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Plans for the Leaders of North Korea and Russia to Meet; Examining Invasive Species and How They Might Impact Everything From our Economy to Our Weather; The U.S. Open. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired September 06, 2023 - 04:00   ET


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We start today with the latest news on North Korea. According to the U.S. government, Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea plans to travel to

Russia, to meet president Vladimir Putin, for discussions on a potential deal to supply Moscow with weapons for its war on Ukraine. The warning came

from the National Security Council, and they said that weapon negotiations between Russia and North Korea are actively advancing. But we don`t have

any information on when and exactly where a potential meeting between the leaders might take place.

The U.S. and its allies are concerned about the meeting specifically, the U.S. has increasing concerns over that with which North Korea could supply

Russia in terms of military assistance for Russia`s war effort in Ukraine. And experts are also concerned that in return, Russia could supply North

Korea with technology that could be dangerous specifically technology that could advance North Korea`s satellite and nuclear-powered submarine


Just last month, North Korea made a second attempt to launch a spy satellite into orbit, though it failed. The Biden administration has

routinely declassified intelligence about support that Russia is receiving, or is planning to receive in an effort to deter countries from providing

support for their war effort. We`ll head to so South Korea now to hear from CNN International Correspondent, Paula Hancocks.


PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The first and last meeting between the current leaders of Russia and North Korea was more than four

years ago since then Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine and his military efforts are faltering. So for Kim Jong Un, the power dynamics

have changed.

DAVID SANGER, NY TIMES & CNN CONTRIBUTOR: A large power is now dependent on him. That hasn`t happened in a while. Are the second thing he gains is the

possibility of access to more oil. At the moment that Kim Jong Un is testing his ballistic missiles, particularly the long-range ones, many of

which have design commonalities with Russian missiles, he can get a lot of help there.

HANCOCKS: U.S. official believe Moscow could receive multiple types of munitions from Pyongyang in any arms deal, which could be used on the front

lines in Ukraine.

The Biden administration believes North Korea already delivered infantry rockets and missiles for use by Russian mercenary force Wagner last year.

U.S. officials assess Kim Jong Un may travel to Russia to meet Vladimir Putin this month. There is an eastern economic forum in Vladivostok next

week. Letters of support have been exchanged between the two leaders. Russia`s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was given the red-carpet treatment

by Kim in Pyongyang in July. The North`s military capabilities were on full display. And South Korea`s intelligence agency says a second Russian

delegation visited at the start of August. By August 8th, a Russian plane is believed to have transferred unknown military supplies from Pyongyang,

no evidence or destination given. Pyongyang and Moscow deny any potential arms deal.

CARL SCHUSTER, INSTRUCTOR, HAWAII PACIFIC UNIVERSITY: Kim is becoming more paranoid than normal over the last four or five years. And so for him this

alliance achieves, makes him look less isolated, provides a psychological boost for him and his inner circle.

HANCOCKS (on camera): Politically, both Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un stand to benefit greatly from a closer alliance. They are united by a

common enemy, the United States, and they both want an alternative world order, a world where the U.S. is less powerful and where U.N. security

council resolutions are less able to be imposed. Paula Hancocks, CNN Seoul.


WIRE: We`ve got new info that says pesky invasive species are causing a whopping 423 billion in damage every year in this world, an invasive

species is defined as one that causes economic or environmental harm in an environment to which it is not native. And a new U.N. report says that

human movement like travel or global trade is spreading these animals, plants, and other organisms in new regions at an unprecedented rate. The

report says these alien troublemaker species are driving plant and animal extinctions contributing to food scarcity and making environmental

disasters worse all around the planet.

And get this, we`re discovering about 200 new alien species every year and out of the 37,000 alien species that have been introduced all over the

world, a whopping 3,500 of them are causing serious problems. They`re ruining crops, wiping out native species in certain areas, polluting our

water and spreading disease. It`s hitting our wallets hard too. Scientists are saying the associated economic costs have been skyrocketing at least

quadrupling every 10 years since 1970, the study hopes these findings will lead to more ideas and cooperation for prevention in the future.

Ten Second Trivia.

In tennis, what term is used to describe a score of zero?

Deuce, Nil, Love or Let?

Show me some love with some hard hands if you said love. Historians, don`t exactly know why, but love is the word use and tennis to denote no score.

