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Study Finds Video Gamers At Risk For Hearing Loss; Grounded Boeing 737 Max 9 Planes Can Return To Service After Inspection; NASA Plans To Take Commercial Flights Supersonic. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired January 26, 2024 - 04:00   ET


COY WIRE, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hello sunshine, happy Friday, Friyay, almost time to unwind and relaxed the mind before we creep into the weekend. We`ll go

one more time, seek knowledge information with a bit of inspiration and without hesitation offer you the next generation, rise up.

We start today by talking about how video games may be affecting us in a way we might not realize. Gaming is hugely popular around the world with

fully committed gamers playing sometimes for hours each day. Here`s the thing. They usually play with a volume cranked up and according to a new

study published this week, this poses serious risks for hearing loss.

Here`s how our ears work. The inner ear or the spiral looking thingy known as the Cochlea contains thousands of sensory hairs. Loud sounds can damage

these hair cells in a way that can cause temporary, even permanent hearing loss. The damage is determined by how loud the noise is and how long the

ear is exposed to it. So, a moderately loud noise occurring nearby only once would allow the ear to potentially recover. But if that exposure

happens repeatedly over a period of time, that can lead to permanent loss.

So back to video games. This new research review the 14 studies that included a total of 54,000 adults and children worldwide. They found that

the average participant in the study gained at sound levels that often nearly surpassed were outright exceeded what is considered a permissible

level. They also found that participants in the study who gained regularly were more likely to experience something called tinnitus, a hearing issue

that presents as a ringing sound in the ear.

So here`s the question. How can someone gain safely? Well, based off this report, we should try to monitor sound levels. There are actually apps that

can help you with this. But one general tip comes from a doctor to whom CNN spoke. The doc recommended going no higher than 60% of the maximum volume.

But pay attention to your hearing, whether you`re a gamer or not. If you notice any changes, especially that ringing sound in your ear, set up some

time to speak with a doctor who can assess what might be going on.

Next, you may remember we talked about an incident on a Boeing plane where a door plugged blew off midflight January 5th, the Alaska Airlines plane

was left with a gaping hole, the size of a refrigerator with passengers inside while flying at 16,000 feet in the sky. As a result of the incident,

the Federal Aviation Administration grounded hundreds of 737 Max 9 planes. But now it looks like those planes may soon be cleared to return to the

sky. Here`s our Pete Muntean with more.


PETE MUNTEAN, CNN AVIATION CORRESPONDENT: The latest is the FAA has done its part. It`s ended the 19 day long emergency grounding of the Max 9. It

reviewed the data from Boeing Airlines at about a quarter of the fleet that`s out there in the U.S.

So the Max 9 can fly again. But now before airlines do a final check of each plane, here is what the FAA is calling for, a detailed visual

inspection of the door plug. That is the part that violently shot off Alaska 1282, 3 weeks ago.

The FAA also once checks of the bolts and guides that hold the door plug on the plane and any abnormal conditions to be corrected. Remember both

airlines that operate these planes found loose door plug bolts. Alaska Airlines has 65 Max 9s. They say inspections will take about 12 hours of

labor, meaning the first few Max 9s at Alaska Airlines will be flying as soon as Friday.

United Airlines is 79 Max 9s. United says its planes will be flying by Sunday. Airlines cannot wait to end this chapter after being forced to

cancel flights by the thousands, even still the question a lot of people have is, are these planes truly safe?

Important to note the NTSB has not finished its investigation. And this week I asked that question to FAA Administrator, Mike Whitaker.

PETE MUNTEAN: Should the flying public feel safe being on a Max 9 when it is ultimately ungrounded?

MICHAEL WHITAKER,FAA ADMINISTRATOR: If -- if the aircraft is ungrounded, that means that we believe it`s -- it`s airworthy. And if it`s airworthy,

the aircraft is safe. I can say that we`re not going to let that aircraft back in the air until we`re convinced that that issue has -- has been taken

care of.


WIRE: Hot quiz, hot shot. What was the first supersonic passenger carrying commercial airplane called?

Hurricane, Concorde, Nighthawk or Sky Crane?

If you pilot said the Concorde congrats, you`ve passed with flying colors. From its first light in 1969 until its last in 2003, the Concorde

supersonic plane shovel passengers at speeds far faster than traditional airlines.

Next, we`re looking at how NASA is aiming to take commercial travel to supersonic speeds. NASA has been testing the limits of flying both in space

and here on earth for decades. In 1947, X-1 became the first manned aircraft to break the sound barrier. In 1967, X-15 broke the record for

fastest manned flight ever, and that record 6.7 times the speed of sound still stands to this day.

Now NASA has created a new aircraft called X-59 intended to become the future of supersonic commercial air travel. But they`ve had to spend

decades researching ways to fix issues with supersonic travel like a little thing called Sonic boom.

No, not the special attack by Guile from Street Fighter. This Sonic boom, an enormous amount of sound energy created when an aircraft breaks the

sound barrier, which is about 750 miles per hour. The boom registers at about 110 decibels, about as loud as a thunderclap and loud enough to crack

windows on a house.

But, even though NASA says the X-59 will cruise at about 925 miles per hour, it is designed to produce more of a thump than a boom spreading out

the sound rather than bringing it together. Besides the loud sound like all air travel, another concern is the impact on the climate. NASA has a

program looking at sustainable fuels for supersonic flight, because that`s going to be another requirement to truly make it a viable option in the


For today`s story getting a 10 out of 10, a conspiracy theory swirling around online ahead of the NFL conference championships this weekend. Just

four teams remain and the winners go to the Super Bowl. But are the two teams that will eventually face off in Las Vegas predetermined? And is

there a clue in the Super Bowl logo?

Follow me down the rabbit hole as we investigate this theory that there`s more than needs the eye to the colors of the Super Bowl logo.


WIRE: All right, something`s going on with the Super Bowl logos. Is this magic coincidence, something supernatural or maybe it`s part of this giant

league wide conspiracy that some have said, are the NFL seasons scripted? What`s going on here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome to the table read for the 104th season of the NFL. Let`s get to work.

WIRE: At the start of the season, the NFL launched an ad, joking that the games were scripted, but many online, they think it`s true.

For the last two seasons, the Super Bowl logos match the color schemes of the two teams playing. And, but the league tells us they design these logos

up to two years in advance.

In 2022, the Superbowl 56 logo had the orange of the Cincinnati Bengals and gold of the LA Rams. The following season, the colors were replaced by

Philadelphia Eagles green and Kansas City Chiefs red.

Is this some master plan and we`re all just drinking the Kool-Aid, was like predetermined to play for the Falcons and the Buffalo Bills before that?

No. Some online are calling foul, suggesting some nefarious conspiracy theory that the league already knows what teams it wants to make the big

game. And they fall a predetermined outcome rate in our faces.

This year`s Super Bowl logo colors purple and red, leaving only one possible outcome for this weekend`s conference championships. Time will

tell if the Ravens or 49ers proved the Super Bowl logo right. Yet again, the NFL has denied any conspiracy theory. They would say that one thing.


WIRE: Thanks to producer Will Edmonds. Clearly, we had some fun with that. You know, we are committed to telling you the what, letting you decide what

to think.

Thanks to my CNN 10 producer this week. Jeremy Dunn, Victoria Fleischer, NAder Nikoupour, Kat Jennings, Sylvie Asath (ph) and Matthew Abshire. We

thank all of you.

Today, we`re giving a shout out to the Railsplitter at Lincoln Park Middle School in Lincoln Park, Michigan, rise up.

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