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CNN Transcripts for February 28, 2024

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CNN News Central
• Wildfires Tear Through Texas Panhandle, Burn 370,000-Plus Acres; Pope Francis Back at Vatican After Visiting Hospital Overnight; Biden Team Responds After Uncommitted Gets 101,000 Protest Votes. Aired 7-7:30a ET
• Today: Hunter Biden To Appear For Closed-Door Deposition; Reports: Apple Kills Plans To Develop Electric Car; Judge: Prince Harry Not Entitled To Taxpayer-Funded Security In U.K. Aired 7:30-8a ET
• Wildfires Devastate Large Parts of Texas; Texas Suffering Second Largest Wildfire in Its History; Hunter Biden to Testify to House Committee Exploring Impeachment Charges against President Biden; Donald Trump and President Biden Win Michigan Presidential Primary. Aired 8-8:30a ET
• Adams Calls for Sanctuary Policy Change; Rep. Greg Meeks (D-NY) is Interviewed about Immigration; Hunter Biden to Testify Today; Impact of Marijuana Use; Pope Home from Hospital; Treasury Uses AI to Combat Fraud. Aired 8:30-9a ET
• Hunter Biden to Testify on The Hill; Biden's Annual Physical; Raging Wildfires in Texas; What Presidential Physicals Reveal. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• New Reaction to Michigan Primaries; Anthony Daniels is Interviewed about the IVF Ruling; Texas Execution Tonight. Aired 9:30- 10a ET
• Mitch McConnell to Step Aside as Senate Leader; Texas Wildfires; Congress Questions Hunter Biden. Aired 1-1:30p ET
• Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Trump-Era Ban On Bump Stocks; Marijuana Use Linked To Higher Heart Attack, Stroke Risk; Caitlin Clark Within Reach Of All-Time NCAA Scoring Record. Aired 1:30-2p ET
• McConnell to Step Down as GOP Senate Leader; Hunter Biden Testifies in Impeachment Inquiry; Texas Wildfire Devastates Communities; Alabama IVF Ruling Sparks Protests; Uvalde School Massacre Investigation Continues; NYC Mayor Proposes Immigration Policy Shift. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• Texas State Police Agency Chief Appears Before Grand Jury On Uvalde Criminal Probe; NYC Mayor Calls For Changes To NYC Sanctuary Policy; Biden Seeks To Limit The Sale Of Americans' Personal Data; No Snow At Italian Ski Resorts Amid Unusually Warm Winter. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• McConnell Says He's Stepping Down As GOP Leader In November; Hunter Biden Closed-Door Testimony In House GOP Probe; Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) Talks About His Take On Hunter Biden Allegations; President Biden Gets Routine Checkup At Walter Reed Med Ctr. Aired 3- 3:30p ET
• Texas Death Row Inmate Set For Execution Despite Pleas For Delay; U.S.-Made Moon Lander Shares New Image Of Historic Touchdown; Treasury Department Fights Fraud With AI. Aired 3:30-4p ET

CNN Newsroom
• Did Not Air 12-1a ET
• Biden Wins Michigan Primary Amid Protest Vote Over Gaza; Israel, Hamas Caution Against Biden Ceasefire Optimism; Europe, U.S. React To Macron Remarks On Troops To Ukraine; Iranians Gear Up to Vote on Friday Amid Regional Tensions; Biden Wins Michigan Primary; Interview with Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI); Biden, Congressional Leaders Discuss Shutdown, Ukraine; How a Ugandan Tech Provider Helps Agribusinesses Grow; Prince William Pulls Out of Event Due to Personal Matter; Warm Winter in Italy Leaves Ski Resorts with No Snow. Aired 1- 2a ET
• Biden And Trump Win Michigan Primaries; Haley Vows To Stay In Republican Race Through Super Tuesday; Israel, Hamas Caution Against Biden's Ceasefire Optimism; Junta Imposes Mandatory Military Conscription; Volcano in Mexico Spews Ash, Forces Flight Cancelations; Out-of-control Wildfires Threaten Texas Towns; Warm Winter in Italy Leaves Ski Resorts With No Snow; Prince William Pulls Out of Event Due to Personal Matter. Aired 2-2:45a ET
• Trump, Biden Wins the Michigan Primaries; CNN's Christiane Amanpour Returns to Bucha Post-Russian Occupation; White House Pressuring on Stopgap Bill as Shutdown Looms; Polish Protesters Angry on E.U. Policies and Ukraine Grain Imports; Prince William Pulled Out of an Event for Personal Reasons. Aired 3-4a ET
• CNN International: Biden, Trump Win Michigan with Vulnerabilities on Display; Biden Wins Michigan Primary Amid Protest Vote Over Gaza; Heated Debate in the U.S. Over Ukraine Aid; Fire Risk Prompts Mass Evacuations in Australia; Europe, U.S. React to Macron Remarks on Troops to Ukraine. Aired 4-4:30a ET
• CNN International: Polish Farmers Protest EU Policies, Ukraine Imports; Biden, Congressional Leaders Discuss Shutdown, Ukraine; Warm Winter in Italy Leaves Ski Resorts with No Snow; Bucha Mourns Victims of Atrocities, Two Years On; Birthplace of "Bohemian Rhapsody" Hits the Market. Aired 4:30-5a ET
• CNN International: Navalny Aide Says His Funeral Will Take Place Friday; U.N.: Half A Million People In Gaza On Brink Of Famine; Israel, Hamas Caution Against Biden's Ceasefire Optimism; Biden, Trump Win Michigan Primaries But Have Concerns; Soon: Hunter Biden To Testify Behind Closed Doors; Prince Harry Loses Legal Dispute Over Personal Security; Wildfires In Northern Texas Force People To Flee; Few Details From Star Witness In Fulton County DA Hearing; Iranians Gear Up To Vote Friday Amid Regional Tensions; Bucha Mourns Victims Of Atrocities, Two Years On; Warm Winter In Italy Leaves Ski Resorts With No Snow. Aired 8-9a ET
• CNN International: Out of Control Wildfires Threatening Thousands in Texas; Biden Receiving Annual Physical at Walter Reed Today; Another Looming Threat of U.S. Government Shutdown. Aired 11a- 12p ET
• Now, Biden at Walter Reed Medical Center for Annual Physical; Today, Hunter Biden to Testify Behind Closed Doors; Wildfires Tear Through Texas Panhandle, Burn 570,000-Plus Acres. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• 2024 U.S. Election; Despite Winning, the Michigan Primary Reveals Trump and Biden's Shortcomings; Interview with Former Illinois Congressman and White Flag Podcast Host Joe Walsh (R); "Another Warning Sign" for the GOP, Says Haley on Trump's Victory in Michigan; Trump Attributes Death of Georgia Student to Biden; Tomorrow, Trump and Biden Will Visit the Southern Border; Sanctuary City Regulations Be Modified Demanded by Mayor of NYC; House Return to Face Funding Fight; House Republican Face Criticism from Democrats Over Possible Government Shutdown; Calls Grow to Delay Execution of Texas Inmate; Widow of Navalny Criticizes Putin, Worries About Arrest During Husband's Burial. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Texas Wildfires; President Biden Undergoing Annual Physical; Congress Questions Hunter Biden. Aired 11-11:30a ET
• Biden Campaign Acknowledges Michigan Protest Vote; Supreme Court Hears Argument On Trump-Era Bump Stock Ban; Pope Francis Back At Vatican After Hospital Visit. Aired 11:30a-12p ET

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