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Big News On Artificial Intelligence; 38-Foot-Long Skeleton Giant T- Rex Going Up For Auction. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired March 31, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, lovely people. It`s Friday. Finally, happy that you`re spending some time with me. If you`re hyped and you`re liking

this rhyme with me, we`ll do it again on the 10. That`d be fine by me.

Hey, now, let`s go. It`s been an awesome week and we`re going to finish this week strong. We`re starting today`s show, we`re going to talk about

the big news on the artificial intelligence front. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is, in simple terms, technology that enables machines to mimic human


It includes a wide range of technology, though. There are personal assistants like Siri on smartphones or Alexa on devices in houses. There

are self-driving cars, food serving robots and lots more. AI technology is rapidly evolving, and it has the potential to completely change society

even more as we know it.

A product launched this year called ChatGPT is grabbing headlines because of its uncanny ability to have intelligent conversations with humans,

answer questions in written form and mimic people nearly perfectly.

Experts are now voicing some serious concerns. There`s potential for AI to increasingly take more jobs away from people, allow students to easily

cheat in school, and for people to use other identities to spread misinformation.

In some cases, AI technology is now being created to combat the problems that were caused by AI in the first place.


EDWARD TIAN, FOURNDER, GPTZERO: It`s incredible innovation. At the same time, it`s like opening a Pandora`s box.

VANESSA YURKEVICH, CNN BUSINESS & POLITICS CORRESPONDENT: Which is why Edward Tian, a 22-year-old Princeton student himself, spent his winter

break building GPTZero, which he says can detect whether something is likely written by a human or ChatGPT. He says teachers use it to check

their students` papers.

(On camera): Is this like one AI cross checking another AI?

TIAN: In a sense, yeah.

(On camera): But can it spot misinformation?

TIAN: Oh, OK. Yeah. So as opposed to misinformation, it`s more of like it can only spot if something is AI generated or human generated.


WIRE: Major leaders in tech like Elon Musk, professors and researchers, are so concerned about the rapid development of artificial intelligence

that they`re now calling for AI labs to stop developing the technology completely for at least six months. They signed a letter which is published

by the Future of Life Institute, a nonprofit backed by Musk. The letter comes just two weeks after OpenAI announced GPT-4, an even more powerful

version of the ChatGPT technology.

This version was able to pass tests, create websites, even draft lawsuits. The tech leaders want experts to develop a set of protocols or rules for

AI, and they said if they don`t, the government needs to step in and stop it.

CNN`s Correspondent Donie O`Sullivan met with a professor at UC Berkeley School of Information and tried out an AI software that mimics voices to

see how powerful and dangerous this technology could be.




N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Hi, Donie. How are you?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Does my voice sound different to you?

N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Yeah, I just said that to Sinead (Donie`s sister). I said Donie sounds so American.


A.I. O`SULLIVAN: This is not actually me. This is a voice made by computer.

N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Oh, my God. Are you serious?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Yeah, sorry.

DONIE O`SULLIVAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: There has been an explosion and fake audio and voices being generated through artificial intelligence


AI-GENERATED VOICE: This is an A.I. clone version of Walter White`s voice.

AI-GENERATED VOICE: This is an A.I. clone version of Leonardo de Caprio`s voice.

O`SULLIVAN: All you need is a couple minutes recording of anyone`s voice and you can make it seem like they have said just about anything, even --

AI-GENERATED VOICE: Anderson Cooper. We`ve come here to U.C. Berkeley today to talk to Hany Farid, a digital forensic expert, about just how easy

it is to put words into other people`s mouths.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): It`s a lot of fun.


O`SULLIVAN (on camera): But it`s also really scary.

FARID: I think once you put aside that Jewish (ph) factor, I don`t think it takes a long time to look at the risks.

AI-GENERATED VOICE: This is Wolf Blitzer. Hany Farid, you`re in the situation room.

FARID: That`s good.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): That sounds real.

(Voice-over): By uploading just a few minutes of me and so my colleagues` voices to an A.I. audio service, I was able to create some convincing

fakes. The technology did struggle with my Irish accent, but we decided to put it to the ultimate test with my parents.

