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A Landmark Lawsuit and a Looming Government Shutdown; Series of Inspiring Stories About Women. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired September 28, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, lovely people. Happy Friday Eve, it`s Thursday, September 28th. I`m Coy. This is CNN 10. Let`s start with a

random thought Thursday.

Why is it that only other people can tickle us? We can`t tickle ourselves, or why is it that when we`re making cookies, we bake them, but when we`re

making bacon, we cook them? Anyways, now I`m just hungry and I hope you are hungry for some knowledge.

Let`s get to our top story of the day. The U.S. government and 17 states are suing Amazon. They allege the company has abused its position as an e-

Commerce giant and harmed fair competition. That`s why the Federal Trade Commission also known as the FTC filed a lengthy complaint alongside 17

attorneys general. The FTC is responsible for enforcing laws that protect consumers like us. They`re meant to prevent fraud and unfair business


To that end, the new lawsuit claims that Amazon unfairly promotes itself over other sellers that use the platform. And that it puts those sellers at

a disadvantage by requiring fees for certain benefits. The FTC also argues that for sellers who list products on many different websites, Amazon

forces those sellers to put their lowest price on its platform. For its part, Amazon has denied the allegations. In a blog post, the company`s

Senior Vice President, David Zapolsky, said the lawsuit is, "wrong on the facts and the law."

Now, it`s too soon to tell who will win this argument. The lawsuit could take years to play out. Elsewhere, however, potentially as early as Sunday,

there is a looming government shutdown. CNN White House Producer Betsy Klein has more.


BETSY KLEIN, CNN WHITE HOUSE PRODUCER: The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are working around the clock to come to an agreement on how

to fund the government before it runs out of money just days from now. And there`s still a lot of disagreement on how to get that done. If they can`t

reach a deal before the deadline, the government will shut down.

And that means that all the money the government spends every single day on programs affecting all Americans get shut off. Nearly 4 million federal

workers will immediately stop getting a paycheck. And that puts an enormous burden on many federal workers, especially those who live paycheck to


Now, the White House has told each department and agency it`s time to come up with its own set of plans and procedures detailing who`s essential and

who isn`t.

Here are some examples. U.S. service, men and women are essential workers. So they`ll keep working without pay. Still the White House` warning that a

shutdown could put national security at risk. As many of the civilian workers that support them will be furloughed. And while TSA agents and air

traffic controllers are all essential workers, many of them can`t afford to work without pay. And the last time there was a shutdown in 2019, there

were major delays at airports across the country because many had to call out sick to find other ways to make money.

During a shutdown, according to the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency would roll back most of its inspection activity at

hazardous waste sites and drinking water and chemical facilities, that could impact clean drinking water. And the government shutdown could also

affect some of the country`s most beloved treasures like museums and national parks. All Smithsonian museums and the national zoo would be

closed, according to 2021 guidance. Those shutdown would not affect zoo animal care.

It`s still unclear whether national parks would close, but in past shutdowns, the surrounding facilities have closed with trash piling up and

toilets overflowing. There are lots of other impacts to services we all depend on. And the key question now is whether Congress can come together

and reach a deal before the clock strikes midnight on Sunday,


WIRE: Ten second trivia.

Which of these is a palindrome?

Fire Truck, Race Car, Desserts, Vroom?

If you said Race Car, put your hands up. A palindrome is any word or phrase that`s spelled the same forwards as backwards.

So entire phrases can be palindrome as well. Like a man, a plan, a canal, Panama, a man, a plan, a canal, Panama, pretty wild, right? Well, race car

is a palindrome that`s at the heart of our next story.

Meet Jessica Hawkins, the 28-year-old, former British carting champion and W series racer. Last Thursday, she became the first woman in almost five

years to test a Formula 1 car, Formula 1 is the wildly popular sport for racing. There are 10 teams total, including big names like Mercedes, Red

Bull, and Ferrari.

Jessica Hawkins is an ambassador for the Aston Martin team. That`s the same luxury car brand favored by 007, that`s right Bond, James Bond. Hawkins is

no stranger to the franchise. She`s earned movie credits as a James Bond stunt driver. Last week, she was the leading lady when she did 26 laps on a

racetrack in Hungary to test Aston`s 2021 car.


JESSICA HAWKINS, RACER: It`s a big moment. It`s a big moment for me. It`s a big moment for the team. It`s a big moment for women`s sport or women`s

motor sport, especially.


WIRE: And Hawkins said she hopes her test drive inspires more women to get into the sport. Now, for an adscititious story about someone who wants to

inspire women to unlock their potential meet CNN`s Champion for Change, Sophia Chang, she created a mentorship program for women of color like

CNN`s owned Sara Sidner.


SARA SIDNER, CNN SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: This is my 27th year in television news. I have reported from Sri Lanka, India, at least 15 countries. I moved

to New York in March of 2022. After 14 and a half years in the field, the pivot from the field to the anchor chair was uncomfortable.

People think that I`m fearless because I go into war zones or because I go into conflict.

This is an important day, especially for the rebels.

But I am afraid of failure because I grew up, with very little, that battle to survive, taught me to work really hard.

What Sophia does is she teaches you to break through that fear, to get to where you need to be.

SOPHIA CHANG, UNLOCK HER POTENTIAL: People always say, how do I start? I knew the second I met you, I`m going to invite you to one of my dinner


SIDNER: You did?

CHANG: Yeah.

SIDNER: You knew me for five seconds. And you were like, I`m going to show you New York. I`m going to show you my New York. And you`re going to come

over to my house.

Hey, Sof.

Gather humans like -- like flowers. Why do you do that?

CHANG: I`m a French lit. major and there was a player studied. And the most famous line means one must cultivate one`s garden. I love pulling

people together.

Hi, beautiful.

SIDNER: There are lawyers and there are actors and there are professors.

CHANG: Cheers, everybody.

SIDNER: You are there as a vessel to learn and to give back. So, it`s a beautiful quilt of human beings.

(Voice-over): Sophia stitched a storied career, most famously managing an A-list of Hip Hop royalty.

CHANG: That will never stop saying my name is Sophia Chang and I was raised by Wu-Tang. I was a yellow girl in a white world who wanted to be

white. And then I meet Wu-Tang, and they are so reverential of Asian culture. They brought me around to a love of my culture, and therefore a

love of self.

SIDNER: A self-love that later motivated Sophia to create a space exclusively for women of color. She calls it, "Unlock Her Potential."

Sophia, as a champion, she`s going to make sure that you feel proud of whatever it is you accomplished.


WIRE: Today`s story getting at 10 out of 10 is a real fairytale flight sky diver Max Manow detaching from a paraglider, then becoming the first person

to pull off a wingsuit flight past the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, a wingsuits, webbed, shaped creates enough lift to slow dissent

and that lift along with the force of the fall allows the pilot to glide horizontally for this Young Manow reach speeds of 124 miles per hour. And

he said he`s had almost 10,000 jumps in his career.

Neuschwanstein go more than 150 years ago is said to be the inspiration behind the design of the castle in Disney`s Sleeping Beauty.

All right, for all of you beauties out there, we had so many great #YourWordWednesday submissions on my @coywire social accounts yesterday.

Congrats to @KelseyBohart07 (ph) in Mrs. Lucey`s class at New Riegel in Ohio, you submitted the winner at adscititious, an adjective, meaning

additional or supplemental. Well done.

Now our school shoutout today is going to Lewis and Clark Middle School in Jefferson City, Missouri, go Trailblazers. Remember subscribe to our CNN 10

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I`m Coy Wire. This is CNN 10, and I`ll see you tomorrow, Friyay.