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CNN Transcripts for June 16, 2024

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• Violence Across The U.S.; L.A. County Fire Zero Percent Contained; Biden Hollywood Fundraiser; Trump Casts Doubt On 2024 Election In Michigan Speech; IDF Announces "Tactical Pause" To Allow More Humanitarian Aid; Ukraine Peace Summit; Millions At Risk As Dangerous Heat Dome Builds This Week; Bankrate Study: Homeownership Coasts Have Soared By 26 Percent Since 2020. Aired 2-3p ET
• Eleven Days Away: CNN To Hold Presidential Debate On June 27th; Police: Random Shooting At Michigan Splash Pad Injures Nine; Evacuations Near Los Angeles As Fast-Moving Wildfire Grows. Aired 3-4p ET
• Growing Wildfire Scorches 12,000-Plus Acres; Mass Shootings Across Three States Leave Two Dead, Dozens Injured; IDF Announces "Tactical Pause" To Allow More Humanitarian Aid; Soon: Biden Departs L.A. After Raising $30M-Plus At Hollywood Fundraiser; Trump Makes Pitch To Black Voters In Battleground Michigan. Aired 4-5p ET
• Biden And Trump's Levels Of Disparity In Support Of Ukraine As War Continues; Wildfire Rages On In L.A County; Biden's Hollywood Fundraiser Breaks Records, Rips Donald Trump And The Supreme Court; Omar Jimenez Reports Several Mass Shootings; Opal Lee Receives A New House; A Son Searches For His Roots. Aired 5-6p ET
• Fast-Moving Fire Two Percent Contained, 70 MPH Gusts Possible Tonight; Biden Camp Says Event Raised More Than $30 Million; Biden Calls Supreme Court "Out Of Killer" At Fundraiser; Israel: 1,000 Truckloads Of Aid Waiting At Kerem Shalom Crossing; Some Trump Supporters Say America Isn't A Democracy; Flagrant Foul: Caitlin Clark Hit In The Head During Play. Aired 6-7p ET
• Fast-Moving Fire Two Percent Contained, 70 MPH Gusts Possible Tonight; Biden Calls Supreme Court "Out Of Kilter" At Fundraiser; Israel Defense Forces Announces "Tactical Pause" To Allow More Humanitarian Aid; 11 Days Away: CNN Holds Presidential Debate On June 27; Rare Access Inside ISIS Prison and Detention Camps; "The James Webb Telescope: Are we Alone." Aired 7-8p ET
• Tactical Pause in Southern Gaza; Mass Shooting in the U.S.; Exclusive Access to Russian Ship. Aired 3-3.30a ET
• Michigan Splash Pad Mass Shooting; Trump Courts Black Voters in Detroit; Biden Raises $28 Million at Hollywood Fundraiser; Israel's "Tactical Pause" in Southern Gaza; FAA's Problems with Boeing; Boeing Subject of Several FAA Investigations; Major Protests in France; President Zelenskyy Looks for Support from World Leaders; New York Exhibit honoring the Lives Lost at Nova Music Festival; Muslims Celebrates Eid al-Adha; Exciting Day of Football at Euro 2024. Aired 4-5a ET
• Police: 9 Injured in Shooting at Michigan Splash Pad; Biden Raises $28 Million at Hollywood Fundraiser; Trump Courts Black Voters as he Campaigns in Detroit; Israel Begins "Tactical Pause" to Allow Aid Into Southern Gaza; 1000 Plus Days Since Afghan Girls Have Been Banned From School. Aired 5-6 am ET

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