone. The local pharmacist also struggling. Stocks already depleted under the last government. The clinics maternity nurse also

worried about finances, says the previous government didn`t pay her for the past four months and she can`t afford to go home.

Closer to Kabul, another doctor, more problems. Day and night he says, we get 25 to 30 patients and we have just one doctor and one nurse for them

all. Outside the hospital, the Taliban claim an alternate reality.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE TRANSLATED: Before you didn`t know whether the doctor was coming or not, but now they are there for you all the time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On this trip, the Taliban`s prioritizing of sharia law and bits of charm offensive seemingly missing Afghans most important needs,

a secure livelihood.


AZUZ: Lousy, poor, a massive disappointment. These are some of the words being used to describe the U.S. government`s latest jobs report which came

out last Friday and covered national employment conditions in August, 235,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy that month. Why was that

disappointing? Because economists had expected that 728,000 jobs would be added as the recovery continues from all the effects and shutdowns related

to coronavirus.

The unemployment rate, the percentage of workers that don`t have a job, that improved a bit to 5.2 percent. It was 5.4 percent in July. The

unemployment rate is at its lowest point since the pandemic hammered the U.S. economy last March, but as far as job growth goes many economists are

blaming the Delta variant of COVID, which is responsible for most of the new cases in America, for holding the economy back.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Call it the Delta drag. Jobs growth slowed in August as the Delta variant surged. After very strong hiring in June and July,

August was the slowest job growth since January, and the very sector that drove so much of the job gains this year stalled. Hiring in leisure and

hospitality was flat.

Employment in that sector is still down about 10 percent from before the pandemic. Job losses last month were in retail stores, bars and

restaurants, even without renewed lockdowns economists say Americans are turning more cautious about going out, as the variant spreads and hospitals

fill up.

There was strong hiring in professional services. Think architects, engineers, computer systems design, scientific research, gains in

manufacturing and transportation and warehousing and notable the jobless rate fell to the lowest of the pandemic, 5.2 percent. As households

reported stronger job growths there. The big picture, 17 million jobs have been added since the crash in the Spring of 2020. The economy still down

5.3 million jobs since the pandemic began.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these nations has only one official time zone? Australia, Brazil, China or Indonesia. Before it`s communist

revolution in 1949, China had five time zones. It`s current government only recognizes one.

Would you live in a 10-story apartment building that was built in one day? Because that`s what appears to be happening right here. This was not done

the old-fashioned way. The Chinese company that built this started with prefabricated containers that were largely assembled in a factory. That`s

where the windows, appliances, lighting, mechanical and electrical systems were all set up. Then, these containers were moved to the building site and

that`s when the clock was started.

A large team was able to unfold the walls, stack and connect the containers in just under 29 hours, what the company calls the world`s shortest

construction period. It says this method of construction does not affect the buildings strength, but is it the way of the future in the industry.

Some critics still have safety concerns, though this might attract attention in cities that are looking for housing that can be built quickly

and cheaply.

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