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Migrant Crisis In The United States; Group Of Courageous Young Women In Afghanistan Attending School In Secret; Record-Breaking Skydiver Takes The Leap. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired October 06, 2023 - 04:00   ET


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We`re going to start today with the latest news on migrants in the U.S. The headline, the number of people crossing the U.S. Mexico border is on the

rise. Border patrol agents apprehended more than 200,000 migrants illegally crossing the U.S. Mexico border in September alone, the highest number this


Why? Analysts say there`s a complex mix of factors at play here, including changes to the U.S. border policy back in May increases in violence in

certain parts of Mexico and economic crises in places like Venezuela. The issues that the border are not new. Several presidential administrations in

a row have wrestled with the situation and the solutions are not simple, how much money should the government spend on border security? What methods

should be used to secure the border? How should people trying to cross the border be processed? Those are just some of the biggest sticking points

with this issue.

The city of San Diego, California recently declared a humanitarian crisis, asking for more federal resources in dealing with the increase of migrants.

CNN`s Camila Bernal is in San Diego at the U.S. Mexico border to give us a closer look at the growing crisis.


CAMILLA BERNAL, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): A dramatic increase. Hundreds of migrants almost constantly arriving in waves into the

California border.

Sometimes 50 or 100 or just five. Many with the help of a so-called coyote or smuggler. We ran into one operating openly at the border. He asked us

not to show his face and distort his voice.

(On-camera): He says to get to the U.S. you need at least $2,500.

(Voice-over): The illegal trafficking of people operating almost like a travel agency. The Coyotes arrange the trip starting in the Middle East,

Asia, South or Central America. Then they buy plane tickets and tell migrants exactly where to go.

With each paying a few thousand dollars or between 9,000 to 12,000 for Mexican nationals, The business is lucrative.

(On-camera): He says they`re at war with another cartel, and so the only way they can get money is by bringing people in.

(Voice-over): People like Alexander.

(On-camera): He says he came here because of the violence that you live in Colombia.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The number of hundreds of people being here at any given time over the last couple weeks is not normal.

BERNAL: Behind me is Mexico. This is an area in Boulevard, California, where there is a gap in the border wall. So a lot of the migrants are able

to just walk into the United States. They continue this walk along the border wall and eventually turn themselves into border patrol. This is

where that asylum process begins.


WIRE: San Diego is not the only city dealing with an influx of migrants and asylum seekers. In New York City, the shelter system is straining under

the influx of migrants. So officials are pushing back against a legal agreement that says they have to provide emergency housing. This week, the

mayor of New York City, Eric Adams is traveling through Latin America where he says he will discourage migrants from coming to New York.

And in Chicago, the governor, JB Pritzker and the mayor, Brandon Johnson confronted top White House officials demanding, they take steps to address

the migrant crisis. President Biden pledged in 2020 to never build another foot of wall along the U.S. Mexico border saying that it was not a serious

policy solution, but now citing high illegal entry, his administration has just announced it will waive 26 federal laws in order to build and add 20

more miles of border barriers in the Rio Grande Valley. It`s an area with especially high illegal entries. From last October to August, there were

nearly 300,000 encounters there. There are no easy solutions. And the number of border crossings is expected to increase further as local and

federal agencies continue to grapple with solutions.

Ten second trivia.

Kubal is the capital city of what country?

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Yemen?

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. A nation of about 39 million people.

Next, we have a story about a courageous group of young women in Afghanistan who are having to secretly get an education. The Taliban, a

radical group took over the country in 2021 after the U.S. controversially pulled out its troops. And that`s when life got difficult, especially for

women. They shut down schools for women. They ban them from public spaces, but we`re about to meet a group of young women who are sneaky and secretly

getting an education because they feel it`s absolutely worth the risk.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are witnessing a courageous act of rebellion. Young girls gather to learn in a secret classroom. To the Taliban, they are

criminals, defying a ban on female education. But these students say they`re determined to continue their schooling no matter the cost. Two of

them told us why.

YALDA, STUDENT AT SRAK SCHOOL` NETWORK (through translator): I`ve told myself that even if the Taliban arrests me, I will stand up and tell them I

don`t want to be kept at home. She says, I just want to learn. And that is not a crime.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: CNN was granted access to this underground classroom. On the condition, we can conceal the identity of the students and staff and

keep the location hidden. Around 30 students huddle into this little room to learn everything from science to math, to tailoring and drawing. This is

one of nine secret schools that educate more than 400 girls across eight Afghan provinces. It is operated by a clan destined network called SRAK.

Families find the program through word of mouth and demand is growing.

It was founded by this woman, Parasto Hakim. She says because of her activism, she was recently forced to flee Afghanistan. But in the summer of

2021, as Kabul fell to the Taliban, she tells us she anticipated the ban on female education and got to work.

PARASTO HAKIM, FOUNDER OF SRAK SCHOOLS` NETWORK: So we were watching some documentaries. I was looking at Afghan woman sitting up NGOs in like hide

and undergrounded places.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Inspired to inspired in part by Christiane Amanpour`s 1996, CNN documentary Battle for Afghanistan. Hakim began to follow the

example of women`s set nearly 25 years ago.

FARANAZ: I love my work. It`s my right to work. And I need to work.

HAKIM: Afghanistan as fully shattered. It is in darkness.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Taliban is forcing women into this darkness, effectively erasing them from much of public life. The U.N. says the

group`s draconian rules may amount to gender apartheid in crimes against humanity. But this little classroom in the shadows provides array of hope.

The school is like a light for me, she says. It is like a road for me that I can see happiness in sunrise at the end of it. Brave women and girls

dreaming of a future without the Taliban and boldly preparing to step out into the light again.


WIRE: All right, for today`s story, getting a 10 out of 10, it`s a bird. It`s a plane. No, it`s a 104-year-old skydiver, Dorothy Hoffner, in Ottawa,

Illinois kicked her, walk her to the curb, then went up in a plane, 13,500 feet. And she reportedly said, "Let`s go, Geronimo."

Ms. Dorothy coming in hot zoom in and fallen at a speed of 120 miles per hour. It`s believed that she has just set the record for oldest person to

ever tandem skydive. The world record was set in 2022 in Sweden by a 103- year-old. But Ms. Dorothy`s bid has been sent to the Guinness World Records for certification. She said she wasn`t scared at all. And this reminds us

that it`s never too late to chase our dreams. She didn`t start skydiving until she was 100 years old.

Today`s shout out goes to Ms. Dorothy. And Mr. Crosby and the whole crew at Trailridge Middle School in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Rise up. Thanks to all

of you, who`ve learned and laughed with us this week. Before we send you out with a look back at some of the moments we`ve shared. Remember, you are

more powerful than you know. I`m Coy Wire. We are CNN 10. It`s been a blessing to spend this week with you.