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CNN Transcripts for May 12, 2024

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CNN Newsroom
• Ex-Trump "Fixer" Michael Cohen Expected To Testify Tomorrow; U.S. Officials Warn Against Invasion Of Rafah As Israel Presses Ahead; Suspect Sought In Ambush Killing of Ohio Police Officer; Sever Storm, Flood Threats Return To South East Texas, Louisiana; Biden Goes After Trump: He's "Clearly Unhinged"; Trump Holds Campaign Rally Before Trial Resumes Monday; Apple Apologizes, Says iPad Pro Ad "Missed The Mark". Aired 2-3p ET
• US Officials Warn Against Invasion Of Rafah As Israel Presses Ahead; Star Witness, Michael Cohen Set To Take Stand Tomorrow In Trump Case; Jury Selection Set To Begin Tomorrow In Menendez Trial; Interview With Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA). Aired 3-4p ET
• Demolition To Remove Portion Of Key Bridge Pushed Back To Monday; Star Witness Michael Cohen Set To Take Stand Tomorrow In Trump Case; Israel Launches New Attacks In Gaza Ahead Of Potential Rafah Invasion; Pomona College Moves Graduation 30 Miles Away Amid Protests; Trump's Fiery Immigration Rhetoric; FAA Reauthorization Bill Heads To House; Biden Signs One-Week FAA Extension; Opportunities For People With Autism; Champions For Change. Aired 4-5p ET
• Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 35,000; Thousands Of Civilians Fleeing Rafah; President Biden Warns Israel About Rafah Invasion; Putin Replaces Defense Minister Shoigu; Michael Cohen To Testify Monday On Hush Money Case; CNN Covers Widespread Abuse Inside Israel's Shadowy Desert Prison; Students Walk Out On Seinfeld's Graduation Speech At Duke; Pomona College Graduation Moved Off-Campus To Avoid Protests. CNN Original Series Presents "How It Really Happened." Aired 5-6p ET
• U.S. Officials Warn Against Invasion Of Rafah As Israel Presses Ahead; IDF Orders Residents To Leave Northern Gaza; Top Progressive Faces Tough Primary After Criticizing Israel; Vladimir Putin Replaces Defense Minister Shoigu In Surprise Move; Behind Trump's Fiery Immigration Rhetoric Is A Radical Agenda; Prince Harry And Meghan Wrap Up Nigeria Trip. Aired 6-7p ET
• About 300,000 Have Fled Rafah As Israel Launches New Attacks; Michael Cohen Due To Take The Stand On Monday; Trump Claims RFK, JR. Is Democrat Plant To Help Biden; Putin Expected To Meet With Xi In China This Month; Surfer Works To Save Coral Reefs. Aired 7-8p ET
• Israeli Strikes in Gaza; Russia Claims Gains in Kharkiv Region; Sussex Fever. Aired 3-3:30a ET
• Israel-Hamas War; No Secure Place In Gaza, According To Palestinians; Egypt Declines To Work With Israel To Coordinate Help; Israel Getting Ready In Rafah For Potential Ground Assault; MSF: Unable To Ensure Patient Security In Rafah; Protests Against The Government Before Israel Memorial Day; Israel-Hamas War Left Emotional And Physical Wounds To Survivors; Stunning Reappearance Of Auroras In The Midst Of A Solar Storm; Russia's War In Ukraine; Russia's Offensive In Northern Ukraine; Volgograd Refinery Targeted By Ukrainian Drones; Five Settlements In Kharkiv Area Allegedly Under Russian Control; U.S. Report Does Not Go So Far To Say Israel Broke The Law; 2024 U.S. General Election; Amidst Criminal Prosecution, Trump Holds Rallies In New Jersey; Floods In Southern Brazil Claimed 136 Lives And More Than 100 People Missing; In Lagos, Prince Harry And Meghan Will End Their Trip To Nigeria; Nigerian Capital Welcomed Prince Harry And Meghan With Much Enthusiasm. Aired 04:00-5a ET
• 300,000 Have Evacuated Rafah To "Humanitarian Areas"; Russia Claims It Captured Five Villages In Kharkiv Region; Trump Rallies In New Jersey Amid Criminal Trial; Prince Harry And Meghan To Wrap Up Nigeria Tour In Lagos; Campus Protests Impact Graduation Ceremonies; Survey: 1 In 8 U.S. Adults Have Taken Weight Loss Drugs. Aired 5-6 a ET

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