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CNN Transcripts for May 16, 2022

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• Ten Dead in Racist Shooting; Gunman Inspired by White Replacement Conspiracy; Shooting Fueled by Conspiracy Theory; Churchgoers Tie Up Gunman; Support in Congress for Finland Joining NATO; Russia Calls NATO Membership a Mistake. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• Eva Doyle is Interviewed about her Friend Katherine Massey; Key Primary Votes Tomorrow; Baby Formula Shortage. Aired 9:30-10a ET
• Hate-Fueled Shooting Rampage at Buffalo Supermarket Leaves Ten Dead; Shooter's Alleged Manifesto Shows Meticulous Planning Behind Attack; Today, Finland's Parliament Votes on Joining NATO. Aired 10- 10:30a ET
• Trump's Influence Put to the Test in Pennsylvania, North Carolina Senate Primaries; Supreme Court Sides With Sen. Ted Cruz (R- TX) in Campaign Finance Case; Ten Killed in Shooting Fueled by Racist, Extremist Conspiracy Theories. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Sweden, Finland Officially Applying To NATO; McDonald's Leaving Russia; Investigation Into Buffalo Massacre Continues. Aired 1-1:30p ET
• McDonald's to Leave Russia After More Than 30 Years; U.S. Gas Prices Hit New Record High; Passenger Who Landed Plane Speaks About Harrowing Experience; Authorities Identify Suspect in Shooting at California Church; Amber Heard Returns to Witness Stand in Depp Defamation Trial. Aired 1:30-2p ET
• Online Radicalization; Investigation Into Buffalo Massacre Continues. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• William Taylor, Former U.S. Ambassador To Ukraine, Discusses Russia And Turkey Reacting To Finland, Sweden Applying To Join NATO & Russian War In Ukraine; Ny Governor Demands Social Media "Be More Vigilant" With Online Content After Buffalo Shooting; Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General, Discusses Baby Formula Shortage, Gottlieb Saying FDA Should Have Acted Sooner & Gun Violence. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• Police: Racist Massacre Shooter Had Plans To "Continue His Rampage"; Ten Killed In Racist Massacre At Grocery Store In Buffalo; Finland And Sweden Announce They Will Apply For NATO Membership; Ukraine: Russians Concentrating Forces Around Severodonetsk. Aired 3- 3:30p ET
• Sherriff: Gunman Inspired By Racist "White Replacement" Conspiracy; PA Senate Candidate Fetterman Suffers Stroke Before Primary. Aired 3:30-4pm ET
• Swedish & Finnish Leaders Announce Intent to Join NATO; Large Convoy of Mariupol Evacuees Arrives in Zaporizhzhia; Russian Forces Ramping Up Attacks on Severodonetsk; Russians Suffer 'Significant Losses' in East; U.S. Rocked by Deadly Weekend Shootings; North Korea Mobilizes Army to Fight Surging 'Fever' Cases; Taiwan Learns from China's Lockdown Chaos in Shanghai; Castle in Ireland Hosts Ukrainian Refugees. Aired 12-12:45a ET
• Swedish & Finnish Leaders Announce Intent To Join NATO; Russians Accused Of Firing At Severondonetsk Hospital; War Orphans: 18-Year-Old Raising Four Siblings By Himself; One Dead, Five Injured In California Church Shooting; 10 People Killed In Racially Motivated Shooting In Buffalo. Aired 1-2a ET
• Sweden and Finland Intends to Join NATO; NATO Chief Says Ukraine Can Win War; Gun Violence All Across the U.S.; North Korea Mobilizes Army To Fight Surging "Fever" Cases; Taiwan Lives With Virus As China Pursues Zero-COVID. Aired 2-3a ET
• Finland and Sweden Both Joining NATO; Turkey Having Second Thoughts of Accepting Finland and Sweden to NATO; Russian Troops Used Incendiary Bombs; Hate Crime Killed 10 People in Buffalo; Red Flags Ignored by Authorities. Aired 3-4a ET
• Swedish & Finish Leaders Announce Intent to Join NATO; Drone Video Shows Russian Attacks on Mariupol Steel Plant, Ramp Up Attacks on Severodonetsk; McConnell Speaks as U.S. Republicans Meet with Finnish President. Aired 4-4:30a ET
• 1 Dead, 4 Critically Injured in California Church Shooting; 10 People Killed in Racially Motivated Shooting in Buffalo; Survivor Speaks About Deadly Mass Shooting in Buffalo; Kim Jong-Un Sends Army to Tackle COVID Outbreak; Taiwan Lives with Virus as China Pursues Zero-COVID; Northeastern U.S. Under Severe Thunderstorm Threat. Aired 4:30-5a ET
• Russia Intensifies Attacks In Eastern Ukraine; Sweden Officially Confirms It Will Apply For NATO Membership; North Korea Mobilizes Army To Fight Surging "Fever" Cases; Northern Countries Welcome New NATO Bids; Ukraine: Russian Forces Suffering "Significant Losses"; Shanghai Plans For Life To Return To "Normal" In June. Aired 2-3p ET

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