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Typhoon Mawar Slamming the U.S. Territory; How Technology Behind ChatGPT Could Make Mind-Reading a Reality; Ed Sheeran Surpirse Visit. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired May 25, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, lovely people. It`s time to rise up and fuel our minds. I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10. It`s Thursday. Happy Friday

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Here we go. There are 30 cows in a field, 28 chickens. How many didn`t? Think about it? All right, let`s go.

Here we go. Starting today in the pacific ocean in the U.S. territory of Guam, where officials say they`re experiencing the worst storm in decades,

Typhoon Mawar has been slamming the island with heavy rain and strong winds, reaching speeds equivalent to those that a category four hurricane

would bring.

Now, did you know that typhoons and hurricanes are actually the same weather phenomenon? The difference is purely geographical. Hurricanes are

in the north Atlantic and northeast pacific oceans. Typhoons like Mawar, well, they`re in the northwest pacific. These scenes from Guam are scary.

The national weather service has warned that the storm could bring 15 to 20 inches of torrential rain or more. This can result in landslides and flash

flooding throughout the island.

According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, maximum sustained winds were up to 140 mph, with gusts up to 165. It`s like being subjected to tornado

like wind speeds, but for long periods of time. Most of the island has lost power. But thankfully, at the time of this recording, no deaths have been

reported to CNN.

President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration for the island on Tuesday. And FEMA, the federal emergency management agency, announced it

has more than 50 emergency relief personnel and dozens of other federal partners ready to provide emergency assistance on the ground.

Guam is home to about 150,000 people, including several U.S. military installations. Now, while Guam sits in the West Pacific ocean, an area

that`s prone to the world`s strongest tropical cyclones, it`s actually extremely rare for the island to be struck directly by a storm of this

strength. Only eight such storms like this have passed over this 30 miles wide island in the last 75 years.

Ten second trivia.

Think fast. What part of the brain is most closely linked to thinking and reasoning?

Brain Stem, Cerebrum, Cerebellum or Hypothalamus?

If you`re thinking cerebrum. Oh, synapse, I think neuron to something. Cerebrum for the win.

Neuroscientists at the University of Texas say they figured out a way to read minds by translating scans of brain activity into actual words using

the very same artificial intelligence technology that powers ChatGPT.

Now, does this mean that we could possibly communicate with someone who`s unable or even unwilling? Pop quiz, hotshot. How do brains say, hi,

brainwaves. Our Donie O`Sullivan has more.


DONIE O`SULLIVAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You`re reading people`s minds?

ALEXANDER HUTH, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, UT AUSTIN: So we don`t like to use the term mind reading.

O`SULLIVAN: These neuroscientists at the University of Texas in Austin say they`ve made a major breakthrough. They`ve figured out how to translate

brain activity into words using artificial intelligence.

HUTH: These are different images.

O`SULLIVAN: Earlier this month, they published a paper explaining how they had research. Volunteers listened to audio clips while having their brains

scanned by an fMRI machine. Over time, AI algorithms, the very same tech that`s behind ChatGPT, were able to figure out what the volunteers were

listening to just by watching their brains.

(On camera): It is just crazy. You can watch how blood flows through the brain. And using AI and GPT and everything else translated into words?

HUTH: Yeah, it`s wild that this works when you put it that way.

HUTH: Thumbs up, Donie.

O`SULLIVAN: To test it all out, Professor Alexander Huth and I had our brain scanned while listening to parts of The Wizard of Oz audiobook.

JERRY TANG, PHD STUDENT, UT AUSTIN: Hi, Donie, we have a picture of your brain.

O`SULLIVAN: I have a brain?

TANG: Yes. It looks good.

O`SULLIVAN: I was scanned first, followed by Professor Huth, capturing images of the changes in our brain`s blood flow as we listened to the words

from the audiobook and showing how our brains interpreted those words.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When she had finished her meal and was about to go back to the road of yellow brick, she was startled to hear a deep groan nearby.

TANG: You can see that they`re getting recordings every two seconds while he`s listening to a story. We will feed this data through our decoder and

try to predict the story that he`s currently listening to.

O`SULLIVAN: The next morning, the results were in.

