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The Longest Auto Strike in Decades Approaches a Tentative Close; King Charles III Begins a Four-Day Tour in Kenya and Faces Mixed Feelings Among Kenyans; Trick or Treat or Freeze: Chilly Weather Predicted for Halloween. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired October 31, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: What`s up sunshine. Terrific Tuesday to you. I`m Coy. This is CNN 10. And we`ve got a rendezvous with the best 10 minutes in

news. We start today with an update on union strikes here in the U.S. Headlined by the United Auto Workers union. After 41 days on strike,

workers at Ford are slowly heading back to work. They`ve reached a tentative agreement with the Ford Motor company after negotiating an 11%

raise right now with 25% increases over the next five years. Workers will also receive cost of living adjustments, which they`d given up during the

2007, 2008 recession, which crippled car companies.

Cost of living is a calculation that figures out how much money it takes to cover things like housing, food, and healthcare, and those costs rise just

about every year. There are still 29,000 auto workers on strike at General Motors and Stellantis. But sources tell CNN that deals may be close there

as well. This has been the longest auto strike in 25 years.

Ford Chairman, Bill Ford said these strikes have hurt the company`s ability to invest in the future. That pain is felt most in the fast-growing

electric vehicle market. Automakers in the U.S. are facing stiff competition from Chinese companies who can make electric vehicles at around

half the cost of U.S. and European manufacturers.

Let`s zoom out now for a wider view and take a look at what`s happening in many different industries. The number of workers going on strike from

healthcare workers to actors has recently skyrocketed. One of the main reasons new technology and the race to adapt and adjust to it. With more on

that, here CNN`s Jon Sarlin.


LIZ SHULER, PRESIDENT, AFL-CIO: I`ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

JON SARLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Over 450,000 workers have joined a strike in the U.S. this year. More than tripling the number from

2021, according to Cornell University`s Labor Action Tracker. While action in the U.S. labor movement is still short of historical peaks, data shows a

dramatic increase in the number of workers on strike from what the nation has seen for decades.

LINDSAY DOUGHERTY, SECRETARY-TREASURER, TEAMSTERS LOCAL 399: We`re going to wars with employers that have declared more on workers.

SARLIN: Kaiser Permanente just field at the largest strike the U.S. healthcare industry has ever seen. Meanwhile, Joe Biden became the first

sitting president ever to join a picket line, standing alongside United Auto Workers as they make history confronting all big three automakers,

General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis simultaneously. UAW is seeking pay raises, job security and other benefits.

ORLANDO RAMSEY, CHRYSLER EMPLOYEE, UAW MEMBER: And that`s not right to work at a job and still get the same pay for 15 years. We`re working two,

three jobs to even make needs meet. And you shouldn`t have to do that in the United States.

But we have given up so much for the CEOs of the big three. For the last decade to make over a quarter of a trillion dollars. We`re asking to get

our fair share and our just do.

SARLIN: Beyond wages, the threat of technology is also fueling the auto worker`s strike as the industry pivots towards electric vehicles and has

been a focal point in Hollywood where Guilds have attempted to stop artificial intelligence from replacing writers and actors in the industry.

DOUGHERTY: It`s concerning because it`s at a rapid pace. And it`s obviously something that these companies are looking forward to because

it`s profitable. But again, like workers just want a piece of the pie. They want to be able to just survive again.

SARLIN: Despite this momentum, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the rate of union memberships across the country continues to trend

down, with the percent of unionized workers falling from just over 20% in 1983, down to nearly 10% in 2022.


WIRE: Ten second trivia.

Talking royalty now. At which of these British landmarks would you see the crowning of a king or queen?

Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey or St. Paul`s cathedral?

If you said Westminster Abbey, put your hands up. It`s been the coronation location for every single British Monarch since the year 1066.

Today King Charles begins a four-day visit to Kenya where among other things, he`ll bring attention to environmental protection by visiting one

of Kenya`s national parks. Kenya is one of 56 members of the British Commonwealth, a group largely made up of former British colonies. The

British colonized Kenya in the early 1900s, attempting to capitalize on the countries, many natural resources.

