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CNN Transcripts for November 20, 2023

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• Soon: Appeals Court Hearing On Trump Gag Order In Election Case; 28 Babies Evacuated From Al-Shifa Arrive In Egypt; Sources: Negotiators Nearing Deal For Gaza Hostages. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• Rosalynn Carter Memorial Plans; Stewart McLaurin is Interviewed about Rosalynn Carter; Rep. Josh Gottheimer is Interviewed about Israel; OpenAI Employees Threaten to Quit. Aired 9:30-10a ET
• Appeals Court Hearing on Trump Gag Order in Election Case; 28Babies Evacuated from Al-Shifa Arrive in Egypt; Tributes, Remembrances Pour in for Rosalynn Carter. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• Despite Mounting Worries About His Age, Biden Celebrates His 81st Birthday; According to Polls, Biden May Face Difficulties Against Trump; Sam Altman Joins Microsoft days After Being Sacked by OpenAI; 500+ Staff at OpenAI Threaten to Resign, Calling on Board to Step Down; Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv; Russia's War on Ukraine. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• 28 Babies Evacuated From Al-Shifa Arrive In Egypt; IDF Releases Video From Inside Tunnel Shaft On Al-Shifa Hospital Compound; Trump Legal Team Fights Gag Order In Election Subversion Case. Aired 11- 11:30a ET
• Tributes, Remembrance Pour In For Rosalynn Carter; Biden Turns 81 As Polls Show Age An Issue For Young Voters; Microsoft Stock Hits All-Time High After Ousted OpenAI CEO. Aired 11:30a-12p ET
• Appeals Court Hears Arguments On Trump Gag Order; Israel Releases Footage From Inside Al Shifa Hospital. Aired 1-1:30p ET
• Biden Celebrates 81st Birthday Amid Growing Concerns About His Age; NBC Poll: Voters Give Biden Poor Marks On Israel-Hamas War; Funeral, Memorial Plans Announced For Rosalynn Carter; Defense Secretary Reaffirms U.S. Support For Ukraine, New Security Package Announced; World Briefly Surpasses 2-Degree Warming Limit For First Time. Aired 1:30-2p ET
• OpenAI CEO Fired Amidst Turmoil; Microsoft Hires Altman; Premature Babies Evacuated From Decimated Hospital; Intense Clashes At Gaza Hospitals. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• OpenAI In Turmoil After Mysterious Firing Of CEO Altman; Appeals Court Appears Inclined To Largely Restore Trump Gag Order; Thousands On Alert For Possible Volcanic Eruption In Iceland; TSA Predicts Record Airport Numbers Over Thanksgiving. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• Families Of Hostages Meet With Netanyahu, War Cabinet; Sources: Negotiators Nearing Deal For Gaza Hostages; Appeals Court Appears Inclined To Largely Restore Trump Gag Order; NBC Poll: Support For Biden Slipping Among Young Voters. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• NBC Poll: Younger Voters Becoming Less Supportive of Biden; President Biden's Age Criticized By GOP Presidential Contenders; "Father Time Is Undefeated": DeSantis Criticizes Trump For His Age; With Age As A Campaign Issue, Biden Turns 81 Today; 6-Week Abortion Ban Would Be Signed If Haley Is Governor Of South Carolina; Federal Court Rules Against Toll Used To Enforce Voting Rights Act; Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies At 96; Interview With President Carter Biographer Kai Bird. Aired 3:30-4p ET

CNN Newsroom
• IDF: Tunnel Shaft Near Hospital was Part of Hamas Infrastructure; Negotiators Nearing Deal for Gaza Hostages; IDF Blames Houthi Rebels for Hijacked Cargo Ship in Red Sea; Former TV Pundit Javier Milei Wins Argentina Presidential Run-Off; U.S. Mourns Rosalynn Carter, Dead at 96; Taylor Swift Reschedules Concert Amid Brazilian Heat Wave. Aired 12-1a ET
• Israeli Military Releases Video Footage Of Tunnel Shaft Under Al-Shifa Hospital; Sources Say Negotiators Nearing A Deal For Gaza Hostages; Former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies At 96; Argentina's Presidential Runoff; Volcano Threat Forces Town's Residents to Flee; IDF Blames Houthi Rebels for Hijacked Cargo Ship in Red Sea. Aired 1-2a ET
• IDF Shows Video of Hamas Tunnel in Al-Shifa Hospital; Thirty- one Neonatal Babies Awaiting Transfer to Egypt Hospital; Deal for Gaza Hostages Closing In; President Biden Pushing for Two-State Solution in the Israel-Hamas War; U.S. Defense Secretary Visits Ukraine. Aired 2- 3a ET
• Evacuated Neonatal babies from Al Shifa Hospital Make Their Way to Egypt; Former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies; U.S. Defense Secretary Return to Ukraine; Right-Wing TV Pundit Wins Argentine Presidential Run-Off. Aired 3-4a ET
• Israeli Military Video Shows Tunnel Near Al-Shifa Hospital; 31 Neonatal Babies Evacuated from Al-Shifa Hospital; U.S. Defense Secretary Austin Visiting Ukrainian Capital; Trump Picks Up Abbott Endorsement During Border Visit; Sources: Negotiators Nearing Deal for Gaza Hostages. Aired 4-4:30a ET
• I-10 Freeway in Los Angeles Reopens; Shakira on Trial in Spain; Public Memorial Services for Former First Lady Rosalind Carter; Heavy Storms Could Impact Millions of People Traveling; Joe Biden Turning 81 Today; Scientists Turning to Plants to Combat Water Scarcity; Heat Wave in Brazil Forced Taylor Swift to Postpone One Night of Era's Tour; Record-Breaking Temperatures in Some Parts of Brazil; Actress Suzanne Shepherd Dies at 98. Aired 4:30-5a ET
• CNN International: Babies Evacuated From Gaza Hospital Arrive In Egypt; PRCS: 28 Neonatal Babies Arrived In Egypt From Gaza; PRCS: 31 Babies Were Transferred Sunday From Al-Shifa Hospital To Emirate Hospital. Aired 8-8:30a ET

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