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Holiday Shoppers Undeterred By Inflation; NASA Reaches A Milestone

Aired November 02, 2023 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello, beautiful people. Happy Friday eve. It`s Thursday, November 2nd. I`m Coy. This is CNN 10, where we tell you the

what, letting you decide what to think.

I`ve got some great stories for you today. But first let`s talk about the holidays. Halloween is over. People are getting into the spirit -- the

spirit of spending the holidays are an important time for retailers. Many of them rely on spending in November and December for as much as 1/5 of

their annual sales or more.

And according to a new survey from Deloitte, holiday spending may bounce back big time and even surpassed pre-pandemic levels. Even though shoppers

face ongoing inflation, and some are paying off student loans for the first time in years, shoppers are expected to drop an average of about $1,600 for

holiday-related purchases. That`s 14 percent more than last year.

But the survey says many consumers are expecting to receive half as many gifts as they did a few years ago, due to rising costs. The majority of

people who responded to the survey also said they do their shopping after Thanksgiving to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

But let`s all remember that we don`t need to stress this holiday season. The focus should be on family, friends, and loved ones. We can buy a new

watch, but we can`t buy time. We can buy a whole house, but we can`t buy a home.

This holiday season isn`t about the gifts we receive or the money we spend. It`s about the moments we make.

Now, pop quiz, hot shot, ten-second trivia, which of these names has not been used for a NASA mission. Euclid Galileo, Kepler or Ptolemy?

Ptolemy was an Egyptian astronomer, mathematician and geographer born around 100 A.D., but his name has not been used for any NASA missions.

"Lucy, I`m home," a famous line from the 1950 sitcom "I Love Lucy". Lucy is also the name of another NASA mission, but this Lucy is far from home. The

mission launched in October of 2021, but yesterday, Lucy reached its first target, an ancient asteroid called Dinkinesh. From a distance of about 265

miles, Lucy gathered images and data about the asteroid, which has only ever appeared as a smudge in telescopes.

Lucy will be NASA`s first mission to fly past ancient asteroids around Jupiter left over from the early days of our solar system. It`s expected to

take 12 years total and cost a lot of money. The launch alone cost about $148 million. Lucy isn`t expected to reach its next target until April of


Here`s CNN`s Kristin Fisher with more details about this historic mission.


ANNOUNCER: Three, two, one, lift off Atlas V takes flight.

KRISTIN FISHER, CNN SPACE & DEFENSE CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The NASA spacecraft is on a 12-year mission covering 6.4 billion kilometers to fly

past eight ancient asteroids.

Lucy is the first mission to investigate the Trojan asteroid swarms, which are asteroid clusters along Jupiter`s orbital path. Armed with cameras, a

thermometer and an infrared imaging spectrometer, Lucy will collect the first high resolution images of these asteroids.

The spacecraft gets her name from the Lucy fossil, an ancient human ancestor whose remains transform the study of hominid evolution. NASA hopes

its Lucy transforms the understanding of the evolution of the solar system. After making a few fly-bys of Earth for a gravity slingshot boost, Lucy`s

expected to reach her first objective in the asteroid belt between Earth and Jupiter. She`ll then travel to the Trojan asteroids all named after the

heroes of Homer`s "Iliad".

KEITH NO, PLANETARY ASTRONOMER, NASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER: The power of what Lucy is able to do by having so many targets. We can construct all

these comparisons between all the different varieties and the diversity that we see in the Trojans, the unexpected diversity -- the different

colors, the different collision histories. It`s really a repository of fossils, as we like to say, of things that happened at the earliest stages

of solar system evolution.

FISHER: Is powered by two giant solar arrays. That`ll expand outward like Chinese folding fans. They`ll carry Lucy farther away from the sun than any

other solar powered spacecraft.

Lucy will never return to Earth, but she won`t be the last to visit the asteroids. NASA plans to send more. China and Russia are teaming up on an

asteroid mission in 2024, and the UAE in 2028.

Kristin Fisher, CNN.


WIRE: Let`s return now from the stars up there to talk about the stars right here on this Earth, walking among us, the 10 finalists for this year,

CNN Heroes, which highlights everyday people doing extraordinary things. They`ve been announced.

You may remember some of them that we`ve met right here on this show. You can vote for your favorite hero online and we`ll announce the winner next


Here`s Anderson Cooper with 10 finalists for CNN Hero of the Year.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: I`m Anderson Cooper all year long, we`ve been introducing you to inspiring people who are making the world a better

place. And at a time when we all could use more kindness, compassion, courage, we`re thrilled to announce the top 10 CNN heroes of 2023.

From Washington, D.C., Yasmine Arrington grew up with a father who was in and out of prison. Today, her scholarship and mentorship program is helping

children of incarcerated parents succeed.

In Ghana, Osei Boateng`s mobile medical clinic is delivering essential healthcare to remote communities where hospitals are often hours away.

From Fayetteville, North Carolina, Stacey Buckner, and her converted off road vehicle provides showers, laundry services and meals to local homeless


In the Florida Keys, Mike Goldberg recruits an army of recreational divers to help heal our oceans by transplanting, coral and restoring dying reefs.

In Northern Montana, Tescha Hawley is providing a healthcare lifeline to her remote native American community. She offers free patient

transportation and fresh food to people on her reservation.

From New York City, former school teacher Alvin Arby`s innovative reading program is strengthening the literacy of African American boys in

neighborhood barbershops across the country.

From Burlington, Vermont, after his brother Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury, Adam Pearce witnessed the healing power of yoga and

meditation. He now shares that power at transformative retreats for TBI patients and their caregivers.

From Los Angeles, Estefania Rebellon uses buses transformed into mobile classrooms to provide education and stability to migrant children living in

shelters along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In Detroit, the hit and run death of her 2-year-old son inspired Mama Shu to transform her neighborhood. By purchasing abandoned lots and providing

needed services, she`s built a flourishing eco village.

And from San Diego, California, veterinarian, Dr. Kwane Stewart, brings free medical care to the pets of people who are experiencing homelessness

across the country.

Congratulations the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2023. Now, it`s time for you to help decide who will be this year`s CNN Hero of the Year, and receive

$100,000 to continue their life changing work. Go to right now to vote. And be sure to watch "CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute", as we

announce the winner and celebrate all of this year`s honorees live Sunday, December 10th.



WIRE: If I could, I`d give all 10 of those heroes, a perfect 10 out of 10, but for today`s story, getting a 10 out of 10 -- let`s head to Keota High

School in Oklahoma, where a Tiger`s cheerleader named Paisley got a great surprise. Her dad, Master Sergeant Dennis Clark, had been serving overseas

for months, but little did Paisley know the mascot was a copycat dad in disguise. The reveal was perfect.

Paisley jumped into his paws. Crowd goes wild and Paisley cried, tears of joy. I`ve got a surprise for all of you. Looks like we`re right around

800,000 subscribers on our CNN 10 YouTube Channel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

My executive producer said when that happens, we can start doing two shout- outs on every YouTube version of the show. Let`s go.

Today, we`re showing love too Nemo Vista Middle School, Center Ridge, Arkansas, go Red Hawks!

Let`s make this a great day. And tomorrow, we`re going to finish this week strong. I`m Coy and we are CNN 10.