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Meeting Between North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and His Russian Counterpart, Vladimir Putin; Inflation and The Potential for a Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike; Rescue Mission Into One of Turkey`s Super Deep Caves. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired September 14, 2023 - 04:00   ET


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In Russia, North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin had a meeting at a Russian Space Center on Wednesday. Here`s

the scoop, U.S. officials have given a heads up that Putin might try to use this meeting to get some military weapons for his invasion of Ukraine.

During their meeting, Kim Jong Un showed support for Russia`s invasion. Kim even went as far as saying he`ll, "always be standing with Russia."

On the flip side, Putin seems to be hinting that he could assist Kim with his space program and the new technology for the North Korean military.

North Korea has been putting a lot of emphasis on space technology lately, but they`ve had a couple of failed attempts this year to launch a spy

satellite into orbit.

This meeting is a big deal because Putin has been isolated on the international stage due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. And he`s in

need of more fire power after 18 months of fighting. Kim Jong Un has been talking about the importance of military satellites to safeguard national

security and secure territory. For more here`s CNN Senior International Correspondent, Matthew Chance.


MATTHEW CHANCE, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, the leaders of these two most heavily sanctioned countries in the world met face-to-

face at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Russian far east, where Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, um, toured a brand new Russian space, rocket launch

facility. President Putin indicating that Russia would look to help North Korea with its space technology.

Later at a formal dinner, Kim voice support for what he said was Russia`s fight against imperialism, a reference to Russia`s standoff with the west

over Ukraine. But in terms of tangible results, frankly, there`s not been much, no agreement signed as far as we know, no joint news conference, the

whole visit carefully choreographed and shrouded in secrecy.

But of course, that doesn`t rule out the possibility that a deal may have been done behind the scenes. Russia desperately needs weapons in ammunition

to sustain its war in Ukraine and North Korea is believed to have vast stock piles. North Korea in turn has an ambitious missile and satellite

launch program, which may well benefit from Russia knowhow. But of course, that kind of transfer may have profound consequences, both on the volatile

Korean Peninsula and on the front lines in Ukraine. Matthew Chance, CNN, Moscow.


WIRE: Maybe you`ve noticed lately that lots of things seem to be getting a bit more expensive. Maybe the cost of food at the school cafeteria has gone

up, or the amount of money used to spend on a movie ticket in popcorn is now only enough to get you the ticket. Now that`s inflation. The term used

to measure how much prices go up in the United States economy over a certain period of time. U.S. inflation accelerated in August for the second

straight month, pushed up by rising gas prices.

Across the country on a month-to-month basis, prices rose 0.6% in August, compared with a 0.2% gain in July. All this will impact the U.S. federal

reserve, which will decide next week if there will be another interest rate hike. A hike means you must pay more on interest charges from your credit

card company for mortgages and even car loans will become more expensive. We`ll hear more now on what to expect.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The U.S. economy is facing a couple of major hurdles, including another possible shutdown of the federal government next month.

REP. NANCY MACE, (R) SOUTH CAROLINA: Both sides, both Republicans and Democrats have put us in this place where we have extraordinarily high

inflation, where we`re going to add 18.8 trillion to the debt in the next 10 years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The United Auto Workers Union could announce a strike on Friday.

SHARDEE AKEEM, FORD EMPLOYEE: Since inflation is off the chart, it`s not beneficial to me to be working that or making half what other people are

making or not receiving the benefits that they`re making.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And oil prices, which affect the cost of gas prices, our forecast to stay up through the end of the year. However --

PAUL KRUGMAN, ECONOMIST: People are out there with a lot discretionary consumer spending, travel, hotels, restaurants, all of that is booming. So

people are acting as if they`re in good shape financially, and yet they say, wow, this is a disastrous economy.


WIRE: Ten second trivia.

In what country would you find the Taurus Mountains?

Greece, Turkey, Mongolia, Spain?

Located in Southern Turkey, the Taurus mountains are home to some of the world`s deepest caves.

Up next, let`s talk about this intense international rescue mission causing quite the brouhaha in one of Turkey`s super deep caves on Tuesday. A

researcher was doing his thing, exploring the cave when he suddenly got really sick and he couldn`t climb out on his own. Here`s CNN International

Correspondent, Jomana Karadsheh with more.


JOMANA KARADSHEH, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Shortly before, 1:00 a.m. local time in Turkey, the cave rescue operation of American Caver Mark

Dickey came to an end, a successful one as we saw those images of his stretcher being pulled out of Turkey`s third deepest cave. Dickey appeared

to be smiling, giving thumbs up. We heard from Turkish officials saying that he seemed to be fine and that they were going to get him on a chopper

out of there and move him to Mersin Hospital in Southern Turkey where he will be headed for the medical treatment he needs.

Now, this has been a very, very complex operation. It has lasted days. Mark Dickey, an experienced caver was part of an international and a local

expedition. And when he fell ill at about more than 3000 feet, more than thousand meters from the surface. But over the past few days he had been

stabilized. He was improving. He was walking. He was talking. We even saw a video recorded by -- released by Dickey where he spoke about his condition,

but also explaining that he was still not OK on the inside and that he needed medical treatment.

And this was such a complex operation again, because this is, uh, one of the deepest caves in the world. We`re also talking according to experts

about a cave with very narrow and winding passages. So putting him on a stretcher and getting him out of there, would`ve been very, very difficult.

So they have to look at the different options consulting with doctors to make sure they can get him out of there.

And finally, this operation, this extraction began on Saturday and it involved nearly 200 rescuers from different countries. It was a real

multinational effort to try and get him out of there. And they moved in phases over the past few days. They would move. They would stop, rest a

bit, and then move again until they made it out of that cave. This certainly is going to be good news for the family, friends, colleagues of

Mark Dickey and all those who have been involved in this rescue operation that has brought an end to this ordeal. Jomana Karadsheh, CNN London.


WIRE: Frank Rubio has been out of this world for over 355 days now. He just smashed the previous record for longest space mission by a U.S. astronaut.

His mission was only supposed to be six months, but his spacecraft spring a leak, leaving him chilling in the international space station since

September of 2022. And he`s not stopping there when he wraps up this mission, he`ll have spent at least 371 days in orbit. He`s on the verge of

becoming the first American to rack up more than a year in microgravity.

Big thanks to the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Mr. Sposado (ph) and his historians at summit in Frisco, Colorado, #YourWordWednesday winners for

brouhaha, a no meaning noisy and over excited reaction to something. Well done. And our CNN 10 YouTube page shout out goes too Weston, Connecticut,

Weston Middle School, rise up. Remember you are more powerful than you know. I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10 and I`ll see you tomorrow.