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Latest Updates On The Conflict In Israel And Gaza As Missile Strikes Continue And The Death Toll Rises; California Making History As The First U.S. State To Ban Four Potentially Harmful Chemicals In Food Products; Driverless Cars. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired October 11, 2023 - 04:00   ET


NATASHA CHEN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi everyone. I`m Natasha Chen filling in for Coy today. Wonderful Wednesday to all of you. I`m so

grateful to be here with you on this episode of CNN 10. We`re halfway through the week, so let`s get moving.

We`ll start with the conflict in Israel and Gaza. We`re closely monitoring all developments. Missile strikes continue from both sides of the conflict

as the death toll continues to rise. Questions remain as to what`s next, as the president of the international committee of the Red Cross has stated

violence in the region, "has the potential to escalate dramatically."

Reminder of that Monday`s episode of CNN 10 has a full explainer on the decades` long dispute around the Gaza Strip. You can find that in our

archive section on the CNN 10 YouTube channel or We`ll continue to report on the story in the days ahead.

We go now to India where flash flooding in the Himalaya has killed at least 70 people. This after a glacial lake overflowed its banks following days of

torrential rain. The search for survivors has been hampered by damaged roads, bad weather, and poor communication.

As seen in our next segment, there are creative solutions needed to get much needed supplies to cut off communities.

Ten second trivia.

Which of these U.S. states became the 31st state in 1850?

California, Texas Nevada, or New Mexico?

In 1850, California with a population of around 90,000 became the 31st state and is now home to around 39 million.

Up next, news from the Golden State where I`m reporting to you from now, California is making history as the first us state to say no to four

potentially harmful chemicals in U.S. food products.

On Saturday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that bans Red dye No. 3 and other potentially harmful food additives and consumer goods.

These ingredients are in a bunch of well-known candies and drinks. We`re talking Skittles, protein shakes, instant rice, and even boxed cake.

In response to the signing, the California governor said the California Food Safety Act was a positive step forward. For their part, the National

Confectioners Association has said that by acting outside of the FDA, the Bill`s approval will undermine consumer confidence and create food safety

confusion. Nothing happens yet, though, the bill won`t take effect until 2027.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This helmet will make it easier for deaf and hard of hearing football players to compete. AT&T and Gallaudet University have

collaborated to develop the first 5G connected football helmet. It will allow coaches to select plays on a tablet and send them to a lens inside

the helmet.

Using augmented reality on a small display, the quarterback can keep their team playing at the pace hearing teams take for granted. AT&T says that the

helmet is only the start and its technology could lead to other applications like improving safety for first responders or on construction



CHEN: Up next, we continue our coverage of driverless vehicles. Are they safe? Do they make life better? We`ve seen cars that can switch lanes for

you when ones that let you go hands free behind the wheel. And we`ve seen driverless taxis and shuttle services, but what about a car available for

purchase that would allow you to completely shift your focus off the road? But like most cases, there`s a catch, stick around for more.


PETER VALDES-DAPENA, SENIOR AUTO WRITER, CNN BUSINESS (voice-over): If you want a car with helpful automated driving tech, there are lots of options

to choose from. Some like Tesla`s autopilot and others can keep the car at its lane on the highway, even changing lanes for you. Some like GM super

crews, even let you take your hands off the steering wheel, but they all have one thing in common. You as the driver must always keep your eyes and

your mind on the road. Not so with Mercedes-Benz`s latest drive pilot system.

(On camera): I`ve been on plenty of car tester drive, but this is the first one I`ve ever been on where I`ve gone looking to get into a traffic jam.

With this button here, I could initiate a system that not only allows me to take my hands off the steering wheel, but -- and this is a first take my

eyes off the road, as long as I`m on a major mapped highway and I`m in a traffic jam going less than 40 miles an hour. But this is L.A. traffic jams

are super easy to find here.

(Voice-over): Once I`m in the right conditions and drive pilot is initiated, I can genuinely pay zero attention to driving. This car, even

lets me watch videos, browse the internet and play games on the touchscreen like trivia.

It`s fun, but drive pilot only works in a pretty narrow set of conditions. On top of having to be on the highway, traveling under 40 miles an hour, it

only works in the daytime. And the driver can turn completely around in their seat or lean way back and take a nap. Various sensors, make sure I`m

physically in position to take over if I have to.

Also Mercedes chose sunny Southern California for this test drive. If it rained, this wouldn`t have worked either. Another reason for California.

It`s the only state besides Nevada, where this tech is currently legal.

Now that companies like Waymo and Cruise have self-driving cars, giving taxi rides in some places. Mercedes drive pilot system might seem kind of,

man. But neither of those companies as close to selling you a car, you can park in your own driveway. This is the first time any automaker will sell

you a car, provided you can afford a Mercedes S-Class or EQS plus $2,500 for the first year to unlock the feature where the car will completely

drive for you, even if it`s only some of the time.


CHEN: And for today`s 10 out of 10, we`re asking how did the sheep cross the road? A large herd of sheep actually recently crossed the road in a

fellow Washington causing quite the scene. A video shot by a drone, showed a massive group of sheep being herded across the road. Think we`re trying

to be perfidious. Well, look at what it took to get them to the other side with CNN`s Jeanne Moos, next.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Don`t even try counting sheep. There are too many of them. Swirling beneath the drone, recording

them in Othello, Washington, a couple of men on utility vehicles herded the sheep while another guy strung plastic fencing across the highway. How did

the sheep cross the road? Following each other like sheep naturally. It felt like something out of rawhide.

Speed it up. It was weirdly mesmerizing and oddly reminiscent of cow herd by a Kansas character calls himself farmer Derek. Derek drove around

strategically dropping feed for the cows so that the drone overhead captured them forming a smiley face.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, look at this, it`s perfect. Look at that.

MOOS: Jeanne Moos, CNN, New York.


CHEN: And now onto my favorite part of the day. I want to give a special shout out to Oxford Hills Middle School in South Paris, Maine. We see you

and we hope you and everyone watching around the world has a wonderful Wednesday.

And thank you to Coach Williams World Geography`s second hour from Bethany, Oklahoma for selecting this Wednesday`s word perfidious, which means

deceitful and untrustworthy. Have a great day, everyone. We`ll see you here tomorrow.