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Antony Blinken`s High-Stakes Trip in the Middle East Continues; How to Stay Healthy and Warm During the Wild Winter Weather Sweeping Across the Country; A Day in the Life on Mars. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired January 10, 2024 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: What`s up lovely people and happy hump day, Wednesday is #YourWordWednesday. So be on the lookout to see if your vocab

word made it into today`s show. Let`s go.

To the Middle East where U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is back in Israel for critical talks with top Israeli government officials. Blinken,

and the Biden administration are looking to keep their steady balancing act of keeping pressure on Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu`s government to

curb its offensive and reduced harm to civilians in Gaza while also giving support for Israel`s decision to continue its military operation on Hamas

terrorists. Blinken has now made five visits to Israel since the October 7th Hamas attack.

Another U.S. concern in the Middle East is the escalating tension with Iran as proxy groups target U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria and international

ships in the Red Sea. CNN`s Becky Anderson has more on Blinken`s latest trip as he looks to deescalate a possible wider war in the Middle East.


BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken shuttling around the region on his fourth trip as Israel`s war in Gaza escalates

tension around the Middle East. Jordan`s King Abdullah warning on Sunday of catastrophic consequences of the continuing war in Gaza.

From Jordan, Blinken went to Qatar, which has been instrumental in negotiating for the release of hostages held in Gaza. Qatar`s Prime

Minister saying the recent killing of the Senior Hamas official by Israel could impact hostage negotiations.


killed is something that can affect such a complicated process. Yet we are not giving up. We are moving forward.

ANDERSON: Well, that killing of a senior Hamas official inside Beirut and Lebanon, just one of the flashpoints escalating tensions since Blinken`s

last visit. The Americans also killing Iran-back maliciously in Iraq, after an attack on a U.S. air base and the Iranian-back Houthis continue to

interrupt international shipping in the Red Sea last month. The U.S. announcing an international effort to deter Houthi attacks, but in this

region where I am very few countries willing to join that coalition to counter those threats.

From Qatar, Blinken came here to Abu Dhabi meeting with the UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed. The trip also includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and

the West Bank where officials say there will be tough conversations. But if Blinken`s past visits are any indication and with no sign of an end to

Israel`s assault on Gaza, his presence may not be enough to calm the region.


WIRE: Let`s go now to the powerful winter storm that moves fast across the Central and Eastern United States this week. The storm prediction center

said more than 40 million people were under severe storm watch Tuesday with warning spanning nearly every type of winter weather. Let`s go to Mandy

Gaither to hear a few tips on how to stay healthy and safe during all this wild winter weather.

MANDY GAITHER, REPORTER: From frigid air to ice and snow, cold temperatures can take a toll on our bodies.

DR. CHRISTOPHER BAZZOLI, EMERGENCY MEDICINE, CLEVELAND CLINIC: We shunt blood flow to the central kind of core of our body in an attempt to stay


GAITHER: Dr. Christopher Bazzoli is an emergency physician at Cleveland Clinic. He says this time of year doctors not only see rises in E.R. visits

for respiratory viruses, as more people seek refuge inside from the cold, but also frostbite and hypothermia. Bazzoli says, what you wear can help

keep you safe, protect the parts of your body most vulnerable to frostbite like toes fingers, nose, and ears by dressing in warm, dry clothing.

BAZZOLI: Lots of layers and especially the layers close to your skin. You want to have breathable fabrics if possible especially if you`re engaging

in an activity.

GAITHER: Bazzoli says a sudden change in temperature and humidity can also irritate certain medical conditions like asthma. He says to make sure you

have enough medicine on hand, and if you use an electric medical device, make sure you have a way to back it up if the power goes out, he says, to

also be aware of how you heat your home.

BAZZOLI: We don`t want to run any engine-operated equipment or gas or propane-powered heating devices indoors because of the risk of carbon



WIRE: Ten second trivia. How many earth years does it take for Neptune, the eighth planet in our solar system to complete one full orbit around the


15 years, 29, 84, or 165?

