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Crisis in Israel and Gaza; Anticipating a Celestial "Ring Of Fire" Eclipse. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired October 10, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello friends. It`s Tuesday, October 10th. Welcome to CNN 10, the best 10 minutes in news. I`m Coy Wire. Thank you for

spending part of your day with us. Today on the show, we`re going to take you back to Israel and Gaza, where the world watches as fighting between

Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas militants continues.

This level of fighting has not been seen in Israel since the nation`s founding in 1948. And on our show yesterday, we laid out how this conflict

began and gave you a background on the decades, long dispute around the Gaza Strip. You can view that episode in our archive or on our CNN 10

YouTube channel.

Now the death toll from this weekend`s attacks continues to rise with several hundreds killed in Israel. On Monday, the Israel military said that

they have now taken complete control of the Israeli communities that had been initially stormed by Hamas, gunman. But Hamas militants claim they

still hold over 100 hostages. It`s believed that among them are American, Mexican, Brazilian and Thai citizens.

The Israeli military vows to continue a complete siege of Gaza and is hitting back hard at Hamas militants. Israeli Defense Forces say that

they`ve destroyed hundreds of Hamas targets there. The Palestinian Ministry of Health says that those strikes have killed hundreds of people and say,

dozens of children are included in that death toll.

Meanwhile, Gaza militants continue an aerosol on Israel firing a barrage of rockets at Israeli cities. The Israeli people have long had a system called

the Iron Dome for protection. It detects those rocket attacks and attempts to destroy them mid-air. CNN`s Nic Robertson is on the ground in Israel

with more on how that defense system works. And a reminder that this is a fast-evolving situation and you can stay up to for the latest.


NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: The only thing that we are aware of that can compromise the Iron Dome is a lack of ammunition, and

there`s no indication that it has a lack of ammunition at the moment. Generally, the stocks are high in anticipation of events like this, the

United States supplies more ammunition as required for Israel. I think it goes without saying at the moment that those -- that those flows of

ammunition will be -- will be ready -- will be coming. That`s the commitment we heard from President Biden.

The way the system works, the system works across the country. The Iron Domes, wherever they are on the ground, like the one we saw firing out

there, interlocks with other Iron Dome firing systems throughout the country. Where missiles are fired from Gaza, the system reads, detects

where the missiles are precisely coming from and where they`re calculated to be going. And the nearest and best available Iron Dome system fires off

to intercept those Hamas rockets as they come into Israeli territory. That`s what we`re witnessing right now.

This is the defensive missile system taking off. The sirens were going off around here. And you can see -- I can see black smoke rising just to the

left of the Iron Dome. That`s new black smoke. Black smoke often indicates an impact. We don`t know that right now. But we have seen at least several

dozens of these interceptor rockets, the Iron Dome, taking off here. The sirens have gone off. I`m looking down the highway. The traffic stopped

here. Everyone is getting out of their vehicles to find a safe space to hide. And you`re hearing the booms there of the intercepts that are



WIRE: All right, next up, we move to news about the upcoming annual solar eclipse. It`s a major celestial moment set to occur on Saturday, October

14th. And if you`re here in the United States, we just may see what is called a Ring of Fire. The moon is going to pass between the earth and the

sun starting around 9:13 a.m. Pacific Time on the west coast. It`ll end in the U.S. in Texas at 12:03 Central Time. Yes, astrologers can get that


The moon will cover 90% of the sun`s surface and create what could become some beautiful steely skies. The best viewing areas are shown on this map

with the path with the yellow circles there. If you can`t catch that, if it`s cloudy or you`re busy, mark, April 8th on your calendars for what will

be the total eclipse of our hearts, that`s when we`re expected to see the moon completely cover the sun, any total solar eclipse with best viewing in

the path with these blue circles here.

And if you plan on watching that, the sun will still be super bright enough to burn. So be sure to wear protective glasses. And if you miss that one,

you`re going to have to find yourself a calendar that goes all the way to the year 2046 to market, because that`s when will next see a total eclipse

of the sun in the contiguous, U.S.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Watching as the moon blocks out the light from the sun, it can be hard to imagine the amazing cosmic coincidence taking place.

The sun`s diameter is some 400 times larger than the moons, but it`s just the right distance away to appear the same size. For a couple of minutes

when the sun and moon are perfectly aligned, the moon completely covers the sun`s disc. The sun`s atmosphere or Corona can be seen in the dim light,

along with stars and planets. This so-called totality only exists in a narrow band where the moon`s shadow falls on the earth.

Outside the zone, some observers can see a partial eclipse where it looks like a chunk has been taken out of the sun. It`s not a phenomenon that will

last forever. The moon is slowly moving away from the earth. And one day it will appear too small in the sky to cover the sun completely. If you are

lucky enough to see this incredible spectacle, remember never look directly at the sun, even with everyday sunglasses, you risk causing permanent

damage to your eyes.


WIRE: Ten second trivia.

Which of these nations would you find on the Southern end of the Malay Peninsula?

Bangladesh, Singapore, Cambodia, or Vietnam?

A city nation, and a state, Singapore is your correct answer here. Ding, ding, ding.

Now some of you may already be working hard to save up for the day that you can buy it, your very own car. Well in Singapore, where we`re going to take

you next, that`s going to cost you 104,000 Singapore dollars or 76,000 U.S. dollars. And guess what? That fee doesn`t even include the car. CNN`s

Kristie Lu Stout explains the policy in one of the most expensive cities to live in, in the world.


KRISTIE LU STOUT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Owning a car, the tiny island nation of Singapore could burn a massive hole in your pocket. And that`s before

you get to the part, when you actually buy a car. Let me explain. And immensely space star Singapore runs on a quota system. So if you want to

buy a car, you must first bid for a certificate of entitlement, basically a license just to own one.

Now this is over and above a driving license and it costs $106,000. That amount could fit you not one, not two but four Toyota Camry hybrids in the

U.S. And that makes Singapore the world`s most expensive city to buy a car in. But credit where it`s due, Singapore has an impressive local transport

system catering to its 5.9 million citizens connecting all parts of the island that could be driven across in less than an hour. Out space is

finite, which is why the quota system was brought in more than three decades ago. It limits car ownership to keep traffic in check and reduce

emissions. So owning a car in Singapore, one of the world`s most expensive cities is not just a luxury. It`s almost out of reach for many. Kristie Lu

Stout, CNN, Hong Kong.


WIRE: Today`s story getting a 10 out of 10 is about a used football Jersey, but not just any Jersey, it was worn by arguably the greatest of all-time.

The GOAT Tom Brady, with a record seven super bowl titles to his name, that`s more than any NFL franchise, by the way, Brady wore this Jersey in

his final game on January 16th earlier this year. That was right before Brady announced his retirement. Sotheby`s and Wynn Hotel are auctioning

this piece of NFL history and they`re expecting to bring one and a half to two and a half million dollars.

I wonder if there`s any sweat still on that. Could you use like the genetics and clone the greatest of all-time and then have another GOAT or

would that just be a bad idea?

That`s all for us today on CNN 10. You all know what time it is. You have the rest of the day to send me your most sagacious, prodigious,

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one to work into tomorrow show. Good luck.

Now, we get ready to rumble. Today`s shout out goes to the Waverly Warriors at Waverly High School in Lansing, Michigan, rise up. I`m Coy. This is CNN

10. And we`ll see you tomorrow.