(On camera): OK, so it`s been 24 hours since we got our brain scanned. You can confirm I have a brain?

HUTH: Absolutely.

O`SULLIVAN: Brilliant.

HUTH: So we were able to decode some stuff from my brain, not so much from yours. So this is one from my brain. This is from The Wizard of Oz. So on

the left side is the actual words that I heard. When she had finished her meal and was about to go back to the road of yellow brick, she was startled

to hear a deep groan nearby.

And the decoded version of this is on the right. I was about to head back to school and I hear this strange voice calling out to me. So it gets some

things right. So this like, was about to go back, was about to head back. It completely misses some things like the road of yellow brick versus

school, but then it gets this nice kind of example. So she hears something and then instead of a deep groan nearby, it said a strange voice calling

out to me. That means something related, even if it`s not exactly the right words.

O`SULLIVAN: Still pretty incredible to think that was about to head back as something that. Just by scanning your brain.

HUTH: Yeah, I think that`s one of the things that`s really surprising to us about this. It can get things like that, can get these entire phrases of

exact words now.

O`SULLIVAN: So we expected mine not to be great?

HUTH: Because we haven`t trained the model on you.

O`SULLIVAN: The reason it wasn`t able to decode my brain was because the technology currently needs people to sit in the fMRI machine for more than

16 hours, so the AI models can train on specific people`s brains.

(On camera): Are we going to live in a world where, you know, I can walk by somebody on the street and they`ll be able to hold something up to my head

and they`ll know what I`m thinking?

HUTH: Currently, we`re very far from that. That might also never be possible. We can`t completely rule it out, but as far as we know, that

certainly won`t be possible in the next few decades. The real potential application of this is actually helping people who are unable to speak

without them needing to get neurosurgery.

TANG: Now, we have this, like, snapshot of the brain. And Jerry Tang explains how they used OpenAI`s GPT large language model to help decode the

brain. The GPT model is made up of millions of pages of text from the Internet that the AI trains on and learns how sentences are constructed and

how people talk and think.

GPT basically made our predictions a lot better.

O`SULLIVAN: But it doesn`t just work listening to audio. Professor Huth showed us what happened when he watched a movie with no sound while his

brain was scanned. Watch as the technology is able to decode what his eyes are seeing.

HUTH: She then took my hand and held it to her lips. She kissed it. I smiled.

O`SULLIVAN: Oh, my God.

HUTH: And she put me in for a hug. I got her back for about hours. I had to stop the bleeding and gave her my shirt to put over it. It`s pretty

good. I don`t know. It`s a pretty good description of what was happening here.

O`SULLIVAN: Wow. Should we be scared by the work people like you are doing?

TANG: We think it`s really important to continually evaluate the implications of brain decoding and also to start thinking about enacting

policies that protect mental privacy and regulate what brain data can be used for.

O`SULLIVAN: Mental privacy a rather dystopian term, but ones that we`re going to be getting more used to as we enter this age of artificial

intelligence. Back to you.


WIRE: To all of our band members and musicians out there, imagine you`re practicing, you`re playing with your crew, and all of a sudden a music

superstar crashes your jam session and starts jamming with you. Well, Ed Sheeran, you get today`s 10 out of 10 for making a Florida High School`s

band practice unforgettable and then giving even more of a surprise.


ED SHEERAN: I thought I`d come and play some songs to you. I`ve also brought some guitars to give to you guys from the music department.


SHEERAN: I`m playing sold out stadium tomorrow, but I`ve got tickets for all of you guys to come.



WIRE: Sheeran sang his hits song called Perfect. And it was perfect. Some students tearing up. It was so beautiful. All have took photos and even

signed some instruments. He performed a duet with one of the students too. And how about the sweet note he left? Love you guys. That`s sweet. And love

to you too. And mahalo or thanks to everyone, like Mrs. Santiago`s class in Hawaii, who`ve subscribed to our CNN 10 YouTube channel.

Our school shoutout is going to Lake Stevens High School in Lake Stevens, Washington. And Mr. Heyman, happy birthday to you. Now, for that random

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Have an awesome day, everyone, and rise up. I`m Coy Wire, and we are CNN 10.