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Debt Ceiling Debate And How It Impacts The American People; A Lost Lunar Lander; CNN Heroes Salutes: Ukraine`s "Vet Crew." Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired April 28, 2023 - 04:00   ET


BRYCE YOUNG: I`m Bryce Young and this is CNN 10.

COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: What`s up lovely people, it`s the best day of the week, Friday or as you could say, Fridyey. I`m still here in Kansas City

covering the NFL Draft. And can I just say that you all are awesome. I got to meet some students and teachers like Mr. Johnson, a big time Steelers

fan. And thanks for the love from Ms. Wilson from SM South High, Mr. Cordell from Leawood Middle, and the Horizon Academy, you rock.

I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10, the best 10 minutes in news. Let`s go. In a narrow final vote the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on

Wednesday that would raise the nation`s debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the total amount of money the government is authorized to borrow. The

package raises the nation`s debt limit by an additional $1.5 trillion up from the more than 31 trillion where it currently stands.

But the plan raises the ceiling in return for spending cuts that are effectively conditions that would take money away from President Joe

Biden`s agenda. And while this measure was passed from the Republican led House, it is seen as dead-on arrival in the Democratic led Senate. House

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Republicans, well, they`re looking to negotiate with Democrats and President Biden. But President Biden reiterated that he

would not meet with McCarthy on extending the debt limit saying it`s, "not negotiable."

The White House says that Republicans are holding the economy hostage and slashing programs that hurt the American people. For his part, though,

Speaker McCarthy has said the President is putting the economy in jeopardy and that the House has done its job by passing a bill to avoid default.

So why does this all matter? Well, analysts believe that not raising the debt ceiling could be catastrophic where the economy can hit a freeze,

millions of jobs would be lost and interest rates and loans would spike. In recent years, the debt ceiling debate has been seen as a political tug of

war where the American people, well, they`re the ones always on the losing end. Our Christine Romans has more.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN ANCHOR AND CHIEF BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Every day the U.S. draws closer to the so-called ex-state when it runs out of money

to pay all the bills. The debt ceiling of $31.4 trillion was hit January 19, unable to borrow more money. The Treasury Department is using so-called

extraordinary measures, moving money around, delaying some investments to make sure everything is paid. And sometime soon as quickly as early June,

the accounting tricks run out and the U.S. risks defaulting on its obligations.

Now, assuming interest payments get top priority every family would face cuts. Social Security payments could be delayed, veterans could receive an

IOU instead of benefits. Federal employees could be furloughed, and it would be catastrophic for financial markets where the credit worthiness of

the United States is the cornerstone of the global financial system.

A default on the debt would trigger market crashes that would crush business and consumer confidence that could further shock the financial

system and throw the economy into a recession. Treasuries could tank interest rates spike, the dollar sync and global economies reel. That is

the reality Congress is sleepwalking toward unless it raises the debt ceiling.

Now Congress has raised the limit 78 times since 1960, 49 times under Republican presidents, 29 times under Democrats. But in recent years, it

has become a political football in a game where the American people are the losing team.


WIRE: 10 Second trivia.

Which of these countries has not performed a controlled landing on the moon?

United States, the former Soviet Union, China or Japan?

Raise your hand if you said Japan, no moon landing for them. But a Japanese commercial company attempted a landing this week.

Hakuto-R, a lunar lander from Japan would touchdown on the moon this week, at least that was the plan. Ispace, which is a Japanese firm launched it on

a SpaceX rocket back in December from Cape Canaveral Florida then entered orbit around the moon taking three months for it to get there. The plan was

to land Tuesday afternoon.

But flight controllers lost communication with the craft leading officials to assume that it was lost or even crashed. Hakuto-R was supposed to

release a data collecting rover even a robot, the size of a tennis ball but before it did, the mission was over. This could have been historic landing

this craft upon the moon being the first by a private company perhaps another we`ll try again soon.

Next up, a rarely talked about aspect of the Russian invasion on Ukraine. It has taken a huge and sad toll for so many people in the region. But what

about the animals that need to be saved as well? Well, if you`re not, there`s actually a pair of veterinarians bunkered underground and aiding

all sorts of wildlife from snakes to owls to parrots, guinea pigs, even monkeys.

During the rescue efforts, they`ve even had to dodge a few Russian bullets. Just one week after the invasion they cared for about 400 rescued animals

in their clinic. Meet Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov, two of our very own CNN Heroes.


VALENTINA STOYANOV: We are Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov, exotic and wildlife veterinarians. We`re here right now in Ukraine, in Odesa.

LEONID STOYANOV: All our family, mother, father have to leave Ukraine but we decided for us that we stay here and help animals.

V. STOYANOV: This is our hospital.

L. STOYANOV: Come on, very cold.

V. STOYANOV: We are almost underground. This safe place for us and for anyone. We usually have unusual animals. For example, turtles, chameleons,

different parrots, guinea pigs, and monkeys. When invasions come, we helps dogs and cats. A lot of people think that all this situation in Ukraine

will be three, four days. So a lot of people just close animals in apartments in houses and think that everything will be fine. After one, two

weeks, it is become very big problem. Neighbors start here how a lot of different animals around them screaming.

Each rescue, it`s so tough and at the same time very touching because each animals for us it`s like a members of our family.

L. STOYANOV: We buy tons of dog food, cat food, go to shelters. We feed maybe 600 dogs. We go to frontline and vaccinated and feed dog, cats. And

Russian army, a lot of times shooting our car, and they bombed it. And we have a lot of holes in our car.

We have a lot of work, a lot of animals, a lot of people dying, a lot of our friends dying. Our Vet Crew family, it`s our --

V. STOYANOV: Social media, yeah.

L. STOYANOV: Social media, it help us.

V. STOYANOV: Of course they send a lot of donations to our foundation, but most important thing for us become kind messengers. Because a lot of

people, you know, just start write us, "Guys, hold on. You are heroes." It`s huge, huge support and we are very, very, very grateful for all this.


WIRE: Today`s story getting a 10 out of 10 is on and popping. A baby moose on the loose in Alaska popped into a movie theater and the story gets even

butter. The movie theater manager says the moose probably smelled popcorn and for about five minutes was rummaging all around eaten any kernel of

corn it could get. Employees even eventually shouting for the hungry moose to leave. For fella just wanted to catch a flick and a little happy meal


Well that`s about all we have time for, for now. The weekend is upon us and it`s not just the end of the week. It`s the end of the month too. Can you

believe? It`ll already be May on Monday. Time flies so maximize these moments lovely people.

Before we go, our special shout out is going to Gate City High School in Gate City, Virginia, rise up. Let`s all go out and do something to make the

world a bit of a better place, shall we? Even if it`s just taking the time to make someone smile today. Remember you are more powerful than you know.

I`m Coy Wire, this is CNN 10. It`s been a blessing to spend this week with you.