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Iceland`s State of Emergency; Rapidly Approaching Deadline for Federal Funding Plan Could Result in Government Shutdown; Flag Football Coming to The 2028 Olympic Games. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired November 14, 2023 - 04:00   ET


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All right, we start today by traveling to Iceland. The island nation has declared a state of emergency because of a volcano that the country`s

authorities say could erupt any minute. More than 3000 residents have been urged to evacuate the small coastal town of Grindavik on the Southwestern

peninsula of the country. The imminent eruption has been preceded by thousands of earthquakes recorded since Friday. And there is a magma tunnel

that is forming in Grindavik that might break through to the surface.

Grindavik is about 43 miles Southwest of Iceland`s capital city of Reykjavik. Authorities have not issued an evacuation order for the capital,

though, suggesting they don`t believe it would be affected by an eruption.

Now, Iceland sits on a tectonic plate boundary between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, and that plate continually splits farther apart, pushing

North America and Europe farther apart. A powerful mantle plume and area that is hotter than the surrounding magma sits beneath it, which melts and

thins, the Earth`s crust. These conditions have made Iceland home to 32 active volcanoes.

Some effects of the seismic activity are already apparent. Take a look at some of the damage. The seismic activity has already caused. Roads damaged

by the earthquakes, a crumbling tarmac, broken sidewalks and gaping fissures in the road. More now from Michael Holmes, who provides us with

more insight on the events unfolding right now in Iceland.


MICHAEL HOLMES, CNN ANCHOR (voice-over): Alarming signs in Iceland, where waves of tremors are shaking and splintering parts of the country and

experts say the seismic activity there is likely to get worse. Thousands of earthquakes have struck Iceland Southwestern peninsula in the last few

days. Geologists say it`s related to an underground corridor of magma that`s shifting and could soon lead to a volcanic eruption.

In the town of Grindavik, some 50 kilometers away from the capital of Reykjavik, the ground has already split open in places because of the

volatility under the Earth`s crust. More than 3000 residents were evacuated Saturday with a few allowed back Sunday to retrieve pets and essential

items from their home. Experts say the magma corridor, which stretches about 15 kilometers near Grindavik could cause an eruption and possibly

destroy much of town.

VIDIR REYNISSON, ICELAND`S CIVIL PROTECTION & EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: The magma is now at a very shallow depth, so we`re expecting an eruption within

a couple of hours at the shortest, but at least within a couple of days. Anywhere on that fissure we can see that an eruption could happen.

HOLMES: Iceland has declared a state of emergency and as a precaution closed the Blue Lagoon, a popular geothermal spa located near Grindavik.

The area near Grindavik is prone to volcanic activity with three eruptions in the past two and a half years. In 2021 fissure measuring as big as 750

meters long spewed fountains of lava into the sky, attracting tourists to the unpopulated hotspot this time around with an entire town potentially

at-risk officials warned this eruption could have far more dangerous consequences.


WIRE: There is a rapidly approaching deadline for a federal funding plan, which determines how the U.S. government will use its funds. And the new

House Speaker Mike Johnson is tasked with securing enough votes from both Democrats and Republicans to approve a plan before that deadline, in order

to avoid a partial government shutdown. The deadline is set for this Friday, November 17th. Some of the major sticking points are whether or not

the new plan should include spending cuts in how or if the government should continue to fund Ukraine`s war with Russia.

In the event of a government shutdown, federal employees deemed essential workers. For example, military members or law enforcement, they would`ve to

continue working without pay until the government resumes operations. The shutdown could disrupt pay for approximately 4 million federal workers. It

would also close national parks and impair various essential functions ranging from financial oversight to scientific research.

Ten second trivia. What city will host the 2028 Summer Olympics?

Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, or Rio de Janeiro?

If you said Los Angeles, put your hands up. Well, next Summer`s Olympics will be in Paris. The 2028 summer games will be in L.A.