NASA says it takes 165 earth years for Neptune to complete a circuit around the sun. That`s a long time to wait between birthdays man.

All right, because we feel this show can be a bit much at times. We like to give you some space, space news, and we`re going to rock it out, not two

weeks into the New Year and we have already some stellar news, including the discovery of a taradiddle about the color of Neptune. Our Jeremy Roth

has more.


JEREMY ROTH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Ah Neptune, why so blue? New evidence has revealed a colorful controversy involving a pair of comparable planets, and

that`s not all. This is a look at the planet`s Uranus and Neptune looking strikingly different as captured in 1989 by the Voyager 2 spacecraft. But a

recent study by Oxford University found that those original images had actually been stretched and enhanced resulting in a, quote, "two

artificially blue Neptune."

Now newly reprocessed, the images show the planet`s true colors, and that they actually look quite similar. Talk about a color correction. But that`s

not all, the study also used images of Uranus gathered over the years to figure out why the planet appears to change colors with the seasons. The

study says as the planet spins toward and away from the sun, a combo of varying gas and cloud coverage give way to a seemingly shifting hue. Now,

you know.

In other inner stellar news, we now have the most detailed look ever at Jupiter moon IO, courtesy of the closest ever fly by, by the spacecraft

Juno. Scientists say IO is the most volcanic body in the solar system and the new high-risk images given unprecedented look at the moon dappled with

craggy volcanic features. By the way, am I the only one that thinks IO looks like the lightsaber training or thingy from star wars? I am. Okey

dokey. Well that`s 10 seconds. We`ll never get back.

Finally, we leave you spaced out for the day of the life of Mars. O, technically it`s half a day, 12 hours on the red planet crammed into a

trippy ten second time lapse. It comes courtesy of curiosity. The Rover that`s been there for more than 4,000 days that look just like this.


WIRE: Today`s story, getting a 10 out of 10, a perfect rescue by a e Ferocious Feline that saves a pup from a coyote attack. CNN`s Jeanne Moos

has more.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Six-year-old Oakley has a lovable face. She can do spins in exchange for a treat. But when she went

out to do her business in the backyard of her Edmond, Oklahoma home, no amount of spinning would`ve saved her from the coyote that pounced, if the

family cat hadn`t jumped in.

Is she a tough cat? Like, is she like a street cat? I mean, is she?

LANE DYER, DOG/CAT OWNER: Yeah, she`s -- she`s a, she`s a gangster.

MOOS: Lane Dyer says Binx is a stray that he and his family take care of.

DYER: Her and Oakley hit it off pretty good from the beginning.

MOOS: So when the first of two coyotes grabbed Oakley, it was Binx to the rescue taking on the intruders, scaring them away though not before Oakley

suffered wounds that had blood.

DYER: Spouting out of her chest, unfortunately.

MOOS: But with stitches and a splint, Oakley recovered a little over a month later.

DYER: And so she yawns over the story of Binx saving her. Coyotes have become such a danger to small dogs that one owner created the coyote vest.

DYER: Done.

MOOS: With spikes protruding from a Kevlar vest and even --

DYER: A set of coyote whiskers.

MOOS: Nylon bristles that at least look intimidating, but who needs a coyote vest?

DYER: I think she`s shown that she`s not afraid of much.

MOOS: When the cat has your back.


WIRE: All right, thanks to Ms. Smith at Deering Middle School in West Warwick, Rhode Island for making us smarter today. Our #YourWordWednesday

winner with taradiddle, a noun, meaning a fib or petty lie. Well done.

Now, unfortunately, our visit to NASA Space Center here in Houston was pushed back due to weather delays for some of our crews. So I`m headed back

to studio.

But before I go, shout out time. This shout out goes to, the Judges in Mrs. Choyshin (ph) Class at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Bayside

neighborhood, Queens, New York. Class dismissed.

And this shout out, goes to Mr. Webster`s Class at Summitvue Middle School in Caldwell, Idaho. Thank you for spending part of your day with us. See

you tomorrow lovely people. I`m Coy Wire and we are CNN 10.