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North Carolina Schools Get an AI Guidebook; The World is a Mess and Wall Street Isn`t Paying Attention; Building Homes From Discarded Plastic. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired January 24, 2024 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: What`s up sunshine. Welcome to CNN 10, where I tell you the, what, letting you decide what to think. I`m Coy Wire. Today`s

#YourWordWednesday. So thank you for all of the exceptional submissions. Be on the lookout to see if your word helped us write this show and augmented

our vocabulary, last to get to not a lot of time to do it. So let`s get to it.

We start on Wall Street where the stock market set a record high on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial average, a stock market index, which tracks the 30

biggest companies in the us rose 138 points crossing 38,000 for the first time ever. But what this means is a bit more complicated than just the

ringing of celebratory bells. Stocks may be looking good right now, but some experts like JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Diamond, warn that Wall Street isn`t

paying enough attention to the potential impacts of political tensions around the world.

These experts point to Russia, invading Ukraine, Israel`s war with Hamas, tensions between China and the U.S. and China and Taiwan. As examples of

developments around the world that they say could impact the economy. And aside from what could happen, it`s important to look at what`s actually

happening with the economy right now. You may remember recently our show examined how there is a disconnect between the current economic reality,

which is looking pretty good and its perception, many Americans aren`t feeling all that great about it.

Despite avoiding a recession in 2023 and with positive employment numbers, a December CNN poll found that 71% of Americans said the economy was poor,

but that may be changing. A recent survey from the University of Michigan, showed that as inflation or rise in prices of goods and services has

slowed, Americans are feeling much better about the economy 21% better than last year to be exact.

And they also have the most positive attitude towards the economy since July of 2021. Of course, things could change, especially in an election

year where perception can be everything. And if things do change, we`ll have you covered on how and why right here on CNN 10 and you know us, we`re

not going to be sesquipedalian about it.

Next up, we`re putting it to a test, a stress test. Well, we`re showing you one, so no need to worry or afraid, just sit back and relax as we take you

to one of NASA`s space centers in Alabama, where a company called Sierra Space recently tested an inflatable space station that once in orbit

expands to a three-story high building, our McKenna Ewen is on the story.


MCKENNA EWEN, CNN DIGITAL PRODUCER: A commercial space company burst its full-size space station module on purpose. Sierra Space conducted the test

at NASA`s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, it was to measure the strength of its expandable structure. The company says the module called a

life habitat is a place for living and working on a future space station. It launches on a rocket and inflates on orbit and has to be strong enough

to withstand the harsh environment of space. To test that, the soft structure was inflated until it failed. Sierra said, it exceeded in NASA`s

stress recommendation by 27%.

Sierra Space has an agreement with NASA to test commercial products at NASA facility and plans more aggressive testing of the habitat this year.


WIRE: That story was on end popping. Next, we`re talking AI specifically what artificial intelligence could mean for your education. North Carolina

recently became the fourth state to create official guidelines for using AI in schools. The guidebook says teachers can use AI to save time helping

with things like automating administrative tasks so they can focus more on actually teaching and students while they can use AI tools to help them

overcome certain hurdles like voice to text, for example, could help some students who may face challenges while typing or writing and translation

tools could help some students who are still working to break down language barriers.

North Carolina`s main point of emphasis was that they feel it`s important to incorporate AI in the classroom, but it`s just as important to do so



DR. ROB JACKSON, SUPERINTENDENT, BUNCOMBE COUNTY SCHOOLS: To make sure our students are able to leverage the value of artificial intelligence while

protecting from temptations, cheating and -- and doing something they shouldn`t be doing academically. We are charged with preparing our students

for the world that they`ll enter as they leave our school system. We have to make sure they`re ready.


WIRE: Come along with me now, as we take a trek to Ethiopia where a startup company is working to transform the country`s discarded plastic into

sustainable building materials. CNN Producer, Hadra Ahmed travel to the capital City of Addis Ababa to learn more.


HADRA AHMED, CNN PRODUCER: Like many major cities around the world, Ethiopia`s Capital, Addis Ababa has a problem with plastic. Every year,

thousands of tons of plastic are left on the street, a major problem seeking an urgent solution. That`s where this man fits in. Kidus Asfaw co-

founded Kubik in 2021. It`s a business that turns hard to dispose of plastic into low-cost building materials.

KIDUS ASFAW, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, KUBIK: My personal journey at Kubik meant a lot because I`m a father of three, three very beautiful, wonderful,

smart Ethiopian kids who`ve lived abroad for a very long time. And I wanted to make sure that I can participate in creating a city and a country that

they can be proud to come back to and work and live the same way that I have.

And it`s never an easy topic to hear on the news about the perception of countries like mine when it comes to poverty, when it comes to difficulties

of life. And instead of sitting back and watching, I felt that I had a conviction like many others to participate in changing that narrative by

working here and really changing what a city like Addis Ababa could look like in the next 20 to 50 years.

AHMED: To help make his vision of creating a new look city, Kubik has invested in a state-of-the-art factory.

ASFAW (voice-over): So, today we`re at the Adama Industrial Park. We are at Kubik`s factory facility where we`re going to be converting over 45,000

kilos of plastic waste every single day into our building materials. Today`s a very exciting and a very emotional day. It`s been two years in

the making with a lot of ups and downs in making it work.

So just even seeing a container open and seeing the stuff that we`ve been talking about for over a year has just put a lot of tears into our eyes.

The team is really excited. We`re very uplifted. And we really want to see now this working not only in the factory but all over the country.

ASFAW (On camera): Success for me is a happy customer. In our case, a happy customer is that person that never had the opportunity and choice to live

in a clean, beautiful house, being able to do that.


WIRE: Pop quiz hot shot. What year was the first Polaroid instant camera sold?

1912, 1937, 1948, or 1972?

Snap and imaginary celebratory selfie if you said 1948, the first Polaroid camera capable of printing photos on the spot was brought to market in 1948

by an inventor named Edwin Land.

Today`s story getting a 10 out of 10 is Slovenian photographer, AndreJa Ravnak, 2023`s Travel Photographer of the Year. She left people enthralled

and enamored with dreamy photographs of European landscapes like this one of the Hills in Tuscany, Italy marinating in an enchanting mist. The

contest featured more than 20,000 images submitted by photographers in more than 150 countries.

Take a look at this picture from Photographer, Sam Turley capturing a moment between a young Pangolin and its caretaker Mateo in Zimbabwe. The

photographer noticed the pangolin always returns to Mateo when they attempt to release it back into the wild.

And how about this image? It was taken by 14-year-old Caden Shepard Choi, Caden Won Young Travel Photographer of the Year. Her black and white photos

show the Navajo people in Chinle, Arizona collecting wool from sheep.

All right, thank you for all of the #YourWordWednesday submissions, especially to Mr. Tate from Rowe Middle School in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Today`s word, sesquipedalian, an adjective meaning characterized by long words or long-winded. Thank you for making us smarter today.

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