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Tropical Storm Hilary Slams Into West Coast; A Race for the Lunar South Pole; A Sweet Surfer Story That`s Sure To Earn Your Seal of Approval. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired August 21, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello and happy Monday, sunshine. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10, here to help you fuel your

mind and dominate this week and have a little fun while doing it.

First, though, our lead story of the day, a hurricane with fierce winds and heavy downpours, it`s forced residents in Southern California to evacuate

and first responders to brace for water rescues as it was expected to slam into the U.S. coastline yesterday.

Hurricane Hilary was a Category 1 storm with maximum winds of 80 miles per hour at the time of this recording, as it moved on a north, northwest path

at 21 miles per hour. It was expected to weaken to a tropical storm before reaching the coast. But large swells were likely to create life threatening

surf and rip current conditions.

The California governor`s office said Hilary could be the wettest tropical cyclone in state history. And one of the most devastating storms in more

than a decade, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration or NOAA said, if Hilary makes landfall in California as a tropical storm, it would

be the first to do so in the state in nearly 84 years, storms like this rarely hit California because of the cold currents off the coast. They tend

to weaken storms and act as somewhat of a shield around Western coast there. Parts of California and even Nevada and Arizona could suddenly

receive a year`s worth of rain or more.


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM, (D) CALIFORNIA: So today I assign an emergency declaration of proclamation in preparation of the storms.


WIRE: California Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed a State of Emergency Saturday for a large swath of Southern parts of the state. With up to 10

inches of rain expected in some areas, winds were expected to knock out power for many on Sunday and Monday.

Parts of Mexico, roughly a 300-mile stretch along the Baja, California Peninsula were also under hurricane warning with "locally catastrophic

flash and urban flooding," according to the Hurricane Center. CNN`s Natasha Chen was in Southern California ahead of this rare storms impact.


NATASHA CHEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: This is a weather event that`s created a lot of questions for people in Southern California because they

have never seen a tropical storm warning. And the last time a tropical storm made landfall in California was more than 80 years ago. So, a lot of

people are wondering what exactly they should do. Officials have said a lot of the preparations that folks would`ve made for winter storms and flooding

months ago apply here asking people to please take advantage of the sandbags that are being given out to bring materials indoors, to not go

outside or drive in the weather on Sunday and Monday, if they don`t have to.

Officials have also been very proactive and going to outdoor areas where there are encampments of unhoused people trying to convince them to take

shelter inside before the storm, really comes through the most intense of which is supposed to be Sunday afternoon, at least through the San Diego

area with very strong rains and winds. We are seeing a lot of events being canceled or postponed.

In fact, Major League Baseball moved their Sunday games to Saturday. There are concerts like ones at the Hollywood bowl being canceled. The U.S. Navy

has even temporarily moved their ships and submarines away from San Diego just during this storm, at least until it passes through. Catalina island

in Los Angeles county has been warned for people to -- they`re strongly encouraged to leave that island that they`re likely to get hit. A lot of

high-water rescue vehicles prepositioned. A lot of personnel out there ready to act as soon as this weather comes through.

JENNIFER GRAY, CNN METEOROLOGIST: In the U.S. flash floods kill more people than tornadoes, hurricanes or lightning, a flash flood creates a rush of

moving water that can sweep a grown man off his feet, a car off the road, and even your entire home off its foundation.

When the ground becomes so saturated that water can no longer seep into the soil, it begins to run off quickly into rivers and streams and this causes

a rise in water and a flash.

Densely populated areas have an extremely high-risk of flash flooding with the additional concrete and less grassy areas for the water to soak into

the soil. And they can see flash flooding very quickly. And mountain is terrain the combination of gravity. Plus, the easy runoff can lead to

catastrophic flooding. When all of that water is funneled into rivers creeks, and even the valleys.

Remember flash flooding can happen in the blink of an eye. That`s why it`s important to stay alert and pay attention in case a flash flood watch or

warning is issued for your area.


