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End of Atlantic Hurricane Season; "I Am Not My Zip Code." Aired 4- 4:10a ET

Aired December 02, 2022 - 04:00:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, everyone. What a wonderful day. It`s Friday and you already know Friday`s rock. I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10,

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Starting with some good news today. Hurricane season is officially over in the United States. The hurricane season runs from June 1st to November

30th. And this season was notable for several reasons.

One, it was calm the first half of the season. No hurricanes from July 3rd to the end of August, for the first time now since 1941. But the second

half, three destructive hurricanes did hit the United States.

Here`s a breakdown: despite the slow start, there were 14 named storms, eight hurricanes, two of them major, registering category 3 or higher.

Hurricanes Ian, Nicole and Fiona were among the most notable.

Hurricane Ian made landfall as a category 4 storm, killing nearly 150 people, destroying homes and businesses. Tropical storm Ian also caused

more than $50 billion in estimated damage.

Several hundred Florida Keys residents marking the end of this hurricane season by gathering on Wednesday to celebrate. They burned hurricane

warning flags.

Some people though are still cleaning up damage left behind, mourning loved ones taken by storms.


WIRE: Ten-second trivia:

In which of these U.S. states would you find a zip code that starts with a number 1?

New York, California, Texas or Florida?

Zip codes starting with a one represents New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania.


WIRE: Next up, I want to introduce you to a very special principal who`s empowering her students and defining her school`s sense of pride.

Principal Lisa Caldwell Linder from Brownsville neighborhood in Brooklyn came from what some would consider a rough neighborhood. But she always

believed that she could rise above any of the negative aspects surrounding her and she did.

Over time, she coined a phrase: "I am not my zip code". And she`s using that phrase now to empower her students at her school and make them realize

that they too can rise up higher than others might assume as possible.

Meet Principal Lisa Caldwell Linder.


NATHALY WARNER, FORMER ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Ms. Linder sees natural abilities within people.

KADIR ELLISON, FORMER STUDENT: That`s what I loved about her, that she just kept us on the right track.

TRISTAN MILLS, JR., FORMER STUDENT, ASSISTANT BAND DIRECTOR: Ms. Linder honestly gave me a safer environment.

LISA CALDWELL LINDER, PRINCIPAL, PS/IS 184 NEWPORT: My favorite phrase is "don`t let the zip code fool you", because a lot of people do that. I am a

product of Brownsville. My zip code growing up was 11212, and I`m sure if we Google one, one, two, one, two, all of the negatives will be exposed.

I want our students to feel good regardless of their zip code.

PS/IS 184 is a haven for learning. Attendance might be a challenge for a lot of our students because a violent crime may have been committed in the

-- in the neighborhood, may have been committed in their complex, and there`s some level of fear. Hence, that`s why we try to create the safest

environment internally.

SUBTITLE: In order to improve attendance, Principal Linder created arts programs to encourage students to come to school.

LINDER: When I came here, I was a big advocate of the arts. Whole classes would just go to this one art teacher and no other arts offerings were made

available. We instituted the following year where students were provided with an option to select which elective they would go to.

So, to date, and we have the only marching band in district 23, we have added dancers to go along with the marching band. Broadway Jr. is like the

creme de la creme of 184. This year, we`re doing Willy Wonka.

So, you can see the difference. Students want to be present in school because we`re rehearsing for Broadway Jr. We`re performing for the

Christmas showcase, right? So, I have to be present. So, we recognized by doing all of those things, it supported us with improving our attendance.

Since the 10 years I`ve been here, we`ve seen sort of a roller coaster, I`ll be honest, right? But we knew that we had to add and provide more. As

a community school, we have a community resource director who identifies the gaps, what`s not here.

WARNER: We are pretty much the hub of the community. Yeah, so when our parents are in need, they can come.

LINDER: How many parents are taking their children for exams? We`re going to have the eye exams right here on site.

WANDA SPEEDE, COMMUNITY RESOURCE DIRECTOR: Today, as you can see, we had our food distribution of fresh produce, because we go into the supermarkets

in the area, we will notice that there`s a dearth of fresh natural foods.

So, our book distribution, these are books that we`ve accumulated over the years, we`ve used them as class sets. We actually distribute those for free

to families. So, we`re excited that we can do this for the community.

LINDER: I will be retiring after 30 years with the New York City Department of Education. I felt like I had left an indelible impact on the

school community and all the other communities I have worked in.

AUBREY NICHOLSON, FORMER STUDENT: Ms. Linder is an amazing person, and I would say that the school definitely, you know, started to thrive, I mean,

when Ms. Linder got into the principal`s office, definitely.

MILLS: Ms. Linder is like my second mother.

ALIYAH BASKERVILLE, STUEDENT: And thank you to Ms. Linder that she made that she`s the main one who made this school and who made us feel powerful

and brave.


WIRE: All right. All of you powerful and brave people, your 10 out of 10 story today is about two friends from France who went to the World Cup in

Qatar. Why?

Because they traveled roughly 4,300 miles by bike. We`re talking 13 countries, flooded woodlands in Hungary, a scorching desert in Saudi

Arabia, dozens of flat tires. Their goal was to see their beloved team France, the defending World Cup champs.

They told us, we`re the kind of people that have big ideas and we don`t want to have any regrets. Let`s meet them.


MEHDI BALAMISSA, TEAM FRANCE FAN: This crazy idea of going to Qatar from Paris by bicycle to attend the World Cup.

GABRIEL MARTIN, TEAM FRANCE FAN: It was under 7,000 kilometers, three months, 13 countries. We went from Paris to Istanbul. Istanbul, we went

south was Jerusalem. Third of our adventure, weather in Saudi Arabia.

BALAMISSA: And we actually went through all kinds of landscapes, from Europe to the mountains of Turkey, and in the desert in the Israel, Jordan,

Saudi Arabia. First stages in the desert were especially very hard because it`s a very -- like it`s such a hostile environment. And compared to what

we experienced in Europe for example, there is just nothing around here.

MARTIN: We had a lot of surprises, but I think the most important but how hospitality is a world, a universal world. You know, in each country, we

are received by people, giving us some food, even giving us some water, sometimes welcoming us at home.

Arriving in Doha was incredible. There were so many people welcoming us especially from the French community based in Doha. We had the French

national team here. They made the surprise to work on us, to take picture with us, and to offer the French national jersey with all the players


BALAMSSIA: So, we will fly back to Paris, but this doesn`t mean bike trips are over the lifestyle that we actually loved, and I`m sure that we will

want to go back on other adventures. We were actually very happy to document our trip and share with our followers on social media.

And so, we also realized that this was a way of telling people that, look, you can take your bike and live adventures.


WIRE: All right, lovely people. We made it. There ain`t no mentum like momentum. So, let`s finish this week strong and power right along into the


First, though, a shout out to Lakeview Junior and Senior High School in Campti, Louisiana.

Remember, you are more powerful than you know. I`m Coy. This is CNN, and it`s been a blessing to spend this week with you.