(On camera): I`m about to try call my mom back in Ireland and see if I can trick her with this voice.

FARID: Yeah.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): Let`s see if we are going to be successful.

FARID: I`m nervous. My hands are.


O`SULLIVAN (on camera): All right.


N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Hello?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Hi, mom.

N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Hi, Donie. How are you?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Just finished shooting our story here. I`m going to the airport in a while.

N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): There seems to be a delay in the phone, Donie.

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Can I say a quick hello to dad?

N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Yep.


A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Hi, dad.

D. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): How are you doing?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: How are you?

D. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Good, yourself?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Just finished shooting our story here. I am going to the airport in a while.

D. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Oh, you`re going back to New York?

A.I. O`SULLIVAN: Are Kerry playing this weekend?

D. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): They`re playing Tyrone Sunday.

O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): My dad went on to have a conversation with the A.I. Donie about how Kerry, our home football team, had a game that

weekend. Eventually, I had to come clean.

(On camera): Dad, I will give you a call better later on. Can you just put me back to mom for a second?

(Voice-over): My parents knew something was off, but ultimately, they still fell for it.

N. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): Oh, yeah, some of it don`t be bad, but it was like -- it was like your voice was a little tone lower and it sounded like

very serious like you had something serious to say. Because I went, oh, jeez, my heart was hopping first.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): Oh, sorry.

D. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): I thought the voice was very funny. Thought the voice was very funny, yeah.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): All right, I`ll call you later, dad.

D. O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): OK, bye-bye.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): Bye.

FARID: This is not classic. The mom is like, something is wrong with my son. The dad is like, everything is fine.


AI-GENERATED VOICE: I`d like to close out today`s ceremony with a question. If you are given a choice, would you choose to have unlimited

bacon but no more video games?

O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): With fake Biden and Trump recordings going viral online, Farid says this could be something to be wary of going into the

2024 election.

FARID: When we enter this world where anything can be fake, any image, any audio, any video, any piece of text, nothing has to be real, we have what`s

called a liars` dividend, which is that anybody can deny reality.

O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): With a flood of new A.I. tools releasing online, he says companies developing this powerful technology need to think of its

potential negative effects.

FARID: There is no online and offline world. There is one world. And it is fully integrated. When things happen on the internet, they have real

implications for individuals, for communities, for societies, for democracies. And I don`t think we as a field have fully come to grips with

our responsibility here.

O`SULLIVAN (voice-over): In the meantime, I will continue annoying my colleagues.

(On camera): Hear this thing Anderson said.

AI-GENERATED VOICE: I have been doing this a long time. I have to say, Donie O`Sullivan is probably the best in the business.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): Incredible.

FARID: Very good.

O`SULLIVAN (on camera): That`s very kind of him to say that as well.

FARID: You know, you should be honored, really.


WIRE: Ten second Trivia.

The name of which of these prehistoric creatures means "king of the tyrant lizards?"

Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Supersaurus, or Titanosaurus?

You look out, it`s a T rex. In Greek, tyrannosaurus means tyrant lizard, and rex means king in Latin.

Our CNN 10 story getting a 10 out of 10. Who wants a T Rex? This 38-foot- long skeleton of the tyrant lizard is going up for auction next month in Switzerland.

It`s the third T Rex skeleton that`s ever been found. The bones were actually found in Montana and Wyoming. If you want this 67-million-year-old

T rex, get ready to bust out some tyrannosaurus checks. Trinity, as its name is expected to go for between $5 and $9 million. That`s a lot of


And you are so money, baby. I want to give a special shout out now to Inglewood Middle School in some Sammamish, Washington. Rise up. Think

awesome thoughts this weekend, everyone. Our thoughts influence the type of days we`ll have. Those days become the weeks and months, then years that

make up our lives. So how we`ll be living in five years is determined in part by the types of thoughts we have today.

Think well, everyone. And remember, you are more powerful than you know. I`m Coy Wire. It`s been a blessing to spend this week with.