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Is The U.S. Economy Bad?; Dogs For Children And Adult With Disabilities. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired December 07, 2022 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, everyone. I`m Coy Wire, ready to make this a wonderful Wednesday with you.

But before, I start I must say I am bumfuzzled by the amount of creativity and passion with which you accepted my challenge to pick a word for me to

work into yesterday`s show. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, if you didn`t notice. And don`t worry, I`ll challenge you to another one next


We start today with the latest on the economy. If you`ve watched the news in the last few months, it`s likely you`ve seen concerns from consumers and

experts about the economy or headlines featuring layoffs especially in the tech industry. However, this month, the economy showed a continued demand

for workers, and new jobs were added to the market. This is despite the Federal Reserve`s push to curb inflation which was predicted to impact the

economy and the job market.

Let`s break it down by the numbers. Employers added 263,000 jobs this month. That`s only a slight drop from 284,000 added in October and the

unemployment rate was unchanged this month at 3.7 percent.

We`ll bring you now to Christine Romans, CNN chief business correspondent and anchor of "EARLY START" who will tell us more about the state of the

economy and consumer concerns.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Behind all those headlines of tech layoffs, sour consumer confidence, inflation anxiety,

it`s an economy showing resilience. Surprising strength in the economy in the third quarter, 2.9 percent annual growth from July through September, a

sharp bounce back from a contraction in the first half of the year -- you know, it`s a pace that would have been considered very strong before the


The job market remains strong, too. Another 263,000 jobs added in November. It`s the fewest in months but it`s more than economist forecast.

This year, a stunning 4.2 million jobs added. Stripping out the pandemic, it`s the most jobs added in years. And inflation, while still too hot, is

showing signs of cooling.

The fed`s favorite inflation gauge, the PCE price index showing signs of peaking, and gas prices are falling. They`re below where they were when

Russia invaded Ukraine.

Call it the yes-but economy. Yes, consumers feel like the economy is bad, but they keep spending. After all, it was a record Thanksgiving shopping

season. So, why the foul mood and the sometimes conflicting headlines?

Well, COVID broke the economy and putting it back together has been hard to measure. Remember tens of millions of jobs were lost overnight, schools

closed, factories shuttered, more than a million lives lost. More than two years later, we`re still struggling to gauge the strength and durability of

the recovery.



WIRE: Ten-second trivia, which of these animals is part of the Canidae family?

Grizzly bear, golden retriever, gopher, or goldfish?

Often referred to as canines, dogs, including golden retrievers, are part of the Canidae family.


WIRE: Up next, we`re introducing you to a very special organization called Canine Companions. They`re the oldest and largest organization in the U.S.

that provides service dogs. They provide service dogs for children and adults with a wide range of needs, including both physical and emotional

support. These pups are uplifting and they`re pretty doggone cute, too.


MELINDA SOWERS, VP, CANINE TRAINING AND CLIENT SERVICES, CANINE COMPANIES: We`re in Orlando, Florida. We are at the southeast region campus of Canine

Companions. We are the largest and oldest organization that provides service dogs for children, adults and veterans with disabilities. And we

work really hard to transform lives.

At Canine Companions, we offer several different types of dogs. One of the types of dogs that we offer is a service dog. The service dog works with

someone to mitigate their disability. They can pick up items, open and close doors, drawers, refrigerators.

The dogs can know over 40 commands. We want the dogs to love the work they do.

SUBTITLE: Canine Companions places dogs who can help with more disabilities, PTSD, emotional support and physical therapy.

SOWERS: Since 1975, we`ve placed over dogs. We currently have over 2,600 graduates that are out there working with service dogs to our organization,

and over 1,400 puppy raisers who are raising puppies for us.

SUBTITLE: Dogs are trained from puppyhood for over two years before being placed with people in need.

The service animals are matched with their new recipients during a process called "team training".

SOWERS: Team training is just a magical time.

It`s for so many of them, the moment that they have been waiting for.

IZZY & ALANA SHERMAN, CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: So, we applied I want to say a year and a half ago. We just knew that this was the right thing

because as he`s been in and out of hospitals because of brain cancer, and all the facilities we`ve been in have therapy dogs and they just bring so

much joy to the kids. The ability to give her not only a companion but a skilled companion that can help with some of the challenges that we face


SUBTITLE: Canine Companions breeds Labrador and golden retrievers for their temperament and work ethic.

SOWERS: We provide all of our dogs free of charge just thanks to amazing donations.

SHERMAN: I mean our medical bills are quite high. So it`s really a gift to our family.

SOWERS: We want to make sure that anybody who needs a service dog or a facility dog is able to get one.

SUBTITLE: To increase their supply of service dogs, Canine Companions partners with Duke University`s "Puppy Kindergarten," a program designed to

identify strong service dog candidates.

Aurora attended Duke Puppy Kindergarten before finishing her training at Canine Companions.

SOWERS: And then at the end of that team training class, they`ll have a graduation ceremony where they will graduate and go home.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today is Canine Companions national graduation day. Instead of a diploma, our graduates today will be handed a leash.

SHERMAN: You know, it isn`t the unknown. And the unknown brings questions.



WIRE: And for today`s 10 out of 10, we`re going to meet a voice that might be familiar to you if you`ve ever been on TikTok. I was pretty blown away

actually when I found out this voice was actually a person and not a computer.

Let`s meet Kat Callaghan, the real life woman behind TikTok`s text to speech feature and one of the most popular influencers online.


KAT CALLAGHAN, VOICE OVER ARTIST: Songs that made artists famous.

If you have an air fryer, you need to try this. Would you sit in this seat?

My name is Kat. I work with TikTok on TTS and other projects. You`re probably sick of my voice. I am sick of my voice.

SUBTITLE: Kat Callaghan, the voice behind TikTok`s "Jessie" text-to-speech feature, recently revealed herself on her TikTok account.

CALLAGHAN: I understand people are a little bit freaked out that have never heard my voice before in association with a human being. I`ve had

interviews for the last several weeks with people going, okay, I can`t -- I can`t look at you, because I think you should say, I can`t look at you when

you`re talking. And you don`t hear it in my regular voice all the time but once I hit that upper inflection, you know you can hear it.

SUBTITLE: Callaghan, a radio host in Canada, is still getting used to the fact that her voice is TikTok famous.

CALLAGHAN: People are recognizing me as the voice of TikTok, and also as a radio person. I was walking down the street and a car stopped and said,

"Voice of Kat", which is my which is my TikTok handle is "Voice of Kat". And I`m just like, oh, yes, hello.

SUBTITLE: However, reactions from the revelation haven`t been entirely positive, with users mocking Jessie`s text-to-speech feature limitations.

CALLAGHAN: The way I say law.

Definitely not a perfect technology. I`d like to have fun with the fact though that Jesse mispronounces words.

Why do you say emoji like emoji?

It`s one of the funniest things to be honest with you is people commenting, say this, say that, or why do you pronounce it this way? So I plan to just

continue to have a little bit of fun with that.


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