The U.S. open is underway in New York city dating back to 1987. It`s the fourth and final major or grand slam tennis tournament held each year. The

others are the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. Well, if you have cat light quickness and golden retriever light chasing skills, you

might find yourself on the court with the biggest tennis stars in the world. CNN`s very own Jon Sarlin has more.


JON SARLIN, CNN: Tennis balls, for two weeks of the year, they`re inescapable in Queens, New York on the grounds of the U.S. Open. But who

collects all those balls? The stoic and hard running ball crew members chasing them down with the best standing view in the house. We decide to

find out what it takes to become a member of the U.S. Open ball crew from Tiahnnee Noble, the head trainer.

(On camera): What makes a good ball crew member?

TIAHNNEE NOBLE: So its agility, definitely. We want to be fast out to that ball and get back. Um, we`re attentive because we`re obviously servicing

the world`s best tennis players. We want to have fast, flat and accurate roles and then teamwork.

SARLIN: I know there is this kind of intense tryout for the ball crew members. Would you be able to show me --

NOBLE: Yeah, absolutely. We can get out.

SARLIN: -- what that would entail?

NOBLE: Yeah, we can get out on court. So I`m going to bring Rachel in.


NOBLE: She`s going to help. She`s part of the ball crew.

SARLIN: Hey Rachel.

RACHEL: Hello.

SARLIN: Is it hard?

RACHEL: It can be difficult, but it`s a lot of fun.

SARLIN: There are three things every crew member needs to master, retrieving the ball, rolling the ball and servicing the ball back to the

player. First up, retrieving the ball.

NOBLE: You ready?


RACHEL: Your responsibility is any ball that is hit into the net, run as fast as you can, pick up the ball with two hands and then return to your

ready position. Second one coming.

SARLIN: The trickiest part, figuring out where to run after grabbing the ball.

NOBLE: Back, back, back, back.

RACHEL: Usually if it`s before the central line, you`re going to run back. But then if it`s past that central line --

SARLIN: You`re going to keep going.

RACHEL: You`re going to keep going. Go all the way across.

SARLIN: Who`s tough?

(Voice-over): Next, rolling the ball without bouncing it.

NOBLE: Instead of doing same foot, same arm, throw opposite so you can get down low.

That`s it?

SARLIN: Would you say the role is the hardest part?

RACHEL: Yeah, I think so. Because a lot of time your adrenaline is pumping and then you still have to have a very accurate role.

NOBLE: I remember low to the ground, low to the ground. No, opposite, opposite.

SARLIN: Have you ever rolled in the blue?

RACHEL: Occasionally by accident.

SARLIN: And finally servicing the ball back to the players, which not only requires ball skills, but some mind reading seems.

NOBLE: Go up as if you`ve got a player right there, ready to serve it. And you`re going to send them two, maybe three, maybe four.

SARLIN: And do they say that?

NOBLE: It`s all like nonverbal cues, whether it`s a head nod, whether it`s a racket little movement and you want it just to be a nice task. So it`s

coming up around their waist height. You don`t want too much air on it.

SARLIN: Just so maybe like a --

NOBLE: Not as forceful.

SARLIN: There another put.

NOBLE: There is.

SARLIN: Is that the kind of toss?

NOBLE: That`s the kind of toss. They`ll typically tap back. So you have to be attentive. Grab those two, then go back into position.

SARLIN: So you put me through the ringer.


SARLIN: I got to ask you, how`d I do?

NOBLE: You did all right. There`s a few things you can probably like learn and maybe come back next year.

SARLIN: Better luck next year?

NOBLE: Yes. Come back next year.

SARLIN: I`ll take that.


WIRE: The most dominant competitive eater in the world has tasted defeat. Joey Chestnut goes down at the U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Championship on

Sunday, Australian James Webb, setting a new world record at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. He devoured 276 wings in just 12

minutes. That`s about 23 each minute. Chestnut ate 36 fewer wings than Webb. But Joey says, he`ll be back next year hungry for revenge. Orchard

Park, New York, that`s where the Buffalo bills play, where I played six of my nine NFL seasons and where I learned to shout out on some Buffalo wing,

something fierce. So if any of you want to challenge me, I say, wing it on baby.

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