Kenyans rebelled and gained independence in 1963. But tensions still linger after that decades long fight with varying opinions about King Charles

visit among residents. CNN`s Larry Madowo has more.


LARRY MADOWO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: King Charles lands here in Nairobi, Tuesday, just weeks before Kenya marks 60 years of independence from the

British. President William Ruto has called it an honor for Kenya to be the first for King Charles to visit and Queen Camilla, in the Commonwealth. But

ordinary Kenyans are divided, its symbolism here and the value of this trip.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ll be so excited if I see him, of course. And it`s a good thing that he`s visiting Kenya. Yeah, so I`m looking forward to


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just don`t care. Yeah. I just don`t care. Like I`m not really bothered that much about that. Yeah, I really don`t care. What

is he coming to do?

MADOWO: King Charles will be walking in the footsteps of his mother. Queen Elizabeth learned what she was here in Kenya, 1952, that her dad had died

and she would be Monarch. But during the same 1950s period, the British colonial government violently cracked down on the Mau Mau rebellion against

colonial rule. Thousands of Kenyans have believes have died, and some Kenyans want an apology, a full accountability for that colonial period and


NDIRITU MUREITHI, KENYAN POLITICIAN AND ECONOMIST: What he should be doing is apologizing. And what he should always have been doing is paying

reparations for the misery, for the deaths and for the havoc that was visited upon the people of Kenya.

MADOWO: There is renewed anticolonial sentiment all across the African continent. In Cape Town recently, the Dutch King, Willem-Alexander and his

wife Queen Maxima encountered protestors from indigenous group demanding accountability for the colonial period in South Africa. King Charles has

packed schedule here in Kenya from a state banquet hosted by President Ruto, to meetings with creatives and young entrepreneurs to visits to the

U.N. office in Nairobi to highlight climate change and conservation issues here.

It`s his first big swing at rebranding the Commonwealth, which was really his mother`s pet project. Hoping to set aside all the colonial baggage and

chat a new path, a new relationship, not just here with Kenya, with all of these African countries that used to be part of the empire and hoping to

move that forward. Larry Madowo, CNN Nairobi.


WIRE: It is almost time for some tricking and some treating, but a lot of us out there better be ready to bundle up. You can`t spell Halloween

without low and mother nature`s bringing some low temperatures this year. Here`s CNN`s Allison Chinchar with more.


ALLISON CHINCHAR, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Trick or treaters are in for quite a shock this Halloween, as a large swath of cold air plunges down from Canada

into the U.S. Now, the good news, that same high-pressure system bringing the cold is also going to keep it dry for many trick or treaters. The cold

air will start to hit the Midwest on Sunday, spreading into the Ohio Valley on Monday. And then the Mid-Atlantic and areas of the Southeast, just in

time for Halloween.

For example, on Monday, Birmingham, Alabama will have a high temperature near 80 degrees. But just 24 hours later, the high temperature will barely

make it to 60 degrees. The West Coast is the real winter, however, this Halloween, with near normal temperatures and nice and dry for trick or



WIRE: We`re giving you pumpkin to talk about for today`s story, getting a 10 out of 10, and we`re going to get through this last story swiftly.

Artist, Janette Parris took pumpkin art into new eras. Meet Taylor Swiftkin, a gorgeous masterpiece of a pumpkin leaving trick or treaters

enchanted. Paris has been making pumpkin art for 35 years styling the likes of Hillary Clintkin, Donald Trumpkin, even Vladimir Putkin for Taylor

Swiftkin, though, Paris even paid a tiny little tribute to NFL Star, Travis Kelce. Well played.

Eat your heart out Swifties. This pumpkin weighs 400 pounds. So in your wildest dreams, you can make about 200 pumpkin pies.

All right, time for you to help write the show. Your vocabulary word in tomorrow`s show for #YourWordWednesday. Follow me @coywire on Instagram,

Snapchat, and TikTok. Put your word, definition, school and a teacher`s name in the comment section of my most recent post, and we`ll choose a

winner to work into tomorrow`s show.

We want to give a spooktacular shoutout today to Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Go Clippers. Happy Halloween, beautiful people.

Remember stay safe, stay smart, most importantly have fun. I`m Coy and we are CNN 10.