Raise your hand, if you play football or flag football. Now, let me ask you this. Do you think you have what it takes to be an Olympian and represent

your country playing, flag football four years from now? Why not, right? Well, flag football is coming to the 2028 Olympic games. It`s exciting

news, especially for women`s flag. There are about a half a million girls under the age of 17 playing in the U.S. right now. I caught up with Hall of

Fame quarterback, Steve Young, who coaches his daughter`s high school team to get his thoughts on the big news.


STEVE YOUNG, PRO-FOOTBALL HALL OF FAMER: When you think about 2028 and the Olympics that I`m telling you, you`re going to see a flag, woman`s flag

football explosion like you`ve never seen. You`re going to have -- I mean, they`re going to be millions of girls playing flag football. And the -- and

what I will tell you is working with the girls. They are coachable. They listen, the competition`s going to be fierce. The expertise is going to be

fierce. Because I can see just in a couple of months, the girls have gotten exponentially better.

WIRE: Steve, you`re coaching your daughters` high school football team, Summer and Laila, how did that come about?

YOUNG: In the spring, California announced they`re going to have high school girls like football. And my senior daughter was so excited. I

thought, oh great, that`s going to be fun. And then they asked me to come over to help maybe work with the quarterbacks or whatever. It just -- it

was lark, right? It was just fun. And the first moment I got over there, I was blown away at their sense of, "Oh my gosh, I no longer love football

because I get to watch it. I now love football because I get to play it."

WIRE: What does it mean to you to have your daughter Summer wearing your number eight when she`s out there on that field?

YOUNG: He made me tear up. When my daughter says I want to play football and then dad, teach me how to throw. And I want to be really good. And then

Laila who`s my other daughter starts to play in 9th Grade.

As a dad, you don`t have to have football in her home. The fact that it does connect with my previous life in kind of a way that brings it home to

me. And then it`s my girls like it -- I don`t know, it hits in a -- it hits in a soft spot. It hits in a very, very soft spot. And I`m really grateful

for that.

WIRE: There`s been some talk of current NFL players would be interested in playing in those Olympic games. Let`s say Steve Young, you are the

quarterback of the first ever team USA at L.A. 2028, who is going to be some of the candidates for your first-round draft pick on your team?

YOUNG: This game is all about the ability to spin and Barry Sanders in his prime would be the greatest -- you know, Lamar Jackson, you know the guys

that can just -- Michael Vick, the guys that can just make people miss, you know, can just change direction. Jerry Rice was a change direction like in

a flash. Those are the guys that are going to thrive in flag football.

And so if I was playing today, I`m in. I`m going to go -- I`m going to go try out. There`s no way you`re going to keep me out of the Olympics. If I

have a shot to play football in the Olympics, I will tell my team, you know, I`ll see you when I see you. You know, with my gold medal around my

neck. And I think you`re right, I think there will be some NFL players that will say I`m in, and I`m going to go for it. And they -- well, I would

suggest, you know what, maybe you`re just bring this out to me. I`m going to go put together an NFL team that`ll get ready for `28. And at least I

can captain it. Maybe I can go out for the honorary coin flip or something or, you know, maybe throw some passes in the cleanup time. I could still

throw it. So maybe I could do that.


WIRE: Today`s story getting a 10 out of 10, a pond that`ll tickle you pink. Check out this pond in Hawaii. It looks like something straight out

of a fairytale. The water at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge has been this magnificent shade of magenta since at least October 30th. Why? Good

question. An elaborate prank, a Barbie pool party, maybe. But more likely water sample suggests that the cause is halobacteria organisms that thrive

in hypersaline or very salty waters. These halobacteria are also found in places like the dead sea in the Middle East and the Great Salt Lake in

Utah. This particular ponds salt level has skyrocketed well beyond normal because of Maui`s extreme drought.

Today, I want to give a special shout out to North Whidbey Middle School in Oak Harbor, Washington, shine bright superstars. Our other shutout today

goes to Massabesic Middle School in Waterboro, Maine, we see you. We hope you and everyone watching around the world, have a wonderful one. I`m Coy

Wire and we are CNN 10.