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Why Tech Hubs Are Seeing Home Prices Cool Faster Than Other Areas in U.S.; NASA Names Diverse Astronaut Crew for Artemis II Moon Mission. Aired 4-4:10a ET

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COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, my friends. Happy Friday Eve. It`s Thursday. But not just any Thursday. It`s random thought Thursday. How much

dirt is in a hole that measures two inches by three inches by four inches? You think about it and I`ll tell you at the end of the show.

All right, let`s get you your news now, shall we? I`m Coy Wire, this is CNN 10. And we start today with these tales of two housing markets here in the

United States. So, what`s all the hullabaloo? We`re in the spring season now, and that usually means a frenetic time for home buying.

Now, during the pandemic, Silicon Valley, the West Coast cities and places like Austin saw a boom in the housing market. But now we`re seeing that

bubble burst. With continuous tech layoffs, bank failures and low housing supply, we`re seeing the home buying cooling rapidly.

So, sellers in many of those areas, well, they don`t have the upper hand anymore. But on the other side of the country, on the East Coast, we`re

seeing a totally different story. Home prices are actually continuing to rise there, especially in major southeastern cities, a big impact to all of

this housing volatility is the higher average rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage, where it`s making a lot more expensive to finance a home today

compared to a year ago. The continued high inflation rate has been a contributing factor as well.

Our Chief Business Correspondent, Christine Romans, explains these divergent trends we`re seeing in the U.S. housing market.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: The biggest investment most people ever make is their home. And after nine interest rate hikes

from the Fed, it`s a tale of two housing markets today in America, where the bubble appears to have popped in the West Coast tech hubs and the

pandemic boom towns but holding up rather well out east.

All real estate is local, of course, but the trends are revealing Redfin measures pending home sales. Price drops and supply and found Austin, Texas

is the fastest cooling metro area in the country. It was once the pandemic relocation magnet of course, Seattle is next. Then Phoenix, Tacoma, Denver,

Vegas and four California cities round out the top 10. But head east and upper Midwest and northeast towns are cooling much more slowly, and home

price is out east still rising.

Case Shiller shows home prices in these cities up year over year. They`re not skyrocketing like the last 10 years, but they`re holding in. Travel to

the southeast and it is a boom time in real estate. Miami home prices in January up nearly 14% from a year ago. Tampa up 10.5%, Atlanta, 8.4% and

Charlotte up 8.1%.

You can clearly see sellers have the upper hand in the Sun Belt, a sharp contrast to the home prices in the tech hubs out west, where prices are

falling sharply, led by San Francisco, where prices fell almost 8% in January compared with last year. This is, of course, after years of runaway

price gains in those tech hubs. Call it a real estate reckoning out west, tech company pink slips, bank jitters, low inventory and mortgage rates

that have almost doubled. Higher rates make the same home a year ago a lot more expensive to finance today. A $400,000 mortgage taken out at today`s

mortgage rates would cost almost $400 more a month in the extra interest.


WIRE: Next up, the list of the world`s busiest airports came out. And once again, the busiest airport in the world is right here, Atlanta. According

to the Airports Council International, the U.S. actually had half of the 10 busiest airports in the world last year. Atlanta`s Hartsfield-Jackson

Atlanta International took the title for a second consecutive year as the world`s busiest airport in terms of passenger volume.

Coming in second was Dallas-Fort Worth. Then it was followed by Denver, then Chicago O`Hare. Los Angeles came in 6th on the list. The other five

airports in the top 10 were cities abroad., Dubai, Istanbul, Heathrow Airport in London, New Delhi and Paris. The airport`s Council International

also expects strong travel recovery this year for global passenger traffic and a full recovery by next year that we haven`t seen since 2019.

Ten second trivia.

In Greek mythology, who was Apollo`s twin sister and the goddess of the moon?

Artemis, Luna, Athena or Diana?

Artemis is your answer here. And she also served as the goddess of the hunt and wild animals.

Artemis is also connected to space exploration. And that`s where our next story takes us. It has been 50 years since astronauts returned to the moon,

but NASA just announced its team for its next moon mission. These four astronauts, three Americans and one Canadian will make their journey to outer space on Artemis 2 in November of 2024. This will also be

an historic mission as it will be the first time a woman and a person of color will be on a lunar flight. Our Ed Lavandera sat down with the newly

named crew.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, your Artemis 2 crew.