WIRE: Ten second trivia. Which of these locations would be found on the moon?

Plain of Jars, Sea of Tranquility, Crater Lake or Mount Olympus?

All of these sites are actually located on earth, except the Sea of Tranquility.

Chosen for its smooth flat terrain, the Sea of Tranquility was the site of the first moon landing by the U.S. in 1969. But did you know that there`s a

new space race going on between the United States, China, India, and Russia. And the big focus is landing on the moon`s Southern pole. Why the

lunar Southern pole, it`s all about terrain and lighting, large mountains and deep craters at the south pole of the moon create permanently shadowed

and very cold areas that scientists believe could hold ice that would have valuable scientific information, but that terrain and those conditions make

for a difficult landing.

And on Sunday, there was a major setback for Russia`s space program. Roscosmos, Russia`s Space Agency reported that their Luna-25 space crafts

crashed into the surface of the moon. This was set to be Russia`s first lunar Lander in 47 years, the pilotless craft would`ve been the first ever

craft to land on the moon south pole. But it went spinning uncontrollably while in orbit.

So next up is India. India`s pilotless craft is scheduled to make a lunar landing there just two days from now. India`s last attempt to land on the

moon in 2019, ended with that craft also crashing into the moon surface. The U.S. while they`re aiming to be the first country to land there with a

crude mission planned for 2025.

China, they`re also hoping to land there before the end of the decade. As it stands only the United States, the Soviet Union and China have

successfully soft landed anywhere on the moon

And for today`s story getting a 10 out of 10, we`re hanging 10. Well, this silly marine mammal making waves in San Diego, it`s become a bit of a

celebrity among local surfers there who say it brings them pure joy. CNN`s Jeanne Moos seals the deal.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: There`s a rookie surfer off the coast of San Diego and all of the human surfers have given him their

seal of approval.

JENNY KIM, SURFER: A moment of pure happiness for me.

MOOS: Jenny Kim gladly made room for this Harbor seal pop on her surfboard day after day, he showed up at Pacific beach and hung out with those who

usually hang tan. Even marine experts like seaworld`s Jeni Smith were mystified.

JENI SMITH, SAN DIEGO SEAWORLD, RESCUE SUPERVISOR: For some odd reason was hopping from surfboard to surfboard to surfboard, definitely not normal.

MOOS: Harbor seals are usually standoffish, but this one was extra friendly. Chill climbing aboard rolling off. Instead of being antisocial,

he was in sync riding the waves with banded. The surfers named him Sammy after the children`s book.


MOOS: The man who shot this drone footage, Ed Hartel found the seal inspiring.

ED HARTEL, VIDEOGRAPHER: In a time of darkness, this has been the light.

MOOS: Seaworld San Diego`s phone rang off the hook with calls about Sammy their rescue team checked on him and found him healthy. Why would he

gravitate to surf boards?

SMITH: My first instinct was maybe there`s sharks in the water.

MOOS: Sharks have killed seals and sea lions at this beach. But Jeni says, Sammy seemed calm and unafraid.

KIM: His face was really close to him as if he`s he was going to kiss me like.

MOOS: Sealed, not with a kiss, but a sniff. She posted on Instagram, never getting rid of this board.

KIM: Such a magical moment of connection with the nature.

MOOS: When the beach boys said, everybody, who knew everybody would include Sammy The Seal.



WIRE: Finally, my favorite part of the day, special shoutout to Lake County Middle School in Ridgeley, Tennessee, go Falcons. Fun fact about Falcons,

did you know that some Falcons can see their prey from more than a mile away? And when they spot that pray, look out, they can swoop down with mind

blowing speed, a pair of green Falcon named frightful set the world record in 1999, diving down at 242 miles per hour. I love Falcons, rise up. See

you tomorrow, everyone. I`m Coy Wire. And we are CNN 10.