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Aviation Industry Addresses "Culture of Silence" Around Mental Health; The Most Popular Wikipedia Pages Of 2023 Reflect Trends Around The World. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired December 08, 2023 - 04:00   ET


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We begin today with the airline industry, as it`s seeing an increasing amount of employees shortage and burnout. During the pandemic, many

aviation workers were furloughed. Then as the pandemic waned and airplanes returned to the skies, Airlines struggled to restaff quickly enough to

match demand. This has caused staffing shortages schedule confusion and long days on the job for some, sometimes working more than 14 hours in a


Plus, according to the U.S. federal aviation administration, there has been an increase in disruptive passenger incidents. These issues aren`t limited

to pilots and flight attendance either, even air traffic controllers have been impacted as their workers union president recently told Congress

they`ve been understaffed and overworked.

All this stress has led to growing concerns over the mental health of aviation industry workers. This issue was put front and center in the case

of Joseph Emerson, an off-duty pilot, who was charged with trying to crash an Alaska airlines flight from inside the cockpit in October.

Emerson later told police he`d been battling depression. The FAA has now announced a new committee that will seek to identify and remove any

remaining barriers that discourage pilots from reporting and seeking care for mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

The National Transportation Safety Board recently had a round table discussion with aviation and medical experts on addressing the topic of

pilot`s mental health. Our Karin Caifa has more for us from the summit.


JENNIFER HOMENDY, CHAIR, NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD: I do want to acknowledge that this can be a difficult topic for some.

KARIN CAIFA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The National Transportation Safety Board leading an expert discussion on pilots and mental health.

HOMENDY: Let me be clear, the safety risk comes from a culture of silence around mental health, not about seeking help.

CAIFA: Recent research from the University of North Dakota found more than half of pilots avoid seeking healthcare of some type fearing they`ll lose

their FAA medical certification and their ability to fly. That includes mental health concerns from which experts emphasize pilots are not immune.


dealing with their families, they`re dealing with their stresses. And now they`re also having to -- to get people to where they need to be during the

holiday season, which also can be very stressful.

CAIFA: The case of Joseph Emerson, an off-duty pilot indicted Tuesday on 84 counts in an Oregon court accused of trying to shut off the engines of a

plane mid-flight in October, put the issue of pilot mental health front and center. Emerson told police he`d been depressed for months if not years,

his defense team said he never intended to hurt or put anyone at risk. The government looking to balance passenger safety with the wellbeing of pilots

and other aviation workers.

HOMENDY: It`s not just the right thing to do, it`s the safe thing to do. What`s unsafe is pretending the status quo is acceptable.

CAIFA: On Tuesday, the FAA announced a special committee to explore changes to pilot mental health rules, aiming to break down barriers to

disclosure and seeking help.


WIRE: Next up, did you hear who was just named Time Magazine`s 2023 Person of the Year? Global Superstar Taylor Swift. Swift beat out eight other

finalists, which included Barbie and King Charles III. Swift has been dominating stages across the globe with her Eras Tour and movie theaters

with her concert film. Oh, and she also broke Spotify`s record for most single day streams by any artist.

Billboard says Swift is the first entertainer to ever win Time Magazine`s Person of the Year as the award is traditionally gone to activists or


Check out Taylor Swift`s tweet about the news, Time Magazine says we`d like to name you Person of the Yea --

Taylor says, can I bring my cat.

Well, all right, meow. There is some other super talented female entertainers crushing it this year in ticket sales as well. Here`s Maribel

Aber with more.


MARIBEL ABER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: From pop superstars to athletes, women dominated the ticket business this year according to StubHub. Taylor Swift

led the way, but Beyonce, Pink, and Adele also had big years of ticket sales. And for the first-time demand for tickets to the women`s final four

college hoops championship was higher than demand for the men`s matchup. Another sign of the rise of women`s sports, the University of Nebraska`s

women`s volleyball team, they drew 92,000 fans to an August match.


WIRE: Ten second trivia.

In 1789, Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg became the first person elected as U.S. Speaker of the House. What year was the first woman elected to that


1850, 1980, 2007, 2021?

If you said 2007, put your hands up. Nancy Pelosi of California became the first woman Speaker of the House more than 200 years after the position was


Former House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy is resigning from Congress and will leave at the end of this year. McCarthy made the announcement in a Wall

Street Journal Op-Ed. This comes just two months after his unprecedented ouster from the speakership post. McCarthy`s decision will narrow the House

GOPs already slim majority.

Now, let`s turn to a beloved website. One, many universities say you should definitely not cite as a source for your next research paper, though.

Wikipedia it`s released this top 25 most viewed pages in 2023, given us a glimpse into the curious minds across the world. Coming in first place with

over 49 million views in 2023 was ChatGPT showing the world`s growing interest in artificial intelligence.

The second most viewed page was a list of biographical posts about people who passed away in 2023. And coming in both third and fourth places were

post related to cricket, highlighting how India and Southeast Asia`s growing audiences are influencing the internet.

In fact, Hindi language movies like Johan and Pathan made the list alongside American blockbusters like Oppenheimer and


I`d love to know what`s the last thing you search for on Wikipedia.

All right if you have acrophobia or fear of heights, today`s stories getting the 10 out of 10s might not be for you. Take it away. Jeanne Moos.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Two stories in, both many stories high, an American daredevil named Brian Grubb, wake skated the

length of a rooftop pool in Dubai, towed by a drone and then launched from the 77th floor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Brian`s off the ramp.

MOOS: When he went off, the board stayed tethered to the drone and Brian stayed in free fall for about six seconds until his shoot opened. He then

floated down to the beach for a soft landing.

BRIAN GRUBB, WAKESKATER/BASE JUMPER: And this idea started about 10 years ago or so just as a pipe dream, you know, and we just pulled off the

sickest thing I`ve ever done on a wakeskate, for sure.

MOOS: You know what else he`d probably laugh at? This, the beam. It`s the latest attraction, the top 30 Rockefeller Center in New York, even some at

home say just watching this gave me anxiety. The ideas for visitors to recreate that famous photo of the iron workers who built 30 rock on a beam,

eating lunch, minus the lunch to get up to the roof and take this three- minute ride cost about 60 bucks. The beams, there are two of them go up 12 feet, then rotate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are now facing Central Park.

MOOS: The price includes a photo, now everyone has an excuse to say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Scotty Beam is up fast.

MOOS: The Scream Beam and the Epic Leap have one thing in common. Both are --


MOOS: Jeanne Moos, CNN, New York.


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