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U.S. Promise To Send $350 Million Dollars In Weapons And Equipment To Ukraine; 3D Food Printing. Aired 4-4:10a ET

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COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, lovely people. Hope you`re having a great week. But for those of us who are having a tough one, they`re unavoidable,

they happen. Remember, tough times make us tougher. So just smell the flowers and cool the soup and know that you will be OK.

It`s Thursday. Happy Friday Eve. Welcome to CNN 10. I`m Coy Wire. Let`s start with the latest on Ukraine as the country continues to fight Russia`s

invasion, the United States and other countries around the world are sending weapons to Ukraine to help them defend their homeland. The State

Department said on Monday that the U.S. will send Ukraine $350 million in weapons and equipment. The latest aid includes rockets, fuel tanker trucks,

and riverboats.

The U.S. will also deploy its Abrams tanks, which has advanced capabilities and speed. And did you know that at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, the U.S. has

been instructing top Ukrainians on U.S. weapons systems. So, they`ll be prepared to use the equipment and training in the conflict? The Ukrainian

soldiers apparently picked up the material so quickly that they were given more instruction than originally planned the individuals training in the

U.S. were handpicked by Ukrainian military leaders. This comes amid concerns from the United States and its allies that China may plan to send

lethal aid to Russia, though China denied it earlier this month.

CNN White House Reporter Natasha Bertrand traveled to Oklahoma to see the training taking place at Fort Sill. So, let`s hear more about what she`s



NATASHA BERTRAND, CNN NATIONAL SECURITY REPORTER: The United States fast tracking key weapons for Ukraine`s fight against Russia heavy U.S. tanks

now set to be deployed to the country faster than originally planned.

BRIG. GEN. PATRICK RYDER, PENTAGON PRESS SECRETARY: DoD, in close coordination with Ukraine, has made the decision to provide the M1A1

variant of the Abrams tank which will enable us to significantly expedite delivery timelines and deliver this important capability to Ukraine by the

fall of this year.

BERTRAND: Patriot missile defense systems also due to arrive in Ukraine in the coming weeks, defense officials told CNN much sooner than anticipated.

REAR ADMIRAL JOHN KIRBY, NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL COORDINATOR: They`re wrapping up training on things like the Patriot air defense system. I mean,

we`re doing everything we can to make sure that they`re ready as best they can be for these critical weeks and months ahead.

BERTRAND: CNN was invited to observe the Patriot training here in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where 65 Ukrainian soldiers, ages 19 to 67 have been

undergoing an intensive 10-week training course on the Patriot systems. Here you can see behind me a decommissioned system much like the one the

Ukrainians will be using once they get back to their home country.

BRIG. GEN. SHANE MORGAN, COMMANDING GEN. FIRES CENTER OF EXCELLENCE: Our assessment is that the Ukrainian soldiers are impressive and absolutely a

quick study due to their extensive air defense knowledge and experience in a combat zone. It was easier, though never easy, for them to grasp the

Patriot system operations and maintenance concepts.

BERTRAND: But the stakes are so high that CNN was not allowed to film or photograph the training, an effort to protect the Ukrainians who will be

back on the front lines in just a matter of weeks and to shield the U.S. from blowback from Moscow. U.S. officials emphasizing that the Patriots are

purely defensive and not a threat to Russia.

LT. GENERAL MARK HERTLING, CNN MILITARY ANALYST: It`s a point defense system. It`s got to be placed in a location that is defending a target like

a capital city, Kyiv or a port city like Odesa. So this is not a weapon system that can be moved around on the battlefield based on changing


BERTRAND: The systems will, however, help defend Ukraine against near daily missile barrages by Russia and will now likely be on the battlefield in

time to support a looming Ukrainian counter offensive.

REP. MIKE QUIGLEY, CO-CHAIR, CONGRESSIONAL UKRAINE CAUCUS: What did Zelenskyy say when I met him in Kyiv? He said, help us win quickly. It`s

exactly what he said when he visited Washington, D.C. recently. And is even what Secretary Austin said he said Ukraine doesn`t have time. This spring

offensive is coming.


WIRE: Researchers at Columbia University set out on a mission to create the perfect cheesecake with 3D printing. Now, this concept of using a

machine to make a three-dimensional, tangible, solid object from a digital file has been around for decades. It wasn`t until around 2005 that 3D

printing started to become more mainstream.

Let`s see how these scientists fared in their quest to create the perfect cheesecake using a printer. Something tells me that in the future, many of

us are going to be reminiscent about the halcyon days when our food was made with a human`s touch.


DR. JONATHAN BLUTINGER, CREATIVE MACHINES LAB, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: The general principle here is as soon as you kind of touch software with an

industry, you don`t really go back.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jonathan Blutinger and his team at Columbia`s Creative Machines Lab attempted over and over and over to make that very satisfying

cheesecake using a 3D printer. The results were terrible until they realized cheesecake`s creamy, soft texture required some rethinking. To

back up, 3D printed food has been around for years. You can find companies working on candies, sugar decorations and pancakes.

One California company, Sugar Lab, has treats you can purchase right now for around $20. But at Columbia University, the researchers were dealing

with something that`s pretty well mushy.

BLUTINGER: We didn`t really think about the rheology of jelly and banana being so soft and kind of mushy that it kind of just crumbled as soon as

the graham cracker paste kind of created a ceiling on top of it. So, it was a -- it was sobering experience.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If they could figure it out, this technology could give cooks greater control over nutrition and calorie counts. And 3D

printing cuts down on human handling, which minimizes potential contamination. After a few more tries, they discovered the tricks that


BLUTINGER: Then we quickly started to think and try to create little walls and kind of little pockets to hold some of these softer ingredients. We got

to a point that was pretty exciting.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The now well-structured cheesecake just needed a finishing touch. In this case, the added flair was one that separates

Columbia from their 3D printing counterparts. Blutinger used a touch of laser cooking that toasted the top with exacting precision not found in any

other cooking appliance. And the taste?

BLUTINGER: Because the ingredients were packed together, you can really taste each ingredient in waves.


WIRE: Now, it`s time for a story that`s dyno mite and it`s getting today`s 10 out of 10. The dad of two fur babies, two dogs played an epic prank on

his pups by putting on a puffed-up T. rex costume. And then he prowled around in the backyard. And what ensued was a dorosauruval. Our Jeanne Moos

has more.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: A mere glimpse of green, some sort of alien being out in the backyard. And these two boxers, brother and

sister, go nuts. T. rex taunting them through the glass at their Las Vegas home.

(On camera): So, who is in that costume?

JANEEN WALSH: Oh, it was my husband.

MOOS (voice-over): Janeen Walsh put her husband Andrew up to it. Nico and Stella were wary at first but got bolder and bolder. Janeen could barely

stifle her laughter.

Jurassic Bark with one commenter, though, in that movie franchise, the dinosaur scared a dog to death. But Nico and Stella were fearless.

(On camera): You don`t think they smelled your husband and recognized him?

WALSH: At first, they didn`t. I could tell at first, they had no idea what it was.

MOOS (voice-over): These are dogs not afraid to rum with a rumba.


MOOS: Their pursuit of the T. rex lasted about a minute before he went down for the count.

MOOS: Janeen says her husband wasn`t scared. Andrew has rolled around with the dogs before, minus the dino suit.

MOOS: Finally, Janeen stopped laughing long enough to ask.

WALSH: Are you OK?

MOOS: The boxers didn`t bite, but they made holes.

WALSH: This is where Nico then decided he wanted to dive inside of it and get my husband.

MOOS: At least, unlike the dinosaurs, her husband didn`t go extinct.

WALSH: Are you alive?


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