ED LAVANDERA, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: NASA calls this moment the launch of the Artemis Generation and the space agency has unveiled its

first cosmic rock stars. Commander Reid Wiseman, Pilot Victor Glover, Mission Specialist Christina Koch and Canadian Jeremy Hansen. CNN sat down

with the crew of the Artemis 2 Mission.

(On camera): Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins, Borman, Lovell, Anders, those are all iconic astronauts that touch the moon or grace the edges of the moon.

Your names go next to those guys. How did you find out about this and how does it feel quite frankly?

CHRISTINA KOCH, NASA ASTRONAUT: The leader of our flight operations director had said to us, and he said, how would you like to go flying on

Artemis 2? My answer to him was, sir, it would be an honor. It`s amazing to be a part of this team, that`s going back to the Moon and on to Mars and

it`s exciting times that we`re actually making this step.

LAVANDERA: If all goes as planned, the Artemis 2 crew will orbit the moon next year. For about 10 days, they will aim to travel farther into space

than any humans have ever gone. They`ll fly in the Orion spacecraft, paving the way for future Artemis missions to land on the Moon again and

ultimately journey to Mars.

(On camera): I think for most people who watch space programs that since the end of the space shuttle program that space travel has become the game

of billionaires and the wealthy who travel to the edges of space. Why is this so important?

VICTOR GLOVER, NASA ASTRONAUT: One aspect of human space exploration is that it unites, and it lifts. I love, you keep using that word, Jeremy,

lifts. It lifts people up and it pushes you to do things that seem impossible.

REID WISEMAN, NASA ASTRONAUT: When you go out and do something that pushes the boundaries, you always learn things that you didn`t expect to learn.

And we will have breakthroughs left and right. It`s going to be phenomenal.

LAVANDERA: It`s been more than a half century since astronauts returned to the moon Apollo 8 astronauts were the first to see the surface up close.

Their mission and films captivated the world. The voices of astronauts beamed back to Earth, felt like science fiction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good luck, a Merry Christmas and God bless all of you.

LAVANDERA: Christina Koch kept this iconic image of the Earthrise taken by that first crew in 1968 on her bedroom wall as a little girl. The Artemis 2

crew is making history by putting the first person of color and a woman on a lunar mission.

KOCH: It`s an honor to be a part of this program at a time when we as an organization, as a country, have recognized and decided that it`s important

to go for all and by all.

LAVANDERA: When you see the Earth rise for the first time, have you thought about what that moment is going to be like?

JEREMY HANSEN, NASA ASTRONAUT: I think it`s going to be pretty emotional. I`m going to be seeing that image with three friends. We`re going to be in

a tiny capsule. I think there`s going to be some hugging.

LAVANDERA: Do you think in our lifetimes we will see somebody landing on Mars?


GLOVER: I certainly hope so.

WISEMAN: I think we will get there in our lifetime. To think that humans will be walking on Mars in 20 years is completely reasonable.


WIRE: For our next story, we`re headed to Jamaica Mon, to give a 10 out of 10 to an Olympic champion sprinter that isn`t taken a single day off, not

even at our son`s sports day at school. 36-year-old Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce, leaving all the other parents in the dust, reminding everyone that she`s the third fastest woman of all time.

Now, Fraser-Pryce`s speed has carried her to eight Olympic medals, three of them gold, as well as ten world titles.

And I actually got to interview her after she won gold at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. She told me she used to run to school every day as a kid,

barefoot because she couldn`t afford shoes. She told me she runs today to inspire all the youngsters out there, letting them know that even if you

don`t come from privilege, you can reach your greatness someday, too.

All right, now, random thought Thursday question was how much dirt is in a hole that measures two inches by three inches by four inches? Well, the

answer is none, lovely people. It`s a whole great job with all of the Your Word Wednesday submissions. Thanks to Madison Westerhoff from Cashion

Oklahoma. Today`s vocabulary word was hullabaloo, a noun meaning a commotion or a fuss.

Now, before I go, we want to give a special shout out Winfield, Kansas, Winfield Middle School. We see you lovely people. We`re going to be off the

air next week for spring break. But I will see you right back here tomorrow, sending you all some good vibes today.

I`m Coy Wire, and we are